The Persecuted Church


A Cesspool Service in China – You may have never heard of Pastor Chen from China but here is a man who was imprisoned for his faith.  He was told to work in a cesspool in the camp and he praised the Lord while he was working there for having alone time with God.  How would you respond?


Who are the Christian Leaders? – Many times I hear the news speak of some famous Christian or better yet some compromised Christians as a “leader.”  In Christianity, is leadership measured in the same way as the world measures it.  Find out who the real Christian leaders are in this article.


Who are They Really Attacking? – When unbelievers attack Christians, who are they really intending their attack to reach?  Is it the Christian which is the direct enemy of the world or are the unbelievers still attempting to persecute Christ as Saul of Tarsus did?