The Eulogy for Mrs. Ethel Matto
at her Wake Night Service in the year of our Lord 1999, January 14
by Mr. Rodney Steven Matto (eldest son, my brother)
Interment at Calvary Cemetery - January 15, 1999




As a child I went into the neighborhood store owned by a man named Johnny Bilka. I had snitched a piece of candy but I felt guilty about it so I told my Mom. She then took me back to the store where I apologized to Johnny and paid the penny.

Mom, my friend. Taught me right from wrong!


When I was in grade school a friend who was son of former Perth Amboy Police Chief, Paul Jankovich, sent a car to pick up Paul and I up at school. I wouldn't get into the car because Mom taught me don't go with strangers. Finally the officer coaxed me into the car and when I got home the officer said to my Mom, "You really taught him well because he did not want to get into the car." I had learned then that the Police were okay.

Mom, my friend and teacher


When I was a little boy I said a bad word (can't remember the word). Mom made me chew a piece of soap. I never said that bad word again.

Mom, my friend and again my teacher


Mom always cared deeply for Me, for Ken, for Dad. She always was concerned. She always showed how much we meant to her. When I was in the service stationed in Germany, not a week went by without a letter or care package. She always sent me clippings of news. I knew more about what was happening in the local area than those who lived there.

She always cared. When weather was bad, she called and left a message on my answering machine if I wasn't home saying "Call me so I know you got home safe."

She was a wonderful homemaker. She cleaned and cooked and always made sure we went to school in clean, ironed clothes. She loved flowers. She made the house, a warm wonderful home. And for this we will now miss her immensely. I found on the refrigerator door these sayings she wrote. I'd like to share 2 with you:

"Here is another day begun
Lord help me to live it for you.
Give me just now the help
and strength that I need"
"Into His hands I lay the fears that haunt me,
The dread of future ills that may befall;
Into His hands I lay the doubts that taunt me,
And rest securely, trusting Him for all."

Before she passed away, we knew she was having back problems and it was tough for her to do what was once simple things. We knew she had a lot of pain in her back. Now she is at peace and not hurting anymore.

In closing I would like to read the Christmas card she sent me. For some reason when I received the card in December, it touched me and I said how strange to affect me so. Now I know why I was so touched. It was to be the last card from her.


Dear Rodney,

"You think of him often with pleasure
and wish him the best every day,
You'd do almost anything for him
and be on his side come what may,
Just hearing his voice makes you happy,
Just being around him is fun,
You love him beyond any telling...
He's your pride and your joy--
He's your son"
"Having a son like you means having someone to be proud of,
someone to be thankful for,
someone very special to love."

Merry Christmas

With Love,
Mom & Dad

Wish you a happy holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year


Mom, my Friend.

Thank you for all you did for Me and for Ken and for Dad. I will always forever treasure the memories, the good times, the love.

I had you for 51 years. I thank God He kept you with us for all those years. Now we must say good-bye to my best friend, my Mom.

You were a Great Mom

You made our family beautiful, worked hard to bring us up right and you succeeded. You kept us together in good times and bad. You were our haven in the storm. You comforted us in our problems.

And now Mom, your earthly journey is over. The pain and ills are done. I'm very sad, but I'm happy too knowing you are at peace and at rest with God.


So good-bye Mom, my wonderful Mom, my best friend.


God rest your soul and may God give us the strength to go on...Until we meet again in the Lord. I will always and forever love you.


Mrs. Ethel Matto

June 28, 1917 - January 12, 1999