Full Time Christian Worker

by Dr. Ken Matto

Many times I have attended Christian banquets and have heard the moderator say something like this, "At this time I would like to recognize all the full time Christian workers in attendance this evening, and I would like them all to stand." As we sit there starving, we will then clap for them. Now this little event, although sincere, makes those not in full time Christian work feel inferior, like they are part-time Christians.

"Full time Christian worker" is really a misnomer of the highest order. Nowhere in the Bible are Christians divided into full and part time. In fact the reality is those who work the proverbial nine to five job have a much harder time at ministry than those who work in a sterile environment (all Christian surrounding). The ones who work a job all day must do their biblical studies after hours, and normally they are tired from work. This is in contrast to those who have the privilege of daytime study.

Every Christian has a full time ministry regardless of their vocation. The one who works in a factory or office can help the spiritual needs of their co-workers, and this is a place the pastor cannot access. During the day a person is ministering to their co-worker; a pastor is ministering to a church member; and a missionary is ministering to a tribal member, which one of these three has the most important ministry? The answer is, ALL THREE.

In fact, the one who ministers at work has a more difficult time because they are in an unofficial capacity, whereas the pastor and missionary come in an official capacity, and are accepted in that manner. Not many pastors are rejected by their congregations because they minister to them. The reason is that this is his official calling. Compare this to the many Christians who are rejected or scorned witnessing on break or lunch. The pastor will get a raise for being a good Christian but the one on the job will be held back from promotion or "laid off" (fired) for being a witness on the job.

Those who should stand at banquets are the ones who work everyday in a hostile environment. Every Christian is a full time Christian, and God makes no distinction between those who work in sterile or a hostile environment. Yes, dear sister or brother, if you are a Christian, then you are full time, no matter how man categorizes you. Amen! - 2/19/96