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1 Corinthians Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on 1 Corinthians


1 John Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on 1 John


1 Peter Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on 1 Peter


1 Thessalonians 5:9 - The Misunderstanding!  Is it salvation from hell or something earthly?


1 Thessalonians Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on 1 Thessalonians


1 Timothy Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on 1 Timothy


2 Timothy 4:2 - In Season, Out of Season – A Christian must always be ready to present the Gospel whether in a prepared setting like a sermon or in an unprepared moment such as a discussion or a defense.


12 Ways to Mark a Pharisee – Are your beliefs as a Christian paralleling the beliefs of the Pharisees?  Here are 12 ways to check if your beliefs are in line with them.


1290 and 1335 Days - The 1290 and 1335 Days of Daniel 12 has been a mystery but not when you allow the Bible to be its own interpreter


13 Christian Characteristics (Sunday School/Sermon Guidelines) – 13 different tenets of the Christian faith which should be evident in every Christian.


The 144,000 - Who are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 & 14?


15 Statements Biblical Christians Would Never Make – Our Christian vocabulary is full of unbiblical statements.  Find out if you have believed any of these 15 beliefs which are common throughout Christianity yet without biblical proof.


17 Signs of Involvement in Satanism – Many times parents do not know how to tell if their child is caught up in any form of Satanism.  As we progress toward the last day Satanism will increase.  Here are 17 signs that someone may be involved in Satanism.


18 Dangers of the Charismatic Movement – The charismatic movement has invaded almost every church.  The charismatic gospel is a false gospel and here are 18 dangers from the Scriptures which prove that it is to be avoided at all costs.


2 Chronicles 7:14: Does it Describe the Works of a Christian?


2 Corinthians Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on the book of 2 Corinthians


2 John Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on the book of 2 John


2 Peter 3:9 – 2 Peter 3:9 has been used and abused by the Free Will movement to try and prove that God wants everyone saved when the Scriptures themselves show that atonement is limited to those whom God has named before the foundation of the world.  This verse speaks of God not willing any of the Elect to perish since it is His will to save all those whom He has named.


2 Peter Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of 2 Peter


2 Thessalonians Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of 2 Thessalonians


2 Timothy Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of 2 Timothy


20 Characteristics of a Cult - The cults contain 20 identifiable traits which can warn someonebefore they join.  Find out what they are here!


3 John Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of 3 John


40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags – There are many Christians who have agreed with the Supreme Court’s ruling that Gay marriage is acceptable.  If you or someone you know who claims to be a Christian rejoices at this ruling, then there are 40 questions which you must answer to prove your beliefs are biblical.


50 of the Most Misunderstood Verses in the Bible (Part 1 & 2) - 50 Verses which many Christians stumble over and have been misunderstood


100 Questions for those who Deny Eternal Torment – There are many people who do not believe in the reality of eternal damnation.  Here is a list of 100 questions based totally on Scripture which must be answered and faced by those who believe in annihilation. If they answer honestly, they will reject annihilation.


160 Reasons that Jesus Christ is Almighty God - There are many religions and cults that teach that Jesus Christ is not Almighty God.  They see him only as a prophet or teacher.  Here are 160 reasons that prove that Jesus is Almighty God!


1984 Edition of the NIV compared to the 2011 Revision - The 2011 Revision is just as bad if not worse than the 1984 edition.


776 Reasons Why I Cannot Trust Any Modern Version – The modern versions of the Bible have omitted, deleted, and added words to the text of Scripture.  This is a list of 776 omissions, deletions, and additions which show the modern versions cannot be trusted as they are counterfeit versions of the bible.


66 Things Pentecostals Can't Find In the Word of God – The Charismatic movement has its own set of beliefs which are not according to the Scriptures.  Here are 66 things that charismatics will not find in Scripture even though they teach them openly but falsely. 


The 70 Weeks of Daniel Nine – A study on the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 by Harold Camping before he went off on his date setting frenzy!


75 Bible References on Drinking – Here are 75 references on the drinking of Alcohol and how unbiblical it is for a Christian to drink liquor.  These references have gotten many drinking Christians angry and that’s too bad.  You can’t witness to people with a Bible in one hand and a beer in the other.


8 Principles that made America Great – The United States of America became a great nation because it was founded on biblical principles which have served our country well.  These 8 principles are the main ones which made America Great.


95 Theses of Martin Luther – On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther, an unknown Monk, posted his opposition to the workings of the Roman Catholic Church on the door of his church, the Castle Church, in Wittenberg, Germany.  It started the Reformation which eventually broke the back of the power of the Roman Catholic Institution.




A Pastor's Plea for Biblical Fidelity – Just as the young church was run, the modern church needs to return to its biblical roots and should be run according to the Scriptures and not modern methods which are unscriptural.


