Salary Gluttons

 (some salaries updated 6/30/17)

By Dr. Ken Matto


2 Corinthians 8:2 (KJV)   How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.


The Apostle Paul had commended the Corinthian Christians for giving money to help the Jerusalem Church.  The fact was that the Corinthian Christians themselves were in deep poverty yet they gave liberally to help out other Christians.  The Jerusalem Church was in worst financial shape than the Corinthian Church which was in deep poverty.  This is very much the same situation which exists today.  People who make small salaries are desirable to see others benefit from the gospel, so they give and with liberality.   In the Jerusalem Church, the people benefited from the help they received from the Corinthian Brethren but in our day when ministries claim they have bills which must be paid and for outreach to continue, how honest are many of them being?


Some months ago, I was looking up a local ministry that I was involved with some years ago and even did fund raising for a major project they had.  I had come to a website called “Charity Navigator” and decided to look up the ministry of “America’s Keswick.”  What I found out shocked me knowing the financial condition that Keswick was in.  I was getting e-mails begging for money and being told about different projects, which is fine because all ministries let you know their needs so you can pray and give.  What really shocked me was the salary section of the website where I saw the CEO was getting $118,000 per year which was increased to $130,000 per year in 2015.  Keswick’s history has always been a faith history and we used to go for weekend prayer retreats as Corporation Board members and many times we were told about deficits which we prayed for and we would see the money come in.  The past head of America’s Keswick was Pastor Bill Raws and he had the title of General Director and did not take a six figure salary.  At present, there are projects which need to be done but they do not have the money to do them but they always have enough to pay the $130,000 salary of the CEO.


One thing I have noticed that as soon as ministries took the business titles of CEO or CFO, immediately the salaries started to go through the roof.  What these ministries do not realize is that they are not businesses but the Lord’s ministries, only if they are in the truth.  I have researched and came up with 42 ministries and 24 Rescue Missions which I have listed that are all paying 6 figure salaries to those in charge.  Some have treated their ministries like family businesses by placing their wives and children in their ministry and then paying them humongous salaries.  When I look at some of these ministries that pay out 200 and 300 thousand dollar a year salaries I qualify it as thievery.  If they were a business, that would be different but these are ministries that exist on donations and normally from people who make small salaries.  How many of you donate to ministries are making a salary $300 or $400 thousand dollars per year?  I seriously doubt there is a majority but a small minority instead.  Most people are like the Corinthian Christians who gave out of their poverty to send forth the gospel.  People send in $10, $25 donations monthly and it is a shame that much of that money goes into the pocket of the leaders of the ministry and without conscience, instead of it going for the use in ministry where it was intended.  It is a crying shame that these guys who take these 6 figure salaries are literally becoming millionaires on the backs of their donors. 


These 67 ministries that I have listed are those that are not charismatic.  The charismatics are a false gospel and their main preaching is prosperity and that is why they find no shame in ripping off their donors with multi-million dollar salaries.  I am talking about ministries we hear on the radio and are always claiming that they cannot finish the year in the black so everyone get out their checkbook and make a special donation but you will never see the humongous salaries ever reduced.  It is nothing but thievery to take the people’s donations and stick it in the pocket of the CEO or CFO or some family member.  After a while it becomes nothing but greed.


Now I want to state that I am not saying that the ministries I have listed are false gospels but their salary ranges are off the charts and ministries need to set limits on salaries for upper management.  Franklin Graham makes $572,145 a year from his ministry and Cynthia Swindoll makes $193,000 from Insight for Living.  You mean to tell me that a cap of $50,000 is too little and a person cannot live on $1,000 per week?  There are Christians living on $300-400 per week, some less than that.  I know, I was one of them till I became disabled.  The most I ever made from a job I held was $30,000 a year and that lasted only 1 ½ years.  When people are hired for these upper positions they must be told that they are going into ministry and not a business with deep pockets so they should not expect to be driving a Lincoln or a Rolls Royce on their salary.  So before you start giving to a ministry, do not hesitate to ask them if they pay humongous salaries or salaries commensurate with ministry?


Here is the list of 42 ministries which have salaries that are out of control.  The next time you hear them on the radio begging for money, find out what their salary payouts are and if they are ridiculous, then find a ministry that holds to biblical principles and send your money there.  1 Corinthians 4:2 (KJV)   Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.  As we are to be faithful in our ministries, we are also to be faithful in all avenues of life and that includes finances.


Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Robert Brady - $103,391 (Executive Vice President)

(As of 4/2015)


America’s Keswick

Bill Welte - $130,293 (President, CEO)

(As of 12/2015)


Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham - $161,126 (President)

(As of 6/2015)


Back to the Bible

Arnold Cole - $216,158 (Corporate CEO)

(As of 6/2015)


Bible Broadcasting Network

To name new President



Christian Appalachian Project

Guy Adams - $176,280 (President, CEO)

(As of 8/2015)


Christian Blind Mission International

Caryl Garcia  - $160,425 (CEO)

Ronald Nabors - $112,000 (Former President)

(As of 12/2015)


Christian Research Institute

Kathy Hanegraaf - $167, 083 (Director of Planning)

Larry Johnston - $122,256 (Chief Advancement Officer)

(As of 6/2015)


Crown Financial Ministries

Chuck Bentley - $181,864 (CEO)

(As of 3/2016)


D. James Kennedy Ministries

James Carlson - $149,935 (Vice President, Executive Chairman)

(As of 6/2015)


Far East Broadcasting

Edward Cannon - $204,429 (President, CEO)

(As of 6/2016)


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Leslie Steckel - $187,892 (President, CEO)

(As of 8/2015)


Focus on the Family

James Daly - $253,517 (President, CEO)

(As of 9/2015)


Grace To You

John MacArthur - $246,868 (President)

Philip Johnson - $195,667 (Executive Director)

(As of 6/2015)


Habitat for Humanity

Jonathan Reckford - $310,619 (CEO)

Richard Hathaway - $324,805 (Vice President, Asia office)

(As of 6/2015)


In Touch Ministries

Phillip Bowen - $330,506 (CEO)

Charles Stanley - $180,673 (Chairman, President)

(As of 9/2015)


Insight for Living

Cynthia Swindoll - $193,075  (President, CEO)

Chuck Swindoll - $74,020 (Chairman of the Board) Also pastors a church

(As of 6/2015


Institute for Creation Research

Henry Morris III - $168,674 (CEO)

John Morris - $102,013 (President)

(As of 6/2016)


International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein - $670,439 (President, CEO, and Founder)

(As of 12/2015)


Jewish Voice Ministries International

Jonathan Bernis - $180,906 (President, CEO)

Timothy Tiller - $197,452 (COO)

(As of 12/2015)


Leading the Way

Joshua Youssef - $135,882 (Executive Vice President)

(As of 6/2015)


Ligonier Ministries

RC Sproul – $240,896 as of 12/2014

Christopher Lawson - $241,235 (President)

(As of 12/2015)

Luis Palau Association

Luis Palau - $148,242 (CEO)

John Ogle - $194,643 (VP)

Kevin Palau - $142,017 (President)

(As of 12/2015)

Lutheran World Relief

Daniel Speckhard - $121,885 (President and CEO)

Jeffrey Whisenant - $180,620 (Executive Vice President)

Michael Meenan - $133,530 (CFO)

(As of 9/2015)


Mars Hill Productions

Fred Carpenter - $143,524 (President, Founder)

(As of 12/2015)


Mercy Ships

Donald Stephens - $258,551 (President)

(As of 12/2015)


Methodist Children’s Home

Tim Brown - $240,253 (President)

(As of 6/2015)


New Missions

George DeTellis - $98,628 (Secretary)

Timothy DeTellis - $158,000 (President, Chairman)

Jeanne DeTellis - $138,000 (Vice President)

Charles DeTellis - $114,826 (Treasurer)

(As of 6/2014)


New Life Ministries

Steve Arterburn - $207,821 (CEO)

(As of 12/2014)


Operation Blessing

William Horan - $333,206 (President, COO)

(As of 3/2015)


Pocket Testament League

Michael Brickley - $149,167 (CEO)

(As of 9/2015)


Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

Daniel McNerny - $177,462 (Associate Director)

(As of 6/2015)


Prison Fellowship Ministries

James Liske - $185,449 – President, CEO

(As of 6/2015)


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries

Ron Hutchcraft - $174,165 (President)

Doug Hutchcraft - $69,787 (Executive Director)

(As of 12/2015)



Ravi Zacharias - $190,565 (CEO)

Sarah Davis - $208,995 (Executive Director)

Robert Grinnell - $193,840 (VP Development)

Margaret Zacharias - $143,690 (Vice Chairman of Ministry)

Naomi Zacharias - $129,679 (VP, Wellspring International)

(As of 9/2015)


Samaritan’s Purse

Franklin Graham - $572,145 (President, CEO)

Franklin Graham also receives from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association $205,999 (2014 990 Inome form)

Giving him a total annual income of $649,191 annually

(As of 12/2015)


Thru the Bible Radio Network

Gregg Harris - $152,960 (President)

(As of 12/2015)


Truth For Life

Alistair Begg - $111,907 (President, Pastor)

Robert Butts - $122,774 (Executive Vice President)

(As of 12/2015)


Turning Point

David P. Jeremiah - $107,350 (President)

Paull Joiner - $197,002 (Director of Creative Services)

Michael Guzik - $171, 925 (CFO)

Greg Webster - $168, 710 (Development)

David M. Jeremiah - $152,142 (COO)

Donna M. Jeremiah - $63,642 (Secretary)

(As of 6/2015)


Urban Alternative

Tony Evans - $152,538 (President)

(As of 12/2015)


