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Baptism – A great article on the subject of water baptism covering all aspects of it.


Biblical Alert for Teachers – Many Christians desire to be teachers of the Bible and it is a noble desire.  However, if one wishes to be a teacher of Scripture there are several warnings which the Scriptures give for teachers.


Breaching not Preaching – How are churches and Christians breaching the gospel of Christ and even hindering its furtherance by some very unbiblical practices?  Find out here whether you are a preacher or a breacher.


Christian Rock - The Portal to World Assimilation – There is a phenomenon in existence today called Christian Rock.  It is nothing more than the imitation of the world’s music with religious words.  Find out how dangerous this type of music can be.


Church Confessions – A church confession is good for each church because it places their beliefs right out front for any possible new member to consider when searching for a church.  It can also point out any deficiencies in doctrine so they may be addressed.


Church Wreckers – Jude 4 warns us that there will come into the congregation people who will bring in false teachings.  All Christians must be on the alert for these people.


The Clergy System – Is the clergy a blessing or a cure to the church?  Do we find in Scripture a special class of people to be leaders in a church?  Is the clergy system beneficial or detrimental to the church?


Christianity: The Distinction - Is there a difference beween Christianity, religion, and churchianity?


Contending for the Faith – As Christians it is our responsibility to directly challenge false teachings when they affect ourselves or others.  Churches can been wrecked with only one person bringing in false teachings and then spreading them among the spiritually weaker Christians.


The Dangers of Children's Church – Should children be separated from their parents during the worship service and sent to children’s church?  Biblical history says no!


The Discipling Movement - Is it Biblical? – Is the Discipling movement within churches biblical?  Here is an analysis of the Discipling movement which is not endemic to only one denomination but is pandemic.


Do Not Depart Out – In 2001 Harold Camping of Family Stations in California had taught that every Christian was to leave their church because they were all under the authority of Satan.  Is this true?  This article contains reasons you should not abandon your church unless it has gone apostate!


Does God Judge the Local Church? – When churches start going apostate, the Bible teaches that God does judge the local church by removing them from true churches via the symbol of the candlestick.  This is why it is important that we make sure we are teaching what is right in our churches.


The Essence of True Revival – Many Christians think revival is jumping up and down in church or speaking in gibberish known as tongues.  This article gives the true principles of what true revival is.


From Church to Shining Church – Why are so many Christians going from church to church looking for one that is biblically based?  Are there legitimate reasons why many Christians cannot commit to a specific church?


Gay Marriage Decision by the Supreme Court – The Supreme Court has re-defined the marriage as including two men or two women.  God was the one who instituted marriage and it has never changed from one woman and one man.  The Supreme Court will one day find out they are not so supreme.


Growing Your Church – Are you having trouble growing your church?  Maybe you have swallowed some of the erroneous ways that have been presented as church growth methods but in actuality are church killing programs.


The Herod Principle – Christians need to beware that if they continue in a life of sin that God has the right to remove them from active Christian service or reserves the right to even take them home.  In Acts 12, Herod found this out the hard way.


How Can We Keep The Youth In Our Churches? – Youth are leaving the churches in droves simply because they are not being ministered to.  Here are excerpts from a sermon I delivered in 1987 to the national Elders conference of the Hungarian Reformed Church.


How to Make A Small Church Great – Is a great church one that has tens of thousands of people?  Or is a great church one that follows true biblical principles?


The Innocuous Gospel – The true Gospel contains teachings from the Bible that can sting a person and help change them.  Today’s innocuous gospel couldn’t change sheets on a bed.  Here are some principles of the innocuous gospel so you may know if you are hearing it.


Is Your Church Going Purpose Driven? – Your church already has a purpose and that is to worship God and bring you into a closer relationship with Christ.  Rick Warren has done more to ruin churches than many and you need to know if this apostasy is finding its way into your church.


It is time for Thee Lord to Work - Our times are just as in the Days of Noah!  Psalm 119:126


Joined to a Harlot - Are many Christians and churches partaking in Spiritual harlotry?


Letting Them Back In? - Dealing with rebellious unbelievers and believers in a church setting.


The Local Church: What is its Function? – The local church is a place where believers gather to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is not a place for job hunting or politics.  It should be a place where Christians can be helped in their growth in the Christian faith.