A Penny and a Prayer – A simple penny can be the catalyst for a personal revival.  Find out why!

Abraham, Mount Moriah and You - Did your miss your Mount Moriah Moment?

Abrahamic Covenants – A contrast between the physical and eternal covenants of Abraham as given to him by God.  Helps to understand the differences which have become quite confusing by today’s theology. 


Abraham's Test - Part 1 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The first test was “trusting God.”


Abraham's Test - Part 2 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The second test was “delay.”


Abraham's Test - Part 3 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The third test was the “test of the impossible.”


Abraham's Test - Part 4 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The fourth test was “apparent contradiction.”


Accepting Your Singleness – We live in a society that seems to focus on marriage, especially in the church and singles are made to feel like outcasts, especially on Mothers and Father’s Day.  When singles accept their singleness they can then make a mighty impact for the kingdom of God.


According to the Scriptures – We need to live our lives according to the Scriptures and not philosophies or even according to the dictates of others.  Christians must know the Word of God for themselves and order their life accordingly.


Acts 12:4 - Which Easter? – The King James Bible uses the word “Easter” in Acts 12:4 while all the modern versions translate it “Passover.”  You will be surprised as to why the King James translators chose “Easter” instead of “Passover” and how correct they were and how wrong the modern versions are for not translating it as “Easter.”


Acts Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Acts


Adam and Eve: Fear or Repentance – A lesson in free will and how it cannot lead to repentance.


Adversity – Adversity is something we must all learn from.  Here are 6 principles which can help a person understand why they may be going through adversity.


African E-Mail Responses to Scams - Everyday countless numbers get e-mails stating they can have millions of dollars when in essence they are scams to hack and steal bank accounts.  Instead of just deleting, send them a stern warning from Scripture.


Age of Accountability – There is a standard teaching which permeates the free will movement and is basically taught by 99% of churches and that is the Age of Accountability which basically teaches that a child is under the blood of Christ till a certain age, which differs for each child, until that child sins and understands they have sinned.  Then they are no longer under the blood of Christ unless they become saved.  If you ask a free willer where this doctrine is found in Scripture, they will be hard pressed to find it.  They will have to spin philosophy and personal belief to maintain this teaching.


Agree to Disagree: What does it really mean? – When someone tells you that we need to agree to disagree, they are basically telling you that they do not want to consider your point of view and will remain believing what they have learned, even if it is error.


Algebra or Fiscal Responsibility – In school students are taught algebra.  It has been 45 years since I graduated from High School and I have never used algebra once.  Instead of subjects like that which we will never use, schools need to teach Fiscal Responsibility, so students will not get themselves into financial trouble by abusing credit.  Now that is a subject which a person utilizes all their life.


All always means All - The word "all" in scripture must be defined by its context and taken as a blanket term.


Allegorical Method of Interpretation – During the time period of 2001-2011 Harold Camping had declared that the churches were dead and all had to come out of them.  In this article, he lauds the heretic church father Origen because of his use of allegory.  Camping abused allegory to make the Bible subject to his beliefs.


Allegory - Its Use and Abuse – Allegory has been used over the centuries to compare certain Scriptures with other parts of Scriptures.  It has also been used to show that some items or events in Scripture are a representation of other things such as “Lion” is used to describe Christ.  Joseph was a type of Christ.  Allegory can also be abused to make Scripture say what it does not, making the teaching subject to the teacher bringing the false lesson.


The Amazing Banana – Fruit has been created by God to help our bodies.  The banana is one of the most amazing creations by God.  Read why!


Ambassadors of Jesus Christ – The Christian is called to be Ambassadors for Christ as the Scriptures teach.  This means that we are to be more than just pew warmers.  As an ambassador represents a country to another one, we represent the Kingdom of God to this world.


America the Beautiful – A poem written by Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.  He was the judge who was removed from his position because he chose to have the Ten Commandments posted at the Courthouse.


America's Spiritual Decline – America is in a spiritual decline.  We have been sold a bill of goods and the majority of Christians have accepted the things which has brought this country down such as abortion, homosexuality, apathy, etc. 

The American Revolution was a Presbyterian Revolt - Find out who the spiritual father of the United States was!

Amos - Complete commentary on the Book of Amos


Amos 'n Andy - Do Christians need a Bible College Education to be part of the Great Commission?


An Amazing Fact About the King James Bible - The King James Bible has a hidden history behind it.


An Establishment Bible – Modern versions have replaced the King James Bible in hopes that the KJB would be removed permanently.  Many churches have banned the King James Bible in favor of establishment bibles like the NIV or ESV.  It is not a question of the English text but what lies behind the English text and who made the translation. 


An Ignorant Army of Uninformed Voters – Today’s voters are a very ignorant crowd when it comes to reality.  Most vote to keep the free money rolling into their mailboxes.  Many don’t even know who the Vice President of the USA is!


