Health Related

Something to Think About:  If it's not FDA approved then it must be good for you!


The Amazing Banana – Fruit has been created by God to help our bodies.  The banana is one of the most amazing creations by God.  Read why!


Anthrax – Right after the events of 9/11, Anthrax was being mailed in envelopes to different people.  This article written by a surgeon gives details about Anthrax.


Aspartame: The Accepted Killer – Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which has been linked to many diseases.  It is now being renamed “Amino Sweet.”  It should be avoided at all costs.


Asthma and Your Tap Water - Does Your Tap Water contain a trigger for Asthma?  Find out here!


Avian or Bird Flu – An article written by a surgeon containing much information and myth busting facts about the Bird Flu which so many were concerned about.


Benign and Malignant Thyroid Conditions – Helps to see if you have a thyroid problem.  This is only a guide so you must be evaluated by a doctor.


Blood - The Basics – Here is a great article by a surgeon concerning the properties of blood and its frequent mention in Scripture.


Breast Changes – With Breast cancer on the rise in this world it is important that women notice any type of changes which occur in their breasts and if they find an anomaly, they should see their doctor immediately.  Written by a surgeon.


Cell Phone Dangers – While cell phones are great and almost a necessity, there are some cautions which must be heeded because cell phones do pose a cancer danger to the brain if not used properly.


Clones and Cloning – Is cloning a human possible?  This is an article approaching the idea of cloning human beings.  Written by a surgeon.


Colorectal Cancer Prevention – Colon cancer is a prominent form of cancer in our society.  Here is an article written by a surgeon on how to prevent this cancer from attacking your colon.


Cosmetics and Breast Cancer - Is There a Connection? – Women’s cosmetics has been called witches brew because they contain many carcinogens.  Today, girls are using make-up at much younger ages.  Once those poisons are applied, they go into the skin and they dissipate in the body.  Could cosmetics be one cause of breast cancer?


Dietary Factors and Prostate Cancer – Some tips on having and keeping a healthy prostate gland.


E-Coli - Protect yourself from it – Here are some food preparation tips on how to prevent E-Coli.


Fear of Fluoride – Fluoride is in almost every toothpaste on the market and it is supposed to be for the prevention of cavities.  If it worked, then why do we still need dentists?  Fluoride is a poison which is now being placed in many water supplies around the countries simply because local politicians are making good money by suppliers.  Resist the effort to have this poison in your water supply.


Fighting Corona Virus on Two Fronts - The experts have neglected to mention boosting your immune system to prevent the Virus because it cuts into Drug Company profits.


Folic Acid and Coronary Heart Disease – Folic acid can play a part in the prevention of coronary heart disease.  Find out here.  Written by a General Surgeon


Hepatitis C – Here is some good information about hepatitis C written by a surgeon.  Hepatitis C can lead to liver cancer or even death if it is not attended to.


Honey has Healing Properties – Honey can be used to help with wounds.  It truly is an amazing item.


How to Survive Heart Attack While Alone – If you are alone and you start to get pains of an impending heart attack.  Here are some things you can do till help arrives.


Is It a Stroke? – Know these 3 basic warning signs of a stroke.  The faster someone receives treatment, the quicker the healing time.


Is the Government Poisoning our Food? – The FDA is supposed to be the advocate for the health of the people instead they are advocates for big business and they do not care what they approve for the public as long as someone gets a nice kickback.  Poisons are being introduced into our foods with the approval of this phony organization and they should be held accountable.


Life Saving Cholesterol Facts – We have been told that we need to control our cholesterol because it could mean problems for us.  Did you know that what we have been told all these years is without merit and low cholesterol can be very dangerous.


Malignant Melanoma – Melanoma is cancer of the skin.  Here is an article written by a surgeon to give more understanding that it could also lead to death if not taken care of.


Mask Wearing is Dangerous - Those who wear masks because the Government pimps tell them to are risking serious health problems even death.


Migraine Analytical Check List – I used to suffer from bad headaches and I have created a 12 point checklist for those who suffer from headaches which seem to have no medical etiology.


Nine Principles for Dealing with Disabled people - Dealing with Disabled people can be challenging, this may help!


Reject Big Pharma's Vaccine Mandate in 2020 - The Pharmaceutical Companies are out of control and forced vaccines is nothing more than Nazism resurrected!


Risk Factors in Breast Cancer – Some risk factors in Breast cancer written by a General Surgeon.


Salt: Friend or Foe – Many use large amounts of salt and some abstain from using it altogether.  Find out what salt can do for or to your body.

Shampoo Ingredient Warning – Check your shampoo to see if it contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate.  If it does then find another shampoo. 

Test Tube Babies - Test tube babies have been talked about for years in the scientific community.  This article speaks to that issue.  Written by a general surgeon.
Water: Facts you should know – Here are twenty facts you should know about water.
Will you have a Coke or a Glass of Water? – Coca-Cola contains many unhealthy ingredients and recently have added GMOs to their drink as did Pepsi.  You are better off having a glass of water than a coke.
Women's Heart Attack Symptoms – Women have different symptoms than men when experiencing a heart attack.  This article will help prepare you in case you or someone you know may be experiencing a heart attack, which otherwise would not look like one.