America's Spiritual Decline – America is in a spiritual decline.  We have been sold a bill of goods and the majority of Christians have accepted the things which has brought this country down such as abortion, homosexuality, apathy, etc.


Are New Testaments Unscriptural? – For many years Christians have given out New Testaments but is that the way to evangelize when you completely leave out the Hebrew Scriptures in the Old Testament.  The Bible is one cohesive whole and if you leave out the Old Testament, you are removing out many references to the Old Testament found in the New.


The Cross of Christ – The cross that Christ faced was one of the more cruel forms of execution the Romans evert adopted.  This article was written by a surgeon who gives the physical details of the actual effects it had on the human body.


David Berkowitz is not seeking Parole in June 2002 – In June 2002 David Berkowitz had a parole hearing that is normal procedure for inmates who have served 25 years.  In this article is a letter David wrote to Governor Pataki concerning the fact that he does not desire parole.


Drunkard Vs. Alcoholic – There is always going to be people who think there is a difference between an alcoholic and a drunk.  There is absolutely no difference between the two no matter what words are used to describe each.


Eulogy for my Mother - Mrs. Ethel Matto – When my mother died January 12, 1999 at her funeral my brother Rod wrote this eulogy for her.


Facts About God's Preciseness – God created our earth and universe but when we get down to a closer investigation, we will be amazed at the precision which God used.


Has Chris Kyle Become the New Messiah? – Chris Kyle was a sniper for the U.S. Military, a Navy Seal, and had become a symbol or poster boy for the incessant wars we fight for profit.  Should Christians be adapting these ideas or reject them?


Household Hints – Looking for some helps around the house to make chores easier and more effective?  Here are 67 of them for your use.


The Old Cemetery – Many think that old cemeteries are morbid but it is just the opposite.  We are standing exactly where our forefathers stood hundreds of years ago and we can learn about the spiritual atmosphere of past times.  Many claim we started as a secular nation but old tombstones teach us that people in the past sought the Lord.


The Prayer of Pastor Joe Wright to the Kansas State Senate – On January 23, 1996 Pastor Joe Wright opened the Kansas State Senate with the prayer that sent shockwaves through the nation.


Prohibition Success – Many drinkers today claim that Prohibition did not work but the facts of history show otherwise.


Ten Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing Hucksters – Multi-level marketing is one of the biggest frauds.  I know because I got caught up in the hype several times.  I was promised great riches and all I did was lose money on every venture.  Find out here ten big lies that are used to entrap people in these schemes.


The Ten Replacements – Since the Ten Commandments are no longer allowed in school or even in courthouses, we need to revamp them so they can once again be placed back where they belong.


Trump Creates a New Nation - Donald Trump, by Executive Order, has made Judaism the law of the land and an untouchable entity.  he has viloated the First Amendment


Words of Wisdom from Omar Andeel – Omar Andeel was the host of the Morning Clock on Family Radio and always ended his program with a wise quote.  Here are some of them.