Foundational Bible Studies
(Biblical Studies for New Christians)

Basic Bible Doctrine and Principles For New and Young Christians - Studying Scripture According to Scripture

All Scripture Quotations are from the King James Bible Cambridge Edition of 1900

Below are the 27 subjects you will study, it is recommended that you do the study in the order given. Just click on the studies and download them for your personal use or the use of a class. There is no copyright or charge so feel free to download as many studies as you want:


1) Jesus Christ

2) God

3) The Holy Spirit

4) Prayer

5) The Bible

6) Bible Study

7. Three Rules of Bible Study

8) Satan

9) The Church

10) Born Again

11) Angels

12) God's Requirements for Christians

13) Giving with Wisdom

14) Giving: A Dynamic of the Christian Life

15) How to Detect a False Gospel

16) Keys to Finding Your Spiritual Gift(s)

17) Finding God's Will

18) Man

19) Eternal Damnation

20) Heaven

21) Sin

22) Salvation

23) How does God view the Believer?

24) Prophecy

25) What is a Christian?

26) How to Identify False Teachers

27) How to Identify True Teachers

28) On Line Christian Ministries To Help Further your Growth!

29) Epilogue