On Line Christian Media

This page is for those who cannot find a good, conservative Christian Station in their area.  It is also designed for those who are unable to attend weekly church services owing to some kind of bodily hindrance.

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On Line Radio/Internet Stations


Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio

Godly Hymns and Spiritual Songs with No Christian Rock from Grand Prairie, Texas - 24 Hours


Redeemer Broadcasting

Excellent Biblical Programming with traditional Christian Music from Olive Bridge, New York


Bible Broadcasting Network

Gospel ministries with Godly Christian Music from Charlotte, North Carolina - 24 Hours


Fundamental Broadcasting Network

Godly Christian music along with Good Preaching from Newport, North Carolina - 24 Hours



Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel with Down Home Preaching from Mexico, Missouri - 24 Hours  (KJAB Stands for King James Authorized Bible)


FBC Radio

Godly Christian Hymns and Traditional Christian Music with Good Teaching from Foundations Bible College in Dunn, North Carolina - 24 Hours



Godly Christian Music and Preaching from Fargo, North Dakota - 24 Hours


First Love Radio

An Excellent Line up of Christian Programming from Christ Bible Church in Dublin, California - 24 Hours