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How do I fit Election into the call of the Gospel? by Pastor Ian MacLeod


A Saving Faith – What does the term saving faith mean?  We have heard that saying all our Christian lives.


African E-mail Response to Multi-million Dollar Scams – Many of us on line have received e-mails telling us that someone wants to share millions of dollars with us.  Instead of just deleting them, respond with a gospel message telling them of their fate for trying to cheat you.


Approaching Judgment – While no one knows the day or the hour of the return of Christ, there are different things happening in this world which shows us that Judgment Day is close on the horizon.


Are New Testaments Unscriptural? – For many years Christians have given out New Testaments but is that the way to evangelize when you completely leave out the Hebrew Scriptures in the Old Testament.  The Bible is one cohesive whole and if you leave out the Old Testament, you are removing out many references to the Old Testament found in the New.


Are You in the Ministry? – Many Christians think that because they do not have a Seminary education or don’t pastor a church or are a missionary in some far off land that they are not in ministry.  The truth is that as soon as you became saved, you were placed in the ministry whether at a job, club, or home.  We are to be ambassadors for Christ in all situations.


Are You Ready to Meet God? – A short article asking some straight questions concerning your readiness to meet God if He called you home today!


Basic Principles of Personal Evangelism – This article contains 10 principles of basic personal evangelism which will help you get a personal ministry going.


Calvinism and Evangelism - Does belief in the Doctrines of Predestination and Election exempt a Christian from evangelism?


Christ is the Way – There is no way to God except through the Lord Jesus Christ.  No works or any plans of man will ever get us into Heaven.  We can only come through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Decisionism – We have all heard evangelists and preachers claim that those who just heard the message should make a decision for Christ.  Is this biblical?  Can anyone at any time make a decision to receive Christ?  Find out in this article.


Does God Love You? – Many people claim that God loves them just the way they are.  This tract from Family Radio gives the biblical challenge to that belief.


Gird Up Thy Loins – God commanded Jeremiah to be strong and gird up his loins, that command has not diminished with time.  The command to be strong is one that is needed in our day with the many attacks against Christianity coming from every angle.  The Christians needs to be a warrior and contend for the faith.


How to Have a Successful Ministry – Many Christians want to have a ministry but are not sure how to go about beginning one.  Here are seven principles which can help you start and continue in ministry.


An Inquiry into Christianity – Here are 51 questions answered concerning Christianity.


Into the Darkness – The world is a dead place spiritually and as Christians we send forth the gospel into a dead world.  We have no idea who God will qualify to hear and understand but our responsibility is to be faithful and send it forth.


Laying your Life Down for Your Friends - Many see laying your life down for your friends as only physical death but is there another way?


A More Excellent Way – What are the reasons that the Christian is to partake in evangelism?


Native Americans and the Land - Are the Claims of Native American Ownership of the Land in America Valid?


No Escape On The Last Day – We continue to sound the warning about judgment day.  People can escape the path of an oncoming hurricane by planning and leaving before it hits but once it hits there is no escape.  It is like judgment day, once it comes there will be no escape.


The Offense of the Gospel – The true gospel is an offense to the liberal and to the unbeliever, even to the compromised Christian.  Find out 11 tenets of the gospel and how it is an offense in a world that has gone against its Creator.


Passing Tracts is Legal – Here are some Supreme Court decisions in favor of street preaching here in the USA!


Personal Ministry – Every Christian has the ability to have a personal ministry.  It does not cost tons of money nor do you need a seminary education to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.  No one need sit on the sidelines and let valuable time dissolve away.


Principles for Street Evangelism - Christians who want to do street ministry will find some ideas here to help them.


Publishing the Gospel to the World – The gospel has been published to the entire world via the Internet.  Christians should try to make an effort to get a presence on the web.


Reaching the World Without Leaving Home: Ministry on the Internet – Principles for reaching the world through the Internet.  It seems the Internet will be the final method of reaching the world for Christ since it offers instantaneous access to studies and Bibles.  Here are some principles to build your own website.


Reaching Your Unsaved Co-Workers – Christians have a great opportunity to reach their co-workers.  It is your mission field.  There are many unsaved at work and you have a golden opportunity to reach them for Christ.


Sending Forth the Gospel The believer has a responsibility in this world and that is to send forth the Gospel to all the world.


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God – Here is the transcript of the famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards delivered July 8, 1741.


Small Ministry – Some ministries grow into huge ministries and as a result the money flows in and the preachers in charge become like Hollywood personalities.  Sometimes mega-ministries are not always the most biblical.  The time has come to support small ministries which make themselves more accountable to people.  Did you ever try and get a letter to the head guy in a mega-ministry?  Too many buffers to protect the big guy so you can never challenge anything they say.


Supreme Court Victories on Street Preaching – Some groups of both Christians and non-Christians have taken the subject of street preaching all the way to the Supreme Court and they ruled in favor of street preachers which means you may go to the street without the government’s permission and you may use loud speakers too!


The Terrors of Hell – Hell is not a place of parties and fun.  It is a place of eternal torment and those who are unsaved will be sentenced to Hell with no way of ever getting back.  Seek the Lord while He may be found now!


Testimony of Richard Delfino – Rich DelFino is a personal friend of mine and a former police officer.  His life got tangled with drugs.  He put his entire retirement fund into cocaine and depleted it to zero.  God saved him and now he has a wonderful testimony.


What is Ministry? - What is the core essence of personal ministry?


What is the Great Commission? - Are modern day Christians being guilt manipulated because of the modern versions?


What is the True Gospel? – There are many gospels being offered in our day.  How then do we tell which is the right one and if we are truly following the true gospel?


What Tracts? – While there are many ways to get the gospel out to the world, many of these are not available to the working Christian.  However, one of the most economical methods of getting the gospel out is the use of tracts.  Find out here about this most effective method of fulfilling the Great Commission.


Whitefield on Effectual Calling – A long quote from George Whitefield on the subject of the effectual calling of God.


Who Does God Call and Use? – Many Christians are under the mistaken notion that God only calls the people who are qualified for ministry.  The reality is that God calls ordinary people and then qualifies them for ministry.  There is no one called by God who is special, God makes them special after they are saved.


Who is the Enemy of Christians? - Enemies of Christians exist everywhere so how do we handle them?


The Witness of the Word – Contains a number of Scripture verses on many different subjects.  Just Scripture without comment.


 Witnessing As a Doctrines of Grace Believer - Belief in the biblical doctrines of Election and Predestination in no way negates our responsibilty to the Great Commission