Roman Catholicism

In the Latin, the term "Vatican" means "Hill of Divination."

Blurring the Lines of Distinction - Unity with Rome – Many Christians are buying into the notion that the Roman Catholic Institution is a Christian denomination.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Popery is an ungodly entity.


The Crusades – The Crusades always seem to be associated with Christianity but is this true?  Were the Crusades Christian or Catholic?  Find out here!

Does God Really Exist? – Everybody touts Mother Teresa as being a true saint of God yet she herself had questions about the existence of God.  Some Saint Huh?

Escaped - The Story of Madge Moult – Madge Moult was a Nun who escaped from a convent and how she was pursued before she made it to freedom.


Marian Propaganda – The Roman Catholic institution has a system of idolatry next to none.  It especially has an amazing propaganda surrounding Mary.  It is not really Mary but it is a descendant of the Babylonian System with Female deities such as Ishtar.


Mariolatry – Another article which points out the rank heresy of the teaching on Mary by the Roman Catholic institution which is idolatry.


Mary Tudor and the Return to Rome – When Mary Tudor ascended the throne of England she became known as Bloody Mary because of her hate filled pogroms against the Christians.


Mother Teresa – Mother Teresa has been proclaimed a Saint by the Roman Catholic institution.  Despite those accolades, she was anything but a Saint.  She did not help bring anyone to the Lord.  She helped those in false religions become stronger in their religion.  She helped many people into hell.  She too awaits the judgment because she was a member of a false religion.


Roman Catholicism: Chronology plus Commentary – Here is a commentary on the history of Roman Catholicism.  It has the heresies they espouse and the year they added those heresies to their teaching.


The Testimony of Peggy O’Neill – Peggy O’Neill was a Nun in the Church of Rome and at the age of 70, the Lord saved her.  Here is her story!


To Be Absent From The Body – Should Christians be involved with Roman Catholics or should they view them as a mission field?


Was Mary Sinless? – The Roman Catholic Institution teaches that Mary was sinless.  Do the Scriptures agree with this or does the Bible teach something different?


What the Bible teaches about Purgatory? – Purgatory is the Roman Catholic belief that the cross of Christ was insufficient to pay for the sins of the Christian and that upon death the person must go to Purgatory to have every vestige of sin purged and then they are readied for Heaven.  Is there such a place as this?