A Nation Judged

by Dr. Ken Matto
On September 11, 2001 we saw and many experienced a horror beyond description in that the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were demolished by two acts of terrorism. The death toll at this time (9/18) points to about 4,000 dead in both New York and Washington D.C. at the Pentagon. These acts of terror are despicable and definitely acts of war. Since then there has been a resurgence of patriotism with copious Flag flying and almost every radio station, even the secular ones are playing God Bless America and America the Beautiful. I love both of these songs.
The essence of this treatise is not to recount the horrors which happened but to focus on something I have not heard from any station yet. That is national introspection and repentance. God allowed these things to happen to us because we are a society out of control and steeped in sin and glad of it. Let me point out some places where we need to turn from:
On Sunday Morning the churches are empty and the shores and leisure spots are filled and we sing God Bless America.
We have murdered over 50 million babies through abortion and we sing God Bless America.
Homosexuality is an accepted and encouraged way of life. It is paraded on almost every show on the major networks. Christians on jobs are forced to take sensitivity training to accept this and we sing God Bless America.
Illegal drugs are available to everyone, even children in grammar schools and we sing God Bless America.
Drunkenness is out of control in this country as more and more people partake in drinking and we sing God Bless America.
Marriages are being destroyed and adultery and fornication is an accepted way of life and we sing God Bless America.
This country has become lottery and gambling crazy resulting in many placing their faith in slot machines and casinos and we sing God Bless America.
When someone breaks the law, instead of prosecuting them there are psychologists and organizations like the ACLU to get them off. We are a nation of laws with two loopholes for every law and we sing God Bless America.
We see the churches becoming more and more apostate and accepting homosexual clergy openly and we sing God Bless America.
We are a nation with an insatiable lust for pornography which comes to us via the Internet and we sing God Bless America.
The television networks portray every anti-God or anti-Christian element they can to malign the Christian faith while exalting all the false religions and we sing God Bless America.
When the White House was used as a place for orgies or illicit sex which received approbation by much of the American people and we sing God Bless America.
When false religions are streaming into America and instead of the church warning the people about them they are holding hands and having interfaith services with them and we sing God Bless America.
When a Muslim Cleric opens in prayer in the Senate or Congress instead of a true Christian invoking the True God for wisdom in running the country and we sing God Bless America.
When God’s Word is being treated as profane in the once faithful seminaries and is being translated and re-translated until it becomes just another book and all the warnings have been subdued and we sing God Bless America.
We remove the Ten Commandments from the walls of the schools and the halls of Justice because we fear people will obey them and we sing God Bless America.
I have listed many things which prove that we want nothing to do with God in peace time, what makes us think that God will want us in war time? Flag waving and singing patriotic songs will not cut it with God as there must be a national repentance beginning with each individual who names the name of Christ. If we continue to neglect God and fluff Him off, then America’s woes have just begun. This article may sound unpatriotic but it is more patriotic than you think. When nations in the Bible thumbed their nose at God as many Americans have done, God has destroyed those nations and those nations which have repented in truth God has preserved. The Muslim nations serve a false god while this nation was a bastion of Christianity in which even the unbelievers benefited but we have become arrogant and have taken the protection of God for granted. On September 11, 2001 God showed us that our nation is still part of a sinful world and that briefly He removed His hand of restraint and it resulted in the deaths of about 3,000. Let us return unto the Lord for it was He who built America and not ourselves, for by ourselves we can do nothing. Go over the list of items I gave and ask, can a thrice Holy God really Bless America?