Christian Deceptions (False Christian Teachings)


Are You an Apostate Christian? - There are many subtle apostasies that many Christians partake in and they are paying the price of spiritual degeneration!


Billy Graham's Strange Fire – Billy Graham is thought to be one of the cleanest  evangelists without any scandals.  What about spiritual scandals? Here is a listing of quotes which shows that he was one of the biggest sell outs, especially to the Roman Catholic Institution.


Chrislam – Another movement designed by Satan to entrap Christians is selling them the belief that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  This is just another attempt to amalgamate Christianity with Islam.  It is a lie from the pit of hell and must be rejected by Christians even though it is being pushed by false teachers such as Rick Warren.


The Scandal of Christian Ghostwriting – Many famous Christians do not write their own books instead they use ghostwriters.  Find out who uses them and why!


Christian Personalities – There are many Christians in the media which have become Hollywood type preachers.  These people have become famous personalities but does that really mean they are telling the truth?  Find out here to tell if they are telling the truth or not.


The Dangers of False Prophets and Teachers - Many teachers within Christianity are false and should not be given an audience.


I Only Read the Bible - Many Christians claim all they read is the Bible rejecting the biblical teachings of others.  Is that dangerous or proper?


Interfaith Dialogue - Should Christians partake in interfaith dialogues?


Joel Osteen Rebuked for Calling Mormonism Christian – Joel Osteen preaches for the enlargement of his wallet, not for the spiritual concern of his listeners.  Joel called members of the Mormon cult Christians and was seriously rebuked for that false association.


Judeo-Christian: I Don't Think So – Perhaps 90% of Christians use the term Judeo-Christian.  Is that a proper description whether it be ethics or biblical studies?  Is Judaism compatible with biblical Christianity?


Keyboard Christianity – With the advent of computers Christians have been able to send forth the Gospel to the entire world instantaneously.  No longer do missionaries have to wait weeks for studies or materials.  They can just download what they want in a second but is there a dark side to keyboard Christianity?  Find out here.


Lupus Occultis: The Paganized Christianity of C.S. Lewis - Was C.S. Lewis the strong Christian everyone proclaims him to be or was he unsaved?


Marxist Brain Trust gathers at Wheaton to discuss moving evangelicals left - Another attack by the Christian elite to undermine Christianity


Modalism - This heresy attacks the truth of the trinity, see how the Bible attacks it back and conquers it!


Purpose Driven Life: A Modern Day Golden Calf – There are many unbiblical aspects to the Purpose Driven Life from Rick Warren.  Find out what they are here.


The Purpose Driven Church Nightmare – The Purpose Driven Church is a nightmare as it reflects many unbiblical principles.  Find out here.


Quenching the Holy Spirit - Is Sin the only thing which can quench the Holy Spirit?


Resemblance Deception – The Christian must be very careful because Satan is making many of his false teachings look like the real biblical teachings.  Here are some principles to help us identify false teachings and to keep us from becoming snared by them.


Rethinking the Apostles Creed – A discussion article on the Apostle’s Creed by the Trinity Foundation.


Rick Warren's PEACE Plan Updated – Rick Warren has revised the meaning of a church but it isn’t in keeping with what the Bible teaches.  Find out here another heresy by Rick Warren.


Seventy Years of Turmoil, Treachery, Death and Destruction - Modern Israel is not a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy


Theological Slavery - Theological systems do not allow Christians to grow in truth and hinder their growth


Willow Creek - Hegelian Dialectic & The New World Order – Willow Creek Church of Bill Hybels has been at the front of many anti-Christian movements including removing the traditional church service and replacing it with a play.  This article is very informative as to what this church has perpetuated and how many churches have chosen to follow its model.


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The New Calvinists


The Unholy Alliance - Christianity and the New World Order


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