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10/22/17 added Lupus Occultis: The Paganized Christianity of C.S. Lewis

09/28/17 added Nine Principles for Dealing with Disabled people
09/12/17 added With Men Salvation Is Impossible
08/16/17 added Assumptive Hermeneutics: Interpreting the Bible without Facts in Evidence
07/06/17 added Pentecost: The Misunderstanding
06/26/17 added Interfaith Dialogue
06/23/17 added Bible Doctrines affected by Modern Versions
06/23/17 added A More Definitive Explanation of the Gospel
06/12/17 added Trojan Horses in the Church
05/18/17 added Today Jefferson Davis: Tomorow Thomas Jefferson
05/08/17 added Hostile Free Willers
04/23/17 added Prophecy Books are Dangerous
04/08/17 added Washing the Feet
03/22/17 added Commentary on the Book of Daniel
03/16/17 added Without U.S. Support Modern Israel is a Failed State
02/26/17 added Verses from the Free Will Bible
02/05/17 added Quicksand on the Galilee
12/28/16 added The Modern Church is a combination of the Galatia and Corinth Church
12/26/16 added Salary Gluttons
12/18/16 added Peace on Earth
11/24/16 added 100 Questions for those who deny Eternal Torment
09/25/16 added Is the Hebrew Masoretic Text Uncertain?
09/21/16 added Arminianism: The Golden Idol of Free Will

09/09/16 added Before 1611
08/24/16 added Then Sings My Soul
07/22/16 added The Old Paths
07/21/16 added Dangers of Diversion
07/16/16 added Facts About God's Preciseness
07/16/16 added Pornography
07/16/16 added Hell from the New World Translation
07/16/16 added Erasmus and the Textus Receptus
06/28/16 added Prophecy and the Internet
06/11/16 added True Teachers: How to Identify Them
05/21/16 added False Teachers: How to Identify them
05/12/16 added The Beginning of the series "The Apocrypha.  What's in your Bible?"
04/28/16 added Effectual Salvation
04/21/16 added The Sign Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12: Are they still in force today?
04/15/16 added Jesus: King of the Jews
04/02/16 added Understanding Limited Atonement
03/24/16 added Your Spiritual Legacy
03/20/16 added Daniel 3:25 - God or gods?
01/14/16 added Pictures of Jesus
12/16/15 added The Devil and His Angels
11/11/15 added The Faithless Media Ministry
11/07/15 added The Full Christian Life
10/08/15 added Dare to be a Daniel
09/04/15 added Deuteronomy 14:26 - A License to Sin?
07/13/15 added The Confederate Flag Needs to be Raised, Not Lowered!
07/12/15 added Gathered To Your People
07/02/15 added 40 Questions for Christians now Waving the Rainbow Flag
06/26/15 added Gay Marriage Decision by Supreme Court
06/06/15 added Professor Willaim L. Craig Leaves Tim LaHaye Behind
06/06/15 added Dallas Seminary Secrets
05/04/15 added The Necessity of the House Church
04/24/15 added Hillary Can Win By Divine Decree
04/16/15 added Has Chris Kyle Become The New Messiah?
04/11/15 added Hijacked Christianity
03/15/15 added Burdenless Christians
03/01/15 added Replacement Theology Needs To Be Replaced
01/18/15 added 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License
01/17/15 added Rapture Watching
01/10/15 added 2 Timothy 4:2 - In Season, Out of Season
12/18/14 added America's Spiritual Decline
12/15/14 added The Final Appointment
12/13/14 added No More Salvation?
12/04/14 added New Section - From The Inside - Articles by Prison Inmates
11/26/14 added Genesis 12:1-3 - Of Whom Do the Scriptures Speak?
11/17/14 added The Car Buyer
11/17/14 added Immigration Wake Up Call By Frosty Wooldridge
11/14/14 added Prohibition Success
11/08/14 added John 3:16 - An Offer of the Gospel or a Declaration of the Gospel?
10/11/14 added Sequestered Seniors
10/09/14 added Last Will and Testament of Christ
10/07/14 added Multiple Version Disorder
09/24/14 added Two Major Events Pointing To The Lord's Soon Return
09/19/14 added 15 Statements Biblical Christians Would Never Make
09/04/14 added Trying Times - The Sequel
08/16/14 added Hating the King James Bible?
