My Past Radio Appearances on Biblically Speaking WFYL 1180 AM

Hosted by Ken Souder and Tim Liebig

5/1/19 Speaking on "The King James Bible and the Modern Versions."

6/5/19 Speaking on "Hort and Westcott and the Modern Versions."

7/31/19 Speaking on "Differences among the Modern Versions."

8/21/19 Speaking on "Doctrinal attacks in the modern Versions"

10/2/19 Speaking on "Dispensationalism"

11/6/19 Speaking on "Error of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture"

12/4/19 Speaking on "Do we accept Christ or does Christ accept us?"

12/15/19 Speaking on "Can a True Christian Lose Their Salvation?"

2/4/20 Speaking on "Are You Called to the Ministry?"

2/19/20 Speaking on "The Cults and Cultic Churches" Part 1

3/4/20 Speaking on "The Cults and Cultic Churches" Part 2

4/1/20 Speaking on "The Corona Virus with Biblical Encouragement"

5/19/20 Speaking on "Is it ever right to disobey Government?"

7/1/20 Speaking on "Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Age of Accountability"

8/5/20 Speaking on "Date Setting, Escapist Theology, and Rapture Watching"