If there is one thing which is going to characterize these last days we are living in is the flourishing of the false gospels. I wanted to include a section with some hints to help you identify a false gospel. Keep in mind that not all false gospels are cults like the Mormons or Roman Catholics but they are found in many Protestant churches. This not only includes small out of the way churches but those of mainline denominations. Sometimes identifying a false gospel can be difficult but those that hold to false gospels will eventually expose themselves. Let us look at some of the teachings which will help us identify the false, so you may be on guard.
Jesus Christ
If He is thought of as only a prophet, teacher, holy man, martyr, sect leader and is not taught that He is God, then you have entered into a false gospel. Run for your spiritual life. If they doubt His resurrection, ascension, and miracles on earth, then they are a false gospel.
The Holy Spirit
If He is spoken of as a force or power. He is the third person of the Godhead and co-equal with God the Father and God the Son. If they speak of Him as an impersonal force, or anything less than God, then you have stepped into a false gospel.
The Bible
How does your group or church view the Bible? Are they saying we don't have an infallible Bible today? Have they replaced the King James Bible with modern translations and then vehemently denigrate the King James Bible? Does the pastor or leader continually tell you that certain verses should not be in the Bible? Do they doubt parts of the Bible such as denying the teachings of the miracles? Do they deny the existence of Satan and Angels? Any attack upon the Scriptures will give you an insight into the unsaved state of the preacher or teacher. Do they deny the inerrancy of Scripture?
Signs, Wonders, and Tongues
If the church or group you visit believes in things like speaking in tongues, slain in the Spirit, prosperity, healing, visions, verbal prophecies, and rock music instead of music glorifying God, then you have stepped into a false gospel. The Charismatic/Pentecostal movement is the binding cord of Ecumenicalism.
Roman Catholic Sympathizing
If you go to a church or group which is sympathetic to Roman Catholicism, then you have entered a false gospel. Roman Catholicism is a descendant of the religions of Egypt and Babylon and has nothing to do with the true gospel.
Free Will and Loss of Salvation
If you find a group which teaches that you can lose your salvation or believes that you can "accept Christ" then you have wandered into a false gospel. Man does not have free will as we are either slaves of Satan or servants of Christ.  (Romans 6:17-18)
As you progress in the Christian faith you will find many more ways the church has become the enemy of Christ. If you cannot find a good church or a home group, then it is spiritually safer that you stay home and start your own group. I can guarantee there will be a small group of like-minded believers who will have the same disdain for the false teachings. Eventually all the true Christians will probably go back to house churches anyway, which is the New Testament model for the weekly meeting of Christians.