Salt: Friend or Foe

Salt is Sodium Chloride, an inorganic chemical that has no nutritional value. It is not digested in the body. It is an irritant, a stimulant, and a poison. When it is dissolved in water it becomes saline and is held in solution in the body. In concentrated form, an ounce or two at once will cause death.

Salt is a poison that the body keeps building up until it causes many discomforts and diseases, such as: edema, high blood pressure, heart congestion and heart disease. Salt has been indicated as one of the primary or contributing causes in almost all cases of cancer.

Salt will cause vomiting, bowel action, heart acceleration, and other body emergency actions. Salt in the body robs cells of their liquids.

Salt is a poison whether sea salt, mined, or otherwise manufactured. It should never be ingested. The human organism uses many salts, including sodium chloride, but only when in organic form as found in plant life. These are called vegetable or mineral salts.

Salt is not an aid to taste but masks true tastes. Once your taste buds return to normal, you will never miss salt and will discover flavors in foods that you never realized existed before.

An ounce of salt in the body will require about 3 quarts of water to hold it in solution. A salt eater who has about 4 ounces of salt in their body will carry 3 gallons of water, which weighs 24 pounds. People who are obese, bloated, or fat can usually reduce in a matter of days merely by discontinuing the ingestion of salt.

The salt habit can be easily discontinued by eating foods sufficient in mineral salts. This means uncooked foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. These foods are alive and have not been stripped of their inherent mineral salts of which sodium chloride is only one.

If you eat salt you are poisoning yourself. Your body cells contract from irritation and discharge their precious albumen and other vital elements. Salt is one of the causes of hardened tissues, shriveled blood corpuscles, hardened veins and arteries, arthritis, and senility.

Salt, being a poison, is an antibiotic (against life). No bacterial culture can live in a heavy salt solution. It is a pickling agent and an embalming fluid. Salt was and is frequently used to keep meats from spoiling. It kills bacteria.

The killing process salt inflicts on humans is slow unless huge amounts are taken. One of the primary causes of Glaucoma is salt. Blindness is often caused by salt.