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 I do not send out Bibles, Books, DVDs, or CDs because of cost and I cannot afford to buy expensive books and give them out for free!  This is a personal website not a funded ministry! Many times I receive requests for Bibles, Sunday School materials, hymnbooks, and a lot of other types of materials.  I cannot fill these.  If you are seeking different materials, other than the ones I freely offer, then let me point you to Christian Resource International.  Their ministry specifically deals with sending different Christian materials overseas to those who request it.  If you contact them, they will be able to help you.
The Lord Gave The Word by Malcolm Watts - 11/9/14

A study in the History of the Biblical Text.  An excellent 28 page booklet from the Trinitarian Bible Society.  In this booklet, they trace the history of the Bible from its origin in divine self-revelation, through its embodiment in written form by supernatural inspiration, to its accurate transmission to this present age by providential preservation.
The New King James Version: A Critique by Malcolm Watts - 11/9/14

When this new translation of the Bible was published in 1982 by Thomas Nelson Publishers, their stated gaol was to produce an updated English version.  It seemed to be an improvement over other modern versions such as the NIV.  However, there are serious problems with the NKJV.  Instead of sticking to the Masorteic Text exclusively, they referenced the Septuagint, the Latin Vulgate of Jerome, Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Aramaic Targums, the Majprity Text by Zane Hodges.  A 15 page booklet by the Trintarian Bible Society.

Illegal Immigration and America's Agonizing Decline By Dr. Larry Spargimino - 10/18/14

Immigration should be an important subject for every American. All four of my Grandparents came to this country from Hungary but they all came through Ellis Island and legally. The majority of the Hungarians who came to this country went to work in the coal mines in western Pennsylvania. If you saw the Godfather Part two, you may recall that young Vito Corleone had small pox and was quarantined for three months. This was a standard procedure back then. Today when illegal immigrants come into this country with a sickness, they are immediately sent into the general population. America is on the decline and it seems the only thing people care about is America's Got Talent or Dancing with the Stars. This is a very good article on the subject of Illegal Immigration. Request your free copy today. Remember it is Invasion not Immigration!

WEST COAST DISASTER by Dr. David Schnittger - 3/18/14
When was the last time you heard anything about the Fukushima nuclear disaster on your news channel?  You have heard nothing because there is a blackout of news concerning this disaster.  This article by Dr. David Schnittger removes the cover and helps you to be aware of the west coast problems dealing with radiation which has hit the west coast and is continuing to this day.  This problem is not just limited to the west coast but is moving inland and affects your food supply, meanwhile the main stream media is protecting the nuclear power industry by blacking out any news associated with this disaster.  I want to limit it to one per person and USA and Canada only. 
The English Standard Version - 9/17/14

Is your church deciding to change to the ESV from the King James Version?  Did you know the ESV is nothing more than a warmed over version of the Revised Standard Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the anti-Christ National Council of Churches.  It contains the same errors, omissions, deletions, and is a Roman Catholic Version of the Bible because it is made of the same manuscripts which were used to make the other modern versions.  Wait till you see what they have done with Matthew 12:4!  I am willing to send you one copy of a 15 page laminated booklet by the Trinitarian Bible Society. It gives a brief history of the ESV and some of its corruptions making it another counterfeit version.    Just because men like R.C. Sproul or John MacArthur push this version does not mean they are correct.  The ESV has been used as the base text for a Reformation Bible which is being used by many especially in Africa along with all its corruptions.  There is a New Reformation Bible which came out in November 2014 using the KJV Cambridge Text, published by Reformation Heritage Books. Click Here For More Information.    If you find this booklet on the ESV to be valuable, you may purchase them in bulk from the Trinitarian Bible Society.  Click Here

Excellent Sermon on the ESV - Click Here

7 Minute Video on the New Reformation Heritage Bible

What Will America Be like After A Thorough Christian Cleansing?- 4/13/13

"It's the conflict of the ages resurfacing in America with a vengeance.  The hedge of protection has been taken down.  Prayerlessness and worldliness have become the norm for many comfort-loving Christians. Too many pulpits refuse to address the really important issues and therefore the churches have ceased to be the conscience of the nation."

