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Push Back Against Mandatory Covid 19 Vaccines - 6/4/21

Here is the Science behind the Fact That Masks do not work - 7/30/20

Mask Wearing is Dangerous to your Health - Updated 6/18/21

Fighting the Corona Virus on Two Fronts

There is one thing missing from all the information the fear mongering experts have spewed and that is you hear nothing about boosting your Immune System.  Give your body the Defense it needs by boosting your Immune System Naturally.  I make suggestions as to what vitamins and minerals are needed plus I link to their location on line so you may order or call your local health food store.   It is time to take control of your own health before the virus can invade you.  I am not selling anything nor making any money from these suggestions.  These are only for your benefit!  Click on the "Two Front" Article above.

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