08/14/14 added Who Are They Really Attacking?
08/01/14 added How to Build the Kingdom of God
07/30/14 added Worshipping God in Spirit - John 4:24
07/30/14 added Trying Times
07/12/14 added Why is the Youth Leaving the Church?
05/31/14 added Christian's Love of the Warfare State is Killing Other Christians
05/26/14 added Algebra or Fiscal Responsibility
04/16/14 added Resting in Calvary

04/12/14 added How to Make A Small Church Great
02/14/14 added Sodomy: The Final Sin
01/24/14 added Living on the Backside of the Desert
12/06/13 added How to Have a Successful Ministry
11/14/13 added Why Did They Turn The World Upside Down?

11/12/13 added Counterfeit Versions - Why I use the Term
11/07/13 added Was it Samuel?
10/22/13 added Giving With Wisdom
10/06/13 added Gay Christians? No Such Thing!
10/03/13 added Why is the 21st Century Church Failing so Miserably?
09/15/13 added Unholy Laughter - Part 1
09/15/13 added Unholy Laughter - Part 2
09/15/13 added Is Smoking a Sin?
09/14/13 added Adam and Eve: Fear or Repentance
09/13/13 added Heaven
09/12/13 added Teaching the Bible
09/05/13 added Who Does God Call and Use?
08/22/13 added Commentary on Luke
05/19/13 added Commentary on Mark
03/23/13 added Commentary on Matthew
01/19/13 added Was King James a Homosexual? - The Real Story of King James I
12/08/12 added Tax Deductible Receipts and Your Attitude of Giving
11/03/12 added Christian Rock - The Portal to World Assimilation
09/22/12 added Isaiah 1:18 - The Misunderstanding
03/30/12 added Chrislam
12/18/11 added God's Unchanging Word
10/26/11 added The Portal Sin
10/26/11 added Time
10/22/11 added What is a False Prophet?
10/22/11 added Progressive Revelation
10/22/11 added Work of Faith
10/22/11 added Lord's Supper
10/22/11 added Scoffers and Mockers
10/11/11 added Liberal Hatred
09/24/11 added Small Ministry
09/09/11 added The Prodigal Son
06/04/11 added The Crusades
05/31/11 added The Legacy
04/22/11 added Acts 12:4 - Which Easter?
04/16/11 added Jerome and Vigilantius
04/14/11 added How to know you are saved
03/29/11 added Commentary on Philemon
03/17/11 added 2 Timothy Commentary
01/17/11 added Are You a Duct or a Dam?
06/03/10 added Scoffers and Mockers
04/23/10 added Salvation - 3 Parts
03/03/10 added 2 Thessalonians Commentary
02/13/10 added 1 Thessalonians Commentary
01/27/10 added Breaching not Preaching
01/24/10 added Suicide and the Christian
11/28/09 added The Herod Principle
11/27/09 added Edward Irving is Unnerving
09/28/09 added Works
12/04/08 added 3 John Commentary
12/02/08 added 2 John Commentary
11/26/08 added 1 John Commentary
09/29/08 added Philippians Commentary
09/02/08 added Hebrews Commentary
07/17/08 added Why I am King James Only?
06/22/08 added Did Rome Give Us The Bible?
05/23/08 added Colossians Commentary
02/23/08 added Titus Commentary
02/08/08 added Galatians Commentary
12/30/07 added 2 Peter Commentary
12/10/07 added 1 Peter Commentary
11/29/07 added Pre-Trib Rapture Desperados
11/06/07 added Christian Personalities
01/26/07 added 12 Ways to Mark a Pharisee
01/12/07 added Frequently asked Questions
11/03/06 added Are You in the Ministry?
11/01/06 added Everything in Moderation
09/08/06 added The Rapture Index
08/22/06 added Playing the Lottery
07/22/06 added The Hungarian Reformation
06/25/06 added What Tracts?
06/13/06 added Religious Rock
11/05/05 added Avian or Bird Flu
08/25/05 added Completed Romans Commentary
05/28/05 added The Necessity of Judging
05/27/05 added I Did It My Way!
05/20/05 added Ebedmelech and You
05/13/05 added Gird Up Thy Loins
05/06/05 added Don't Be Something You Are Not!
04/29/05 added Stability
04/22/05 added To and Fro..
