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(Acts 16:9 KJV) And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.

(Mark 16:15 KJV) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.



The Call of Moravian Missions

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These Missionary organizations deserve your support, especially if you are unable to go yourself. If you or your church are looking to support a missionary organization, please go to the web sites of these organizations. Always give generously to missions. Missions budgets in churches should be higher and their priority should be higher. Without sending forth the gospel, the local church really has no more value than a religious social club. I will add to this list as I come across new web sites. I will only list reputable organizations.

Featured Mission for 2022
People International
Additional Missions are listed below.

Featured RESCUE Mission for 2022

Request From Far East Broadcasting Ministry

Far East Broadcasting (FEBC) is seeking to purchase self-powered radios with crank, which will allow people in countries like Vietnam, North Korea, China and other places that disallow Bibles to hear the gospel.  The radios can be used in a field, mountains where it may take people 3 days to bring the gospel but with a radio they get it in an instant.  We have radios in our car, in our homes all over the place, but these people are unable to have that luxury.  One radio can even begin a church as in these countries many people will gather around to hear the broadcast.  Each radio is $40 so please consider a donation.  Our brothers and sisters need these radios because the only biblical training they receive is by radio where they can also copy down the Scriptures in their own language.  To answer your question, yes, I donated for some radios, now how many will you give? For more information click below:

give a radio

Voice Of The Martyrs: Reporting On Persecution Of Christians Worldwide
DRESDEN (ANS) -- The number of persecuted Christians is on the rise worldwide, according to Professor Thomas Schirrmacher, director of the Religious Liberty Commission of the German Evangelical Alliance. Three in four cases of severe persecution are targeted at Christians, said Schirrmacher in a lecture at a gathering of the Protestant Association of the Christian Democratic Union in Dresden. According to Schirrmacher at least 55,000 Christians are killed each year for religious reasons. Christians in India, Indonesia and Pakistan run the highest risk of losing their lives.

The Challenge of Missions

Motivation For Service

Planned Giving to help Missions

If you will notice below, some of the Mission Agencies are highlighted.  These are agencies which sponsor planned giving through Gift Annuities and other vehicles.  Many Christians have CD's in the bank but the banks are paying very low interest.  Some of these organizations are offering interest rates as high as 8%.  What you do is take the money from your CD when it expires and then you transfer the money to the mission organization and they will send you income on your Annuity as long as you live and when the Lord calls you home, the money automatically reverts to the Mission Organization.  This does not mean that you must give every penny you have but you may be able to transfer one or two CD's.  If you are single, this is one way to insure that your money goes into the Lord's work and does not go to greedy relatives who will show up after your home going.  Please contact the Mission Agency of your Choice.

Action International Ministries
Adventures In Missions
Africa Inland Mission
African Children's Mission
Agape Project International
Alaska Missions
Alternative Missions
Amazing Grace Missions
American Caribbean Experience
American Indian Mission, Inc. - Southwest Region
Amigos For Christ
Antioch Missions
Appalachian Mountain Heritage Missions
Appalachia Service Project
Aqua Viva Ministries
Arab World Missions
Arabs for Christ
Arctic Barnabas Ministries
Asian Access
Asia Harvest
Autumn Rain
Avant Ministries
Aviation Spokane (Moody)
Baptist Medical and Dentist Mission International
Baptist Mid-Missions
Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
BCM International
Because We Care Ministries
Believers World Outreach
Belize Base Camp
Belize Faith Missions
Bethany Global Teams
Bethany International
Bible Broadcasting Network
Biblical Literature Fellowship
Boston Project Ministries
Bring Good News International
Bring Me Hope
Build International Ministries
Cadence International
Camino Global
Campus Bible Fellowship
Caribbean Ministries Association
Casa Guatemala
CMF International
Christ for the City International
Christian Aid
Christian Appalachian Project
Christian Blind Mission International
Christian Ministry in the National Parks
Christian Outreach International
Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship
Christian Resources International
Christian Team Missions
Come Over and Help
Commission to Every Nation
Confrontation Point Ministries
Corner of Love
Covenant Youth of Alaska
Create International
Crescent Project
Cross Culture Jesus
Cross Point Missions
Cross Roads Missions
Dirt Road Project
Discipling for Development
E 3 Partners
East-West International Ministries
Eastern European Missions
ECM International
Empowering Youth to Serve Missions
Encounter With Christ
Ends of the Earth Mission
English Language Institute/China
Ethnos 360
Evangelical Bible Missions
Every Home For Christ
Experience Mission
Far East Broadcasting Company
Fellowship of Christian Farmers
Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims
Finish The Wall
Finishers Project
First Love Missions
Flood the Nations
Flying Doctors of America
Forward Edge International
Frontline Fellowship
Gain Global Aid Network
Get Real
The Gideons
Global Church Partners
Global Expeditions
Global Outreach Mission
Go To Nations
Good Samaritan Baptist Mission
Gospel for Asia
Gospel Missions of India
Grace To Russia
Greater Europe Mission
Group Life Tree Adventures Cuba
Group Mission Trips
Hands on Missions
HBI Ministries International
Health Teams International
Heart To Honduras
Hellenic Ministries
Helps Ministries
Hillside Missions
His Hands International
Hope and Help International
Hope Center Uganda
IMD International
Impact Missions
In Deed and Truth Ministries
In His Grip Ministries
India Evangelical Mission
Interact Ministries
International Nepal Fellowship
Interserve International
Iranian Christians International
Joni and Friends - Wheels to the World
Jungle Aviation and Radio Service
Last Leaf
Launch Out Ministries
Latin American Mission
Lifewalk Mission International
Loving One By One Ministries
Make A Difference Now
Mercy Ships
Middle East Reformed Fellowship
Military Community Youth Ministries
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Mission Builders International
Mission India
Mission Link International
Mission Nannys
Mission Network News
Mission of Hope
Mission Oufitter
Missions to Mexico
Mission to the World
Mount Zion Chapel Library
Mountain Heritage Missions
New Missions
New Tribes Mission
New Vision Urban Missions
NYC Missions
New York City Rescue Mission
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
OCI International
OMS International
On The Go Missions
One Way Ministries
Open Doors International
Operation Mobilization
Overseas Ministries Study Center
Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Pacific Mission Aviation
Pais Movement
Partners of Hope International
Pelagie Foundation
People International
Pioneer Bible Translators
Pioneers - Japan
Pioneers International
Praying Pelican Missions
Priority 1 Ministries
Rahab's Rope
Rancho Santa Marta
Reach Beyond
Reaching Indians Ministries International
RP Missions
Russian Missions
Sacred Road Ministries
Samoa Medical Missions
Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries
Send International
Serve India Ministries
Serve More
Show Mercy International
SIM International
Slavic Gospel Association
Slavic Missionary Service
Solid Rock International
Southwestern Gospel Ministries to Children
Spearhead Ministries
Straight Path Ministries
Strategic Angel Care
Street Life Ministries
Teach Beyond
Team Jamaica
Teen Missions International - Taiwan
Time Ministries
The Timothy Initiative
To Every Tribe
Touch the World
Trans World Radio
Transport for Christ International
UIM International
Ukraine Missions
United World Mission
Urban Impact
Urban Saints
Vets With a Mission
Victory Baptist Association of India
Village Ministries International
Village Missions
Vision Trust
Walking on Water
Way of the Cross Ministries
WEC International
Women's Missionary Union
Word Made Flesh
Word to All International
World Gospel Mission
World Harvest Mission
World Missionary Press
World Orphans
World Servants
World Team
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Youth With A Mission

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