Annihilation: For What Saith The Scriptures? – For many years the Watchtower Society and others have been pushing annihilation which means after a person faces Christ on Judgment Day, instead of eternal punishment for being unsaved, they will just be annihilated, ceasing to exist.  This teaching gained prominence from about 2001-2011 when Harold Camping of Family Radio adopted this teaching and began propagating it resulting in many biblically weak Christians believing it.


Anthrax – Right after the events of 9/11, Anthrax was being mailed in envelopes to different people.  This article written by a surgeon gives details about Anthrax.


Anti-Semitic? Who are the Semites? – We are constantly being bombarded with the term “anti-semitism” from both politics and the pulpit.  This term has been applied only to the Jews.  Did you know that the Arabs are Semitic people and when the Jews hate them, the Jews are being anti-Semitic in the truest sense of the word. 


The Apocrypha - What's in your Bible? – This is a YouTube study by David Daniels of Chick Publications concerning the Apocrypha.


Approaching Judgment – While no one knows the day or the hour of the return of Christ, there are different things happening in this world which shows us that Judgment Day is close on the horizon.


Appropriate Judging – There are many in this world who consistently try and tell us that we should not judge but the Bible teaches something different.  Christians are to make judgments every day according to proper principles.


Archaic Words in the NIV – Proponents of the modern versions claim there are too many archaic words in the King James Bible and that is why it is too hard to understand.  Yet, there are hundreds of archaic words found in the NIV.  Do you know what a brooch is or a carnelian?  These are just 2 archaic words found in the NIV.


Are Calvinists Robots? – Those in the free will camp claim that Calvinists are robots who are believing against their “free will.”  This article contains the history of the word “robot” and you will be surprised as to where the meaning comes from. 


Are New Testaments Unscriptural? – For many years Christians have given out New Testaments but is that the way to evangelize when you completely leave out the Hebrew Scriptures in the Old Testament.  The Bible is one cohesive whole and if you leave out the Old Testament, you are removing out many references to the Old Testament found in the New.


Are There Apostles Today? – The charismatic movement claims that there are still apostles today on the level of those in the first century.  They even go as far as calling themselves Apostles instead of Pastors.  This study focuses on that issue.


Are There Prophets Today? – The Old Testament was replete with prophets whom God spoke through and penned His Word which eventually would become the Hebrew Scriptures in the Bible.  Are there prophets today who are receiving special revelation from God?  This study probes that subject.


Are You a Duct or a Dam? – How is my Christian walk doing?  A dam stops the flow of something and a duct is a channel that conveys a substance.  Is your Christian walk a dam or a duct?  Do you send forth the Gospel or do you dam it up and stop it because of excuses or misuse of all the talents and material goods God has given you for the purpose of sending forth the Gospel.  Find out if your life is a dam or a duct!


Are You a Meeting Christian or a Meaty Christian? – When World War 2 Ended, General MacArthur told the churches to get their missionaries over to Japan.  Instead of the church acting quickly, they held meetings and lost great opportunities while the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses sent their missionaries.  Are you a Christian who seeks and acts on opportunities or do you sit back waiting for some type of sign to occur before you act?  This study will help you evaluate.


Are You an Apostate Christian? - There are many subtle apostasies that many Christians partake in and they are paying the price of spiritual degeneration!


Are You Free? – Many in America think we are a free nation but are we when we have to get the Government’s permission to do everything like marry or build?  This article contains many questions which must be faced and answered.


Are You in the Ministry? – Many Christians think that because they do not have a Seminary education or don’t pastor a church or are a missionary in some far off land that they are not in ministry.  The truth is that as soon as you became saved, you were placed in the ministry whether at a job, club, or home.  We are to be ambassadors for Christ in all situations.


Are You Ready to Meet God? – A short article asking some straight questions concerning your readiness to meet God if He called you home today!


Are You The Living Among The Dead? – As a Christian, you are no longer spiritually dead but are alive unto God.  Are you still living the old life or portions of it instead of rejecting the things of the world?


Arminianism: The Golden Idol of Free Will – A great article concerning the basis for the free will movement and that is Arminianism.  Jacob Arminius was declared a heretic by the Synod of Dort in 1618.  Are you following his teachings which are not based upon the Scriptures?


As Long as I Live - Christians are supposed to be the wisest people on earth and yet they are willing to be Deceived!


Aspartame: The Accepted Killer – Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which has been linked to many diseases.  It is now being renamed “Amino Sweet.”  It should be avoided at all costs.