04/15/05 added Into the Darkness
04/08/05 added To Be Absent From The Body
04/01/05 added Biblical Separation
03/25/05 added Take Up Your Cross
03/18/05 added For Such a Time as This..
03/11/05 added Which Road
03/04/05 added What is Your Authority?
02/25/05 added Obedience Rethought
02/18/05 added Understanding the Times
02/12/05 added Is It A Stroke?
02/11/05 added God Sends a Warning
02/04/05 added Suffering Rejection
01/28/05 added NIV Bible Quiz
01/21/05 added Last Will and Testament
01/14/05 added Selling the Vineyard
01/11/05 added Growing Your Church
01/07/05 added How to Study the Bible
12/17/04 added Resemblance Deception
12/03/04 added Every Life Has Worth
11/26/04 added Drifting is Subtle Danger
10/29/04 added Halloween is from Hell
10/22/04 added Rebellious Nations Will Perish
10/15/04 added God's Promises
10/08/04 added Signs Along Life's Journey
10/01/04 added Keep Yourselves from Idols
09/24/04 added Wait
09/19/04 added Commentary on 1 Corinthians - Complete
09/19/04 added A Penny and a Prayer
09/17/04 added Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace
09/10/04 added No Escape On The Last Day
09/03/04 added The Challenge of Missions
08/27/04 added Contend for the Faith
08/27/04 added Cell Phone Dangers
08/18/04 added Should Pastors Rule the Church?
08/13/04 added Following Individuals Can Be Dangerous
08/09/04 added Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right
08/06/04 added Like Begets Like
08/05/04 added Internet Accountability
07/30/04 added Appropriate Judging
07/23/04 added God's Direction Is Always Sure
07/23/04 added Codex B - Its History
07/20/04 added The Local Church: What is its Function?
07/16/04 added Helpless Without the Lord
07/09/04 added God Can Redirect Our Lives At Any Time
07/02/04 added God Has Protected the USA to His Glory
06/29/04 added NASV: Another Gnostic Book
06/25/04 added Salvation is Forever
06/20/04 added Purpose Driven Life: A Modern Day Golden Calf
06/18/04 added The Bible is The Authority
06/12/04 added The New Eye Opener
06/11/04 added Forsaken
06/10/04 added One of God's Medicines
06/10/04 added America the Beautiful
06/08/04 added Blurring the Lines of Distinction - Unity with Rome
06/08/04 added The Testimony of Peggy O�Neill
06/07/04 added The Hampton Court Conference of 1604
06/07/04 added John Hooper - Bishop of Gloucester 1495-1555
06/05/04 added The NIV Hates the Lord Jesus
06/04/04 added Confusion Can Be Our Ally
05/30/04 added Guidelines For Strengthening My Spiritual Walk
05/29/04 added Revisers  of  Pre-Trib  Rapture  History
05/28/04 added She Did What She Could, Did You?
05/21/04 added Sodomites in the Land
05/14/04 added Be Careful of the Little Foxes
05/14/04 added Sons of God - Men or Demons?
05/07/04 added Word Peddling
04/30/04 added Is New Always Better?
04/23/04 added Are You The Living Among the Dead?
04/16/04 added The Theologically Confused Christians
04/09/04 added Blocking the Son
04/02/04 added Christian Discernment a Necessity
03/30/04 added No Doctrines are Changed?
03/30/04 added Early History of Millennial Teaching
03/30/04 added Could All Fifty States Be Wrong?
03/26/04 added Christians Under Attack
03/25/04 added Freemasonry and Christianity #2
03/25/04 added Freemasonry and Christianity
03/25/04 added Who says a Christian can't be a Mason?
03/19/04 added Praise God in Truth
03/12/04 added The Sodomite Scourge
03/08/04 added The Cross of Christ
03/05/04 added Starting Small Ending Big
02/27/04 added Be careful who you call Friend
02/24/04 added Ezekiel 37 Commentary
02/20/04 added Filled by the Hand of God
02/19/04 updated Test Tube Babies
02/15/04 added The Offense of the Gospel
02/15/04 added The Passion: Mel's Movie or Mistake
02/13/04 added Satan Has Nothing In The Believer
02/09/04 added Are Calvinists Robots?
