Mark 3:16

Mark 3:16
(KJV) And Simon he surnamed Peter;
(1611 KJV) And Simon he surnamed Peter.
(1568 Bishops Bible) And he gaue vnto Simon to name, Peter.
(1526 Tyndale) And he gave vnto Simon to name Peter.

Counterfeit Versions
(AMP) [They were] Simon, and He surnamed [him] Peter;
(CEB) He appointed twelve: Peter, a name he gave Simon;
(CEV) Simon was one of the twelve, and Jesus named him Peter.
(ERV) These are the names of the twelve men Jesus chose: Simon (the one Jesus named Peter),
(ESV) He appointed the twelve: Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter);
(GNB) These are the twelve he chose: Simon (Jesus gave him the name Peter);
(HCSB) He appointed the Twelve: To Simon, He gave the name Peter;
(JB PHILLIPS) These were the twelve he appointed: Peter (which was the new name he gave Simon),
(THE MESSAGE) These are the Twelve: Simon (Jesus later named him Peter, meaning “Rock”),
(NASV) And He appointed the twelve: Simon (to whom He gave the name Peter),
(NCV) These are the twelve men he chose: Simon (Jesus named him Peter),
(NIV) These are the twelve he appointed: Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter),
(NLT) These are the twelve he chose: Simon (whom he named Peter),
(NRSV) So he appointed the twelve: Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter);
(VOICE) Here are the names of the original twelve: Simon (whom Jesus called Peter, meaning “the rock”),
(2011 NAB-Roman Catholic) [he appointed the twelve:] Simon, whom he named Peter;
(NWT-Jehovah’s Witnesses) And the [group of] twelve that he formed were Simon, to whom he also gave the surname Peter,

Textus Receptus - Traditional Text
και επεθηκεν τω σιμωνι ονομα πετρον

Hort-Westcott - Critical Text
και εχειν εξουσιαν εκβαλλειν τα δαιμονια και εποιησεν τους δωδεκα και επεθηκεν ονομα τω σιμωνι πετρον

This Verse is corrupted in the following Manuscripts:
Aleph 01 - Sinaiticus - Nineteenth Century Counterfeit
B 03 - Vaticanus - Fourth century
C 04 - Ephraemi Rescriptus - Fifth century (original)
Delta 037 - Ninth century
565 - (Minuscule) - Ninth century

Correct Manuscripts
Byzantine Text (450-1450 A.D.)
Stephanus (1550 A.D.)

Published Critical Greek Texts with Corruptions
Adds “and he appointed the twelve”
Tischendorf, Constantine - 1869
Westcott and Hort - 1881
Nestle - 1927 as revised in seventeenth edition in 1941
Nestle-Aland - 1979 - Twenty Sixth Edition (in margin or brackets)
Nestle-Aland - 1993 - Twenty Seventh Edition (in brackets)
United Bible Societies - 1983 - Fourth Edition (in brackets)
Weiss, Bernhard - 1894
Von Soden, Freiherr - 1902

Affected Teaching
"He appointed the twelve" is not in the traditional Greek Text.  Here is an addition made to the Greek text as far back as the fourth century in violation of Revelation 22:18. (Rev 22:18 KJV) For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: Westcott and Hort placed it in the margins of their text and the modern versions placed it in their text thus continuing the violation. Can God bless a translation which violates His commands?