Lord's Supper – The Lord’s Supper is a remembrance that the Lord Himself gave us the night He was betrayed and it is to be observed until He returns.


The Modern Church is a combination of the Galatia and Corinth Church - There is much parallel between the situation of today's church and those of Galatia and Corinth!


Multiple Version Disorder – Some Christians feel the need to study the Bible with many different versions.  It causes confusion and since the modern versions are all different in what they say, there will never be harmony and understanding.  How can one come to a solid conclusion when the studies are built upon sand?  Another point emerges. Are all these multiple versions in a church a judgment of God because they cause confusion?


The Necessity of the House Church – With so many organized churches going apostate it is necessary for Christians to have a back-up plan and that would be a house church which is just as biblical as a separate building.  The church got its start in houses and may have to go back to them so true Christians can avoid the apostasy of mainline churches.


Principles for Teaching at Church – Taking on a teaching position at a church is more than just preparing a lesson and delivering it on Sunday.  Here are some principles that go beyond the basics of teaching.


Racism: The New Diversion – Racism has become a major issue in our country and not only in the political realm but especially in the church where Satan uses it to divide Christians.


The Rise and Fall of Historic Fundamentalism - Fundamentalism began as an Organism not Organization!


Searching for a Pastor? Learn What Questions to Ask? - When searching for a pastor many churches never go beyond the same old trite questions. When searching for a pastor they must be vetted a little deeper than normal because eternal issues are at stake.


Should Pastors Rule the Church – The Pastor is a spiritual gift not a ruling office like Elder or Bishop.  Many pastors have unlimited power and have ruined churches or have spiritually ruled their people like a dictator.


Teaching the Bible – Teaching the Bible is a very important thing.  It is nothing to be tampered with by people who just want to make a name for themselves.  Find here the difference between qualified and unqualified teachers.


Then Sings My Soul – The music ministry in many churches has been destroyed by removing the hymnals and replacing them with the overhead projector and charismatic praise songs.  Find out here why this has been a grave and eternal mistake.


Train up a Child (Big Ones Too!) – Proverbs 22:6 tells us that we are to train up a child in the way he should go but that also applies to new Christians because they are also babes in the faith.


Training the Next Generation – Let’s face it, you and I will not be around forever therefore it is necessary that we train the next generation of Christians to carry the uncompromising message of the gospel to the world.


Trendier Than Thou - Contemporary Worship – The majority of churches have adopted the contemporary worship service believing that somehow the church can walk the line of compromise and have a stronger message.  Is that true?


Trojan Horses in the Church - What things has the modern church accepted that has weakened it so bad?


True or False Pastors – Here are 11 simple guidelines to see if your pastor is true or false pastor.


What I understand about the Local Organized Church by Tom Schaff – Tom Schaff was a teacher with the Family Radio School of the Bible who wrote an excellent article in favor of the local church at the time when his father-in-law Harold Camping was denigrating the churches.


What is the Corporate Church? – What exactly is a corporate church?  It happens to be a unified body of believers with the same goals in mind.


What is the Pastor's Heart? – What is the true heart of the true pastor?  Many are in the pulpits of churches who do not belong there.  How can we tell if the pastor we have has the true spiritual gift of being a pastor?


What is Your Authority? – What is your authority?  Is it the words of men such as preachers or evangelists?  When you need counsel, who do you go to?  Do you consult the Bible for all matters or not?  Who or what you seek will determine your response to your situation.


Why do we worship on Sunday and not Saturday? – Sunday has been the designated day of worship for Christians since Christ rose from the dead.  Find out why Sunday and not Saturday is our day of worship.


Why is the 21st Century Church Failing so Miserably? – It seems the modern church is unable to hold on to their exiting people.  Why is the modern church failing so miserably?  This article gives some reasons why the modern church is facing failure which should be faced head on.


Why is the Youth Leaving the Church? – There is an exodus of youth leaving the churches today and it seems the leaders cannot stop it.  Here are some reasons why they are leaving.  See if any of these are present in your church.


Why so Many Denominations? – Have you ever wondered why there are so many Protestant denominations?  It seems every few weeks a new one is popping up.  This article gives insight into the reasons for so many denominations of churches today.


Women Preachers – In our day it seems many women have been taking the pulpit and becoming preachers and evangelists.  Does the Bible teach that this is fine or are they in direct violation of the commands of Scripture?