01/30/04 added The Word of God is the Key
01/23/04 added Look to the Lord, not the Stars
01/16/04 added Our Present Work Will Bear Future Fruit
01/09/04 added God's Timing
01/06/04 added The Bible is not the Final Authority
01/02/04 added The Terrors of Hell
12/30/03 added The Old Latin Version and the King James Bible Readings
12/19/03 added Walking in the Ways of the World
12/19/03 added The Purpose Driven Church Nightmare
12/13/03 added Holy Bible Vs. TV Guide
12/12/03 added Immature Christians
12/09/03 added The Heavenly Vision
12/05/03 added The Lord's Work
11/28/03 added Time of Jacob's Trouble
11/28/03 added They Dare Call it Science
11/27/03 added Take Up Your Cross (Pilgrims)
11/21/03 added Deceived and Confused
11/14/03 added Our High Calling to be Ambassadors of Christ Jesus
11/07/03 added The Word of God
11/04/03 added Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci
11/01/03 added How to Destroy America
10/31/03 added Reformation Not Halloween
10/29/03 added Reformation or Halloween?
10/24/03 added Standing in the Gap
10/23/03 added Taking the Name of God In Vain
10/23/03 added Dirty Old Shoes
10/17/03 added Judeo-Christian: I Don't Think So
10/17/03 added Nabal
10/17/03 added 2 Peter 3:9
10/10/03 added Naboth
10/10/03 added Christian Ignorance: Is it a badge of Honor?
10/04/03 added What is Love?
10/03/03 added The Fall of Seasons
09/26/03 added Following the Footsteps
09/26/03 updated Spanish Bible Studies
09/23/03 added Who Controls the World, God or Satan?
09/19/03 added Approaching Judgment
09/18/03 added How Do You Understand The Bible?
09/18/03 added Household Hints
09/09/03 added The Need for the Church Confession
09/12/03 added Confusion of the Saints
09/05/03 added Descent into Sin
08/29/03 added The Pharisee of Today
08/22/03 added Pitching Our Tent Toward Sodom
08/22/03 added Addendum - Vulnerability to Coping With Unemployment
08/19/03 added Commentary on Book of James
08/15/03 added The Generation of Evil
08/08/03 added The Lord Changes Not
08/01/03 added Reluctance
07/30/03 added Faith of Christ or Faith in Christ according to the Modern Versions
07/28/03 added Commentaries on Ephesians - completed
07/25/03 added Seek the Old Paths
07/18/03 added Publishing the Gospel to the World
07/11/03 added Dead With Christ
07/11/03 added Luther's 95 Theses
06/27/03 added Hannah's Prayer
06/26/03 added Did Jephthah Do It?
06/20/03 added Resurrection
06/18/03 added Cosmetics and Breast Cancer - Is There a Connection?
06/18/03 added Test Tube Babies
06/17/03 added The Amazing Banana
06/17/03 added The Septuagint
06/17/03 added What is the Septuagint?
06/13/03 added The Latter Rain
06/07/03 added Three Rules for Studying the Bible
06/06/03 added Christians at War
06/03/03 added Commentary on Jude
06/02/03 added Rethinking the Apostle's Creed
05/30/03 added Continue Thou...
05/29/03 added Willow Creek - Hegelian Dialectic & The New World Order
05/23/03 added The Christian Message
05/17/03 added 13 Christian Characteristics
05/16/03 added Faithfulness
05/09/03 added Lord Willing
05/02/03 added According to the Scriptures
04/25/03 added Three Results of Salvation
04/19/03 added Jocularity and the Name of God
04/18/03 added The Suffering of Christ
04/18/03 added Differing Covenants
04/11/03 added Marian Propaganda
04/11/03 added Stabilizing Your Beliefs
04/11/03 added Passing the Baton
04/04/03 added Abraham's Test - Part 4
04/04/03 added When you are on the back side of the desert!
03/28/03 added Abraham's Test - Part 3
03/21/03 added Abraham's Test - Part 2
03/21/03 added Personal Ministry
03/21/03 added Reaching the World Without Leaving Home: Ministry on the Internet
03/16/03 added How Were the Old Testament Saints Saved?
03/14/03 added Abraham's Test - Part 1
03/07/03 added Christ is the Way
02/28/03 added Teach us to Number our Days
02/21/03 added Living with Threats
02/14/03 added Christian Love
02/07/03 added Following the Savior's Words
01/31/03 added Sending Forth the Gospel
01/24/03 added Sinning Christians
01/17/03 added Church Wreckers
01/10/03 added Obedience after Salvation
12/08/02 added Does God Really Exist?
