Prophecy Round Up

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We live in a time when there is an obsession with end time prophecy so to make things a little easier, I have listed all teachings, along with linked access, on prophecy which are on my website for easier access.


1 Thessalonians 5:9 - The Misunderstanding!  Is it salvation from hell or something earthly?


1290 and 1335 Days - The 1290 and 1335 Days of Daniel 12 has been a mystery but not when you allow the Bible to be its own interpreter


The 144,000 - Who are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 & 14?


CI Scofield - Can he be Trusted? - Many Christians use the Scofield Refernce Bible but do not know there are evil workings behind it!


The Church Age in Scripture – Is there a specific Church age which the Pre-tribbers speak of?


Discerning the Times - Could eternity be on the doorstep of this present generation?


Dispensationalism and the Corona Virus - Is there a Connection Between them?


Ezekiel 37: Of whom does the Prophet Speak? – Is it the modern nation of Israel or the body of believers?


The Final Day  - Does the Bible teach when the last day will occur?


Genesis 12:1-3 - Of Whom do the Scriptures Speak?


The Great Apostasy is Here - The Great Apostasy is here but it did not happen overnight but over several hundred years.  Here is a list of key dates along with the apostate happenings corresponding to each one.


Is the Corona Virus a Prophetic Event? - Is the Corona Virus a Prophetic Event pointing to the Lord's Return?


The Israel of God – After the cross did the meaning and designation of Israel change?  If Israel was God’s chosen people then why didn’t He protect it from extinction from 70-1948 A.D. a period of 1878 years.


Keeping the Feasts - There seems to be an obsesion among Christians and churches to place themselves back under the law.  An Abomination unto Christ!


Mark of the Beast - What is it? - Many claim the Mark of the Beast is vaccines, computers, bar codes, etc.  Could it be something other than these?


The Marriage Supper of the Lamb – Is it literal or symbolic of something else?


Matthew 24:36 means what it Says – Many have sought to figure out the date of the Lord’s return and all were wrong and the future ones will be wrong too!


The Millennium: Literal or Figurative? - One of the most common teachings is that the Lord is going to return from Heaven and set up a kingdom for 1000 years.  Is that really what the Bible teaches?  Is there going to be an actual thousand year reign of Christ on this earth?  Find out here if the Bible teaches a literal millennium!


No, The Bible Doesn't Command We Stand with Israel - by Dr. Benjamin Corey


Prophecy and Paranoia - If there is one thing which accompanies the Christian who is solely focused on prophecy, it is paranoia.  Prophecy can drive a person mad because all kinds of scenarios can be made up from just one event.


Prophecy and the Internet - The Lord Jesus gave the command to go into all the world and make disciples through the preaching of the word.  For the first time in history that has been done and in our generation.  It is now a question of how long till the Lord returns.  In February of 2017 my website was viewed in 191 countries which is 4 short of the entire world.


Prophecy Books are Dangerous - Are prophecy books a help or a hindrance to true Biblical understanding?


Rapture Watching - Christian involvement has waned because too many Christians are sitting around waiting for the rapture.  It seems they can wait for it while watching TV but not getting involved.  Rapture watching is unbiblical and sinful.


Resurrection or Resurrections? - How many resurrections will there be?  The Pre-tribbers claim 2 but is that what the Bible teaches?


Rewards - Many teach today that we are going to get rewards at the Judgment seat of Christ.  They have basically written their own self-worth programs.  The Bible mentions rewards but are they some kind of physical rewards or are they something else?


The Seven Year Tribulation Period - Is it literal or does it represent a different time frame?


Sodomy: The Final Sin - The Bible states that sin will increase before the return of the Lord.  However, the Bible in Romans 1 states the sin of sodomy in specific terms.  That is the only sin written of in detail because it seems the Lord is focusing us on that sin as a sign of his soon return.


The Chosen People - Who Are They? - The prophecy pundits keep telling us the Modern Jews are the Chosen People of God but does the Bible Really Teach That?


The Third Temple - Will there be a third temple built in Jerusalem?


Their Own Land - That phrase is used 11 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.  Does it refer to modern Israel or to the body of believers?


Thy Kingdom Has Come - Dispensationalists teach that the first coming of Christ was to establish a kingdom which did not happen because he was rejected.  Is this what the Bible teaches?


Time of Jacob’s Trouble - For many years we have been taught that the Time of Jacob’s trouble had to do with the modern nation of Israel.  The Bible teaches something very different than the typical prophecy book explanation.  It is necessary for Christians to investigate beyond the Hollywood style of teachings.


Two Major Events Pointing to the Lord’s Soon Return - There are two major biblical events which precede the Lord’s return and we are seeing these two events taking place right on the TV every night.  Find out how close we are to the return of Christ.


Watching: Is it Faithful Service or Date Setting? -  In the Scriptures, we are told to watch for the return of the Lord.  Until the Lord does return, are we to partake in Date Setting or are we to partake in faithful service until He returns.


When is the Rapture - There are 4 beliefs of when the rapture is going to occur but only one of them can be correct.  Find out the timing of the rapture according to Scripture and not according to prophecy books.


When will the Holy Spirit be taken out of the way? - Much has been written about the Holy Spirit being removed from the earth when the church is raptured.  Now we know that the Pre-Trib rapture is unbiblical, so when will the Holy Spirit be taken out of the way?


Where did God Place His Name? - God placed his name in Ancient Jerusalem but after it was destroyed, where did he place it?


Who is the Antichrist? - Since I became saved almost 4 decades ago I have heard prophecy ministries making predictions of who the Antichrist is.  They have named many leaders from the Pope to Ronald Reagan.  Find out here who the real Antichrist is.


Why is Sin abounding in our day? -  Is there a reason that sin has mushroomed greatly in our time?