Inside Perspective - January 2015

My Dear Family in Christ,

Ever precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Imagine moving into a new neighborhood with your family and immediately having your children invited to the “neighbor's” house on the corner. Everybody in the neighborhood raves about this family. One day you take time to visit this family and discover that they are actually pretty nice. Not only that, you notice that almost all the kids in the neighborhood go to their house on a regular basis. So after some consideration, you finally agree to let your children spend some time there.

The first few visits seem to go nicely. Your children come home all excited about the fun things they did and talk about how your “neighbors” are really neat playmates. They talk for hours about what they did, who they met, and how much they like the “neighbors”. Though, after a while, you begin to notice a change in your children. It seems that following each visit with the “neighbors”, your children come home a little more morose and a little bit more withdrawn. Eventually, when you ask them what they did at the “neighbor's” house each day, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “I don't know”. It gets worse when the “neighbors” plan games for your children on the weekends without your permission and now your family time is further invaded.

One Saturday, you are having a meal with your children, and you remind them of church the next day. Suddenly, your son blurts out, “I don't want to go to church anymore! Our 'neighbors' say there is no God! They say people who believe in God are morons and that they will believe in anything, even fairies and leprechauns”. You are shocked and cannot believe what your child has just told you. You then ask, “Just what else are our 'neighbors' filling your heads with?”

Well, for the next two hours your children tell you all about what the “neighbors” think. Your “neighbors” don't believe in creation; they believe that people evolved from slime. The earth, according to your “neighbors”, is a living, breathing god that must be worshipped and cared for at all costs, even if it inconveniences or hurts the human population. They believe that there is no right or wrong, no absolutes, and no such thing as judgment. They have told your children that they alone must make their decisions and choose what is right or wrong in their own eyes, no matter what anyone else thinks, including parents. They believe being married is an old fashioned concept and that sex apart from marriage is the sensible approach. “How else,” they argue, “can you be sure that you are compatible?” They even believe that sex is fine with anyone, anytime and anywhere. If that isn't enough, they have been telling your children that men having sex with men and women having sex with women is perfectly acceptable. They have even encouraged your children to think of it as a viable option for themselves! When your children have expressed opinions contrary to the “neighbors” or questioned their belief system, they have informed your children that they are narrow thinkers and intolerant.

It is written, “And I will give you Pastors according to My heart which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” (Jer.3:15)

So what would you do if you if these were your children and you were the parent? Would you ever let your children go near the “neighbor’s” house again? Of course not!! Then why do parents let their children drink of the TV's filth? This very scenario I am describing takes place every day, subjecting our children to a daily dose of the “neighbor’s” kindness. I am convinced that today’s parents do love their children, so why would they allow this abuse? Even worse, and by way of example, most parents are themselves drinking heavily from the same unholy fountain? It has been said, “like father, like son...”

Is it because parents have gotten used to the free time they have while their children are at the “neighbors”? Has convenience won over Truth? Has the Bible no meaning? Is Truth gone from the earth? Sure, having our children daily visit the “neighbors” provides some undeniable “benefits”. Parents can use the time to shop, go back to school, and even to get an extra job to bring home more money to buy an even bigger TV!

Even when parents realize that the friendship and bond they used to share with their children has been systematically destroyed, they refuse to cut off the visits! Stronghold alert!! Just the thought of keeping their children away from the “neighbors” is unsettling because parents would then have to admit just how much they themselves love the “neighbor’s” house too! There is now a wall or barrier between the parent and the child that seems impenetrable and the only time the relationship is good is when they are both at the "neighbor’s” house together! What's more, for years the “neighbors” have convinced parents to ignore the impact of these visits to the “neighbor’s” house on their children. That hasn't been that hard though, because after all, parents have taught their children that the “neighbors” are nice people who mean well… right?

Has it occurred to anyone that it might be time to stop visiting the “neighbors” so much? How shall we lead our children in the Way Everlasting when we ourselves are going in the other direction? Beloved, with that thought in mind, tweak yourself, have a blessed New Year and beware of...



*The storyline is not original but has been adapted from an unknown author*