12/01/02 added Will Islam Cause World War III?
11/30/02 added A Cesspool Service in China
11/23/02 added A comparison between Mohammed and Jesus Christ
11/07/02 added Despite Your Unjust Circumstances
10/17/02 added Billy Graham's Strange Fire
10/10/02 added The Scandal of Christian Ghostwriting
10/10/02 added Calvinism and the King James Bible
10/09/02 added Keyboard Christianity
09/29/02 added Benign and Malignant Thyroid Conditions
09/21/02 added The Offer of the Gospel
08/25/02 added Safe in the Arms of Jesus - Can We Lose Our Salvation?
07/12/02 added How Many Revisions?
07/04/02 added Malignant Melanoma
06/28/02 added Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton
06/24/02 added Decisionism
05/28/02 added Primary Prevention of Colorectal Carcinoma
05/28/02 added Pal Talk Study - Ephesians 2:8-9
05/12/02 added Updated Version or Replacement?
04/30/02 added Which Bible? It's easy to Decide
04/26/02 added Risk Factors in Breast Cancer
04/09/02 added The Sin of Inconsistency by Connie Giordano
04/04/02 added David Berkowitz is not seeking Parole in June 2002
03/26/02 added Rewards
03/26/02 added Fill Up and Support Terrorism
03/19/02 added Today's New International Version Exposed
03/05/02 added Doubting the Grace of God
03/04/02 added Clones and Cloning
02/23/02 added Training the Next Generation
02/16/02 added Prayer
01/12/02 added Pal Talk Study - Ephesians 2:4-7
01/11/02 added Separation: A Key to Spiritual Strength (Part 2)
01/04/02 added Blood - The Basics
12/30/01 added Separation: A Key to Spiritual Strength (Part 1)
12/30/01 added Hepatitis C
12/25/01 added Pal Talk Study - Ephesians 2:2-3
12/25/01 added Bankruptcy of The United States - Federal Reserve
12/18/01 added Water: Facts you should know
12/16/01 added Principles for Living a Sacrificial Life
12/09/01 added The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Scripture
12/08/01 added Anthrax
12/01/01 added Losing our Christian Perspective
11/30/01 added Folic Acid and Coronary Heart Disease
11/24/01 added Franklin Graham Was Right
11/21/01 added The Longer I Am Alive...
11/17/01 added A Brief History of John Huss
11/11/01 added How Can We Keep The Youth In Our Churches?
11/10/01 added the tract Where Will You Be After Death?
11/04/01 added Summa Citatio
10/27/01 added The Martyred Blind Boy
10/21/01 added The First Reformation Martyrs
10/20/01 added The Destruction of the Spanish Inquisition
09/30/01 added Will you have a Coke or a Glass of Water?
09/22/01 added Does God Ordain Disasters?
09/18/01 added A Nation Judged
09/15/01 added Second Day of Infamy
09/15/01 added Christ in Every Book
09/10/01 added Do Not Depart Out
04/22/01 added Resurrection Power
04/15/01 added Christ the Lord is Risen Today
04/08/01 added Sunday or Friday
04/01/01 added Forgiven
03/25/01 added Strength for the Battle
03/18/01 added Called to the Ministry
03/11/01 added Fighting the Good Fight
03/04/01 added Committed to the Task
02/25/01 added Commitment
02/18/01 added Come Down
02/11/01 added Essence of Time
02/04/01 added Coming Home
01/28/01 added Priorities
01/21/01 added The Watchman
01/14/01 added Peace
01/07/01 added Waiting on God - An Investment We Neglect
12/31/00 added What is Past is Prologue
12/24/00 added The Perfect Tree
12/17/00 added Elevator Going Down
12/10/00 added God is my Pilot
11/12/00 added Come Back to Bethel
11/05/00 added Birth Control?
10/29/00 added Happy Reformation Day or Happy Halloween?
10/22/00 added Teachers of the True Gospel
10/15/00 added Our Mediator
10/08/00 added Waiting on God
10/01/00 added The Latter Temple
09/24/00 added Adversity
11/09/96 added Biblical Love: Our Goal