Words of Wisdom from Omar Andeel


Omar Andeel was the host of "The Morning Clock" on Family Radio.  He went home to be with the Lord on July 4, 1992.  Whenever he ended his show, he would always give a tidbit of wisdom.  I came across them when I moved so you old timers who listened to Family radio back in the 80's and early 90's will remember him.   He also had a unique way of saying "What"


1) Christly treasures outweigh worldly pleasures.

2) There is not much cheer in medicine but thereís a great deal of medicine in cheer.

3) It doesnít matter for the Christian - If we die we will be with Christ. If we live Christ will be with us.

4) The nearer we get to God by grace, the more we feel the distance to God by nature.

5) Christ can take the place of anything but nothing can take the place of Christ.

6) Remember, sins are like car headlights, the other fellowsí are more glaring than your own.

7) Some people never think of Christianity until they come in sight of a cemetery.

8) Temperamental is mostly temper with little mental.

9) Christianity is like a nail, the more you hit it, the deeper it goes.

10) Keeping up appearances and keeping down expenses is usually not done by the same keepers.

11) The Christian who wonít willingly witness will unwillingly wilt.

12) It pays to reserve your peace of mind, itís just about the only peace you can still find.

13) Its always amazing how many people say the Lord is my Shepherd and then try to pull the wool over His eyes.

14) Plenty in the purse cannot prevent starvation in the soul.

15) If we are dumb when God speaks to us. We will be dumb when we speak to God.

16) Life is like a grapefruit, thereís more to it than meets the eye.

17) Never judge a man by his purse but by his personality.

18) If you must have sin - have cinnamon toast.

19) Thereís never a traffic jam when you go the extra mile.

20) A Christian is a person who is right side up in a world that is upside down.

21) In Jesus Christ all your troubles will be solved, resolved, or dissolved.

22) Remember the business of the Christians is not looking for signs but listening for a shout.

23) A successful marriage consists of falling in love many times but always with the same person.

24) Some people, instead of drowning their troubles, take them out and give them swimming lessons.

25) All Christians like Scripture should be God breathed.

26) Christ helps us find Godís appointments in lifeís disappointments.

27) Love, like the basket of loaves and fishes isnít enough until you give it away.

28) The worse things get, the more your faith can grow.

29) After hearing all the backaches and headaches on the TV set, the best remedy is to turn off the set.

30) When God controls the inner you, you have no trouble with the outer you.

31) Most machines would last longer if it werenít for friction, so would most people.

32) The trouble with burning the candle at both ends, is you always get caught in the middle.

33) The world says, where thereís a will thereís a way, but where Godís will is thatís the best way.

34) The big problem with the world is that everyone is fixing the blame and not the problem.

35) If you think Godís is for the birds, you are on the right track.

36) When you turn over a new leaf, turn over a new leaf in your Bible.

37) The Lord always prepares a table for His children but too many of them are on a diet.

38) Children are like airplanes, you only hear the ones that crash.

39) In every request sent to God, faith should be the envelope.

40) Nothing in the world is difficult to do as gracefully getting off your high horse.

41) You can begin at any end of the word sin and find I in the middle.

42) The great secret of a successful marriage is to treat great disasters as incidents and none of the incidents as great disasters.