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Can Christianity Survive the Organized Church? - The organized church with all its non-biblical additives has all but obfuscated the true Gospel. Go into any church and you will be hard pressed to hear the true Gospel. You will hear counterfeit bibles being read and the music would no doubt be a full band and overhead projector. Can real Christianity be found in many churches or only counterfeits?

A Pastor's Plea for Biblical Fidelity. - Just as the young church was run, the modern church needs to return to its biblical roots and should be run according to the Scriptures and not modern methods which are unscriptural.

Warning: Know Your Bible Study Teacher! - Know your Bible study teacher. There are some great principles found in Luke 1:1-4 concerning teachers. You can find them here to make sure your teacher, or you if you are teacher, to see if you are following the biblical manner of a teacher.