Israel Studies

This page contains links to all the studies on my site concerning the modern nation of Israel.

The 144,000 - Who are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 & 14?

Anti-Semitic? Who are the Semites? – We are constantly being bombarded with the term “anti-semitism” from both politics and the pulpit.  This term has been applied only to the Jews.  Did you know that the Arabs are Semitic people and when the Jews hate them, the Jews are being anti-Semitic in the truest sense of the word.

Dispensationalism and the Corona Virus - Is there a Connection Between them?

Ezekiel 37: Of Whom Doth The Prophet Speak – Many prophecy pundits teach that Ezekiel 37 is speaking of the modern nation modern of Israel.  But is it?  Or could it be speaking about something else?

Genesis 12:1-3 - Of Whom Do the Scriptures Speak? – Genesis 12:1-3 has been used to convince the Christian that it is speaking about the modern nation of Israel.  Is that true or is that Christian Zionism with one of its false teachings?  Find out here!

The Israel of God – In the Old Testament God chose the nation of Israel through which the Messiah Jesus would eventually come through the tribe of Judah.  In the New Testament, does Israel have the same meaning as that of the Old Testament?  You will see that the cross changed many things and that includes who the New Testament Israel is.

Jew - Who is Biblically Entitled to that Name?

Judeo-Christian: I Don't Think So – Perhaps 90% of Christians use the term Judeo-Christian.  Is that a proper description whether it be ethics or biblical studies?  Is Judaism compatible with biblical Christianity?

Keeping the Feasts - There seems to be an obsesion among Christians and churches to place themselves back under the law.  An Abomination unto Christ!

No, The Bible doesn't Command We Stand with Israel - by Dr. Benjamin Corey

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem – Many prophecy preachers and their followers believe that Psalm 122:6 speaks about the modern city of Jerusalem.  However, the Scriptures teach something else concerning that verse.  When it was first penned about the 10thcentury BC, it would have been speaking about the ancient city of Jerusalem.  Since Christ went to the cross many things have changed including definitions.

Replacement Theology Needs To Be Replaced – One of the newest monikers for the Reformed faith is called “Replacement Theology” which the free willer states that the church has replaced Israel and all its blessings.  The reality is that the modern nation of Israel is not a biblical nation but a political nation and has nothing whatsoever to do with our salvation or Bible prophecy.  Everything changed at the cross including theologies from law to grace, from national Israel to the eternal church.

Seventy Years of Turmoil, Treachery, Death and Destruction - Modern Israel is not a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy

Standing With Israel is Equal to Standing with Satan! - Christians that stand with Israel are standing with the enemies of Christ because their religion hates and denigrates him!

The Chosen People - Who Are They? - The prophecy pundits keep telling us the Modern Jews are the Chosen People of God but does the Bible Really Teach That?

The Third Temple - Will there be a third temple built in Jerusalem?

The True Story of the 6 Pointed Star - The Six Pointed Star of Judaism is really an occult symbol (Off Site)

Their Own Land - That phrase is used 11 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.  Does it refer to modern Israel or to the body of believers?

Time of Jacob's Trouble – For many years we have been taught that the Time of Jacob’s trouble had to do with the modern nation of Israel.  The Bible teaches something very different than the typical prophecy book explanation.  It is necessary for Christians to investigate beyond the Hollywood style of teachings.

Where did God Place His Name? - God placed his name in Ancient Jerusalem but after it was destroyed, where did he place it?

Without U.S. Support Modern Israel is a Failed State - Many Christians believe the modern state of Israel is of God but it is not and Christians need to stop treating this country as an idol.

Zionism - The dark side of modern-day Israel.