Preliminary Doctrinal Questionnaire

by Dr. Ken Matto

1. Please explain the difference between the social aspect of the gospel and the social gospel and tell which group you identify with.
2. What is your view on the modern day tongues movement and its belief system such as divine healing, prophecies, and visions? Do you believe God is still giving direction to His church audibly?
3. What is your view on one world globalism?
4. In five words or less describe Jesus Christ.
5. Do you hold membership in any type of secret lodge or society? If you do, please name them.
6. How would you describe the Holy Spirit?
7. How do you view the pastorate?
8. If you were asked to serve, how do you feel being held accountable to the church leaders? And why?
9. What are some publications you read?
10. What type of sermons do you or would you preach on a steady basis? Evangelism? Prophecy? Encouragement? Judgment? Or do you mix subjects regularly?
11. What is the church's reason of existence?
12. How do you view Hell?
13. How do you view the beliefs of the neo-evangelical movement in the churches and seminaries today?
14. Are there any Scriptural absolutes concerning the receiving of the Lord's Supper by church members?
15. When in your opinion, is a person ready for church membership?
16. How do you view psychology?
Situational Questionnaire
1. A female member of the congregation calls you and says she is in need of counseling and desires you to come to her house immediately. How would you proceed in this situation?
2. Two male members of your congregation are involved in a homosexual relationship. What would you do?
3. Two of your Deacons/Elders are caught gambling by the biggest gossip in the church and the story is spreading like wildfire. How would you handle this situation?
4. One of your youth is stoned on Cocaine and is in the drunk tank at police headquarters. How would you handle this?
5. You are walking up the aisle in the church and a child is misbehaving in the pew and the parent says to you, "Pastor, will you tell my child to behave?"    What would be your response?
6. It is Saturday night and you still do not have your sermon topic ready for Sunday? What will you do?
7. Your church is dividing into two opposing doctrinal camps. How would you attempt to stop this disintegration of the church?
8. You are being falsely accused of something, how would you handle this?
9. You are approached and told you have been chosen to be honored for an award by a secular organization which is traditionally hostile to Christ. Would you accept or deny? Why?
10. A radio preacher has just lambasted you on his program, how would you respond to this?
These questions are based on life experiences which surface in churches. The pastor must know how to handle them with reasonable judgment. He must also be attuned to the false doctrines which are being taught and accepted by both seminaries and churches. If you use this guide and the pastor refuses to answer any of the questions, no doubt he has something to hide. The pastor is the most important position in the church and you cannot afford to have an unbiblical. unsaved man in the pulpit. These questions will ferret out such a man. May God guide your choice of a pastor. - 5/7/1995