Urban Impact

Edward Glover - $122,426 (President)

(As of 8/2015)


VCY America

Vic Eliason - $115,297 (President)

(As of 2014 990 form)


Voice of the Martyrs

James Dau - $137,875 (President)

(As of 2013 Form 990)


Well there you have 42 ministries which pay 6 figure salaries.  People donate to ministries to send forth the Gospel not to pad the pockets of the ministry leaders or to make them millionaires.  I am sure there are other ministries out there which pay these huge salaries but do not register with websites like Charity Navigator so they can remain under the radar.  I have taken the stance that I will not donate to any ministry from now on that squanders their donation income on huge salaries.  I have heard some of these guys preach and believe me, there is no one so profound to warrant a quarter million dollar salary.  The Apostle Paul made tents so he would not be a burden to the churches and maybe it is time these guys go out and work and get a taste of what their donors go through every day.  Ravi Zacharias was on the Joyce Meyer show and called her a “great Bible teacher.”  Anything to keep the donations coming in.  Make sure you look at how Ravi has put his wife and daughter on the 6 figure payroll.  Here is the link to Ravi stroking Joyce Meyer.


My admonition is that ministries were formed for the Christians to get the gospel out to the world and this is done by small donations being added to other small donations making the reaching of the world possible.  Ministries were not formed so the guy at the top gets a 6 figure salary and then whatever is left over goes into ministry.  I have already given an example of this in the opening.  You who donate to ministries which pay salaries in the 6 figures, why does it not bother you that you are being fleeced by the leaders of these ministries?  My suggestion is that you donate to ministries where ministry is in the forefront and not a personality with a penchant for riches.

Looking at these ministries and their 6 figure salaries, I also wanted to check Rescue Missions which literally touch the lives of people.  I was happy to see in researching them that the majority of them do not pay exorbitant salaries to the ministry managers, however, I did find 24 Rescue Missions which pay 6 figure salaries and I have listed them below.


Bay Area Rescue Mission (Richmond, CA)

John M. Anderson - $140,651 (CEO)

(As of 12/2015)


Boston Rescue Mission

Rev. John Samaan - $176,387 (President, CEO)

(As of 6/2015)


Charlotte Rescue Mission

Anthony Marciano II - $107, 477 (Executive Director

(As of 6/2015)


City Rescue Mission (Oklahoma City, OK)

Tom Jones - $136,564 (President, CEO)

(As of 6/2015)


Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CA)

Darla Burkett - $122,832 (Executive Director)

(As of 12/2015)


Denver Rescue Mission

Brad Meuli - $115, 603 (President, CEO)

(As of 6/2015)


Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries
Chad Audi - $168,230 (President)

(As of 9/2015)


Downtown Rescue Mission (Huntsville, AL)

Keith Overholt - $110,613 (President, CEO)

(As of 12/2015)


Durham Rescue Mission

Ernie Mills - $150,377 (CEO)

Gail Mills - $94,003 (CFO)

(As of 12/2015)


Fairhaven Rescue Mission (Covington, KY)

David Hammers - $101,299 (Executive Director)

(As of 12/2015)


Frederick Rescue Mission (Frederick, MD)

Arnold Farlow $101,429 (Executive Director)

As of 12/2015


Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Robert Brunner - $115,654 (Executive Director)

(As of 6/2015)


Miami Rescue Mission

Ronald Brummitt - $242,617 (President)

(As of 6/2016)


Nashville Rescue Mission

Glenn Cranfield - $136,466 (President, CEO)

(As of 9/2015)


New York City Rescue Mission

Craig Mayes - $99,810 (CEO)

Carol Bennett - $102,272 (Director of Finance)

(As of 6/2015)


Orange County Rescue Mission (Tustin, CA)

Jim Palmer – $189,383 (President)

(As of 9/2015)


Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Allen Harden - $117,974 (President, CEO)

(As of 12/2015)


Phoenix Rescue Mission

Jay Cory - $193,335 (President, CEO)

(As of 6/2016)


Raleigh Rescue Mission (NC)

Lynn Daniell - $105,905 (Executive Director)

(As of 8/2015)


Rescue Mission (Syracuse, NY)

Alan Thornton - $135,414 (Executive Director, CEO)

(As of 9/2015)


Rescue Mission of Trenton (NJ)

Mary Gay Abbott-Young - $148,421 (CEO)

(As of 6/2016)


Rescue Mission Alliance (Oxnard, CA)

Gary Gray - $147,858 (President, CEO)

(As of 6/2015)


San Diego Rescue Mission

Herb Johnson - $126,300 (President, CEO)

(As of 9/2015)


Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles

Andrew Bales - $86,188 (CEO)

Linda Wood - $127, 326 (VP, CFO)

Jacqui Groseth - $117,205 (VP Marketing and Development)

Jeri Little - $105,800 (VP of Micro Enterprises)

Scott Johnson - $101,362 (VP, COO)

(As of 6/2015)