NIV 2011 - Repackaged Lies
by Doug Stauffer
For decades now, modern versions have been hitting the market at the rate of several per year. As a result, we now have hundreds of different versions that are available. Despite these new versions, the King James Bible has stood tall for 400 years. However, the New International Version has fallen on hard times. So once again, the corporate powers decided to repackage the NIV in an ever more modern version containing the same old lies with some strategically placed new ones. Thus, NIV 2011 is birthed!  Some of the new NIV changes include attacks on Christ's deity. It also says Jesus was not "from everlasting" but "from ancient times," portrays Christ as a sinner, and much more. Dr. Douglas Stauffer goes through the NIV 2011 and proves there is no scriptural or textual justifications for the changes to the KJV 1611.
Pictured is the tract which triggered my search in 1986 into the truth of the modern version quagmire.  If you would like a free copy, please contact me at the e-mail below.  It seems that Chick Tracts has reinstated this tract for sale again.  I am glad because it gives enough information to see how dangerous the modern counterfeit versions are. 
Here is one for your Physical Health
Why the Proven Benefits of Nutritional Supplementation are so Important Today!
by Center for Nutritional Research
80% of all heart disease in women is preventable - 90% of all type 2 diabetes is preventable - 33% of all children can expect a shorter life than their parents - Up to 38% decline in the nutrient content of crops according to a 2004 report - 2,000 % increase in fast food sales over the past 30 years.  Your body is made up of trillions of cells and billions are created every day.  Each cell is like a high-performance engine which needs high-quality nutrients to function properly.  Your body cannot manufacture all the nutrients it needs on its own.  Let's be honest, when you feel better, you feel like doing ministry.  (not selling anything, just good solid health info)
World's Deadliest Drug
Who is the king of the drug world?  It is not Cocaine or Heroin!  It is Alcohol!  There are over 18 million alcoholics in the United States alone.  Every 12 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver.  60% of all child abuse is due to killer alcohol.  Does the Bible have anything to say about this drug?  It sure does, so be armed next time someone offers you an alcoholic drink.
Christian Rock Exposed
Is Christian Rock music really Christian or is it just labeled that so Satan can snare the youth in the churches with the help of ignorant clergy.  Many of these groups use very offensive language and still claim to be Christians.  If many Christian parents would listen to the lyrics, they would never allow their children to buy and listen to them. 
The Attack on the Bible
There is an attack upon the true word of God by Satan and his publishers who could not care about your spiritual condition as long as they make a sale.  They attack cardinal doctrines of the faith such as the Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Birth, the Blood of Christ, and they contain lies.  The NIV removes 64,576 words.  Be armed with the knowledge that if you are contemplating using a modern version, then you are using one of the versions Satan uses to attack the true Word of God.
Halloween: A Covenant with Death and Hell
Is Halloween just an innocent day when children dress up as their favorite character?  Or is it a very evil day with all of these festivities representing an ancient satanist ritual?  Halloween is a very occultic day and no Christian or church should have anything to do with it in any way, even a hayride.  Isn't it something how Satan places his unholy day on October 31, which overshadows the Reformation when God, through Martin Luther, began to open the spiritual eyes of His Elect all across Europe.  Halloween was not celebrated in this country until the Irish Catholic immigrants started coming over in the early 1800's.
How To Spot A Counterfeit Bible
This brochure contains 25 simple tests to help you spot one of Satan's counterfeit Bibles.  If any Bible fails just one of the tests, then that is evidence that the version you are looking at is a counterfeit.
Bible Version Companion
A comparison of seven popular versions with the King James Bible.  This brochure contains 200 verses where you can see the corruption in the modern versions.  The modern versions remove, add, and change thousands of words.
Business Card Size Handout

I am offering a free hand out on a business card (3 1/2" x 2" - see below which is printed a little larger for viewing purposes) that gives the URL of the page containing 760 verses mutilated in the modern counterfeit versions. When you are speaking to someone about the Modern Version issue you can give them one of these cards and they can come here and click on any of the 760 verses and see for themselves the corruption in the modern versions.  If you would like a quantity of them for handout, then please e-mail me with the amount you can use and your snail mail and I will get them out to you, free and postpaid. They are printed on regular business card stock.



Contains over 750 verse comparisons between the King James Bible and many

modern versions including the ESV, NIV, NASV and others.  You will see

the massive corruptions in the modern versions.  The research has been done for you!

Your Spiritual Growth is at risk!


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