Assumptive Hermeneutics - Interpreting the Bible without Biblical Facts in Evidence - How do you approach the Bible when interpreting it?  You might be surprised


The Attack on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the ESV – The ESV is no friend of the Lord Jesus Christ as it contains many verses which have been chopped up by the Gnostics.  They have taken the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and have shortened it since they did not believe that Christ was God and man at the same time.


Avian or Bird Flu – An article written by a surgeon containing much information and myth busting facts about the Bird Flu which so many were concerned about.


Avoiding Detonation Dating – Many singles are seeking a mate and this article contains principles of dating which may help you avoid a problematic relationship.


Azusa Street - Birth of a Lie – In 1906 a phenomenon took place in Los Angeles which birthed the present charismatic movement.  It was an event which was mixed with much occultism but touted as a biblical event with prophecies and gibberish speech which they called tongues.  Read the article concerning this counterfeit spiritual event and how it began the modern tongues movement.




Backsliding – Many Christians believe that it is possible for a true Christian to backslide.  Is this what the Bible teaches?  Backsliding, in the Scriptures, refers only to Israel and not to individual people.


The Ballad of Higher Criticism – A song which I composed and sung to the congregation of Zarephath Bible Chapel in 1994.  Sung to the tune of “The Old Account was Settled Long Ago.”


Bankruptcy of The United States - Federal Reserve – James Traficant has written a great treatise on the illegal Federal Reserve and how it has bankrupted the United States.


Baptism – A great article on the subject of water baptism covering all aspects of it.


Baptism: Symbolic of or Necessary for Salvation – Some Christians and denominations believe that water baptism is necessary for salvation.  Is this what the Scriptures teach or is it a false teaching which needs to be rejected?


Baptism Does Not Replace Circumcision - Many churches teach that baby baptism has replaced physical Circumcision!  But what dies the Bible teach?


Basic Principles of Personal Evangelism – This article contains 10 principles of basic personal evangelism which will help you get a personal ministry going.


Be Careful of the Little Foxes – Satan will not go into a church with a big agenda that could easily be spotted instead he comes in stealthily with small things that will cause division on a small basis and then escalating it till it splits a church.


Be Careful who you call Friend – Christians must choose their friends wisely so they will not be drawn away into sinful activities.  It does not take much to draw someone away from their Christian walk.


Before 1611 – As one who holds to the King James Bible, I am often asked, “where was the Bible before 1611?”  This article give a good insight as to the status of the Bible before the King James was translated.


Benign and Malignant Thyroid Conditions – Helps to see if you have a thyroid problem.  This is only a guide so you must be evaluated by a doctor.


Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions - The Modern Version proponents that no doctrines are affected in the modern versions which is a total falsehood!


The Bible is not the Final Authority – The saying ‘the Bible is the final authority” is a common saying among Christians but if we analyze that statement, will we find it to be an accurate statement?


The Bible Is the Authority – Many Christians make a grave mistake by allowing preachers or theologians to be their authority.  The Bible is to be the ultimate authority for any Christian.


Biblical Absolutes – Many Christians speak about gray areas of Scripture but there are many biblical absolutes which cannot be degraded to a gray area.  We better know that the Bible contains many absolutes which cannot be changed or ignored.


Biblical Alert for Teachers – Many Christians desire to be teachers of the Bible and it is a noble desire.  However, if one wishes to be a teacher of Scripture there are several warnings which the Scriptures give for teachers.


Biblical Love - Our Goal – Hollywood has given everyone their interpretation of what love is and since TV watching is very heavy, their definition is accepted.  The Bible has a different understanding of what true love is and we need to know what it is or else we too will swallow Hollywood’s version.  Christian love is far beyond warm, fuzzy feelings.


A Biblical Prescription for Dealing with False Teachers – When you encounter a false teacher, how do you handle it?  10 principles for dealing with false teachers and compromisers are given here.


Biblical Terminology of the Occult – The Bible gives 12 descriptions of the occult.  This compilation also gives 17 modern day terminologies of those involved in the occult.  It is wise to know them, especially if you are a parent.


Biblical Separation – The Bible teaches plainly that Christians are to be separate from the world system.  Find out specifically some of those areas of separation.


Biblical Tidbits – Some thoughts on different Bible verses: Psalm 43; Jeremiah 5:18; 42:2; John 18:10-11; 2 Corinthians 3:18; James 2:14-26; Titus 2:11-14; Hebrews 12:26-29; Revelation 1:17-20; 11:5


Billy Graham's Strange Fire – Billy Graham is thought to be one of the cleanest evangelists without any scandals.  What about spiritual scandals? Here is a listing of quotes which shows that he was one of the biggest sell outs, especially to the Roman Catholic Institution.


Birth Control? – Is birth control something for Christians?  What is the real reason behind birth control which goes beyond population control?


Blocking the Son – Can we Christians be guilty of hindering the propagation of the Gospel? Do we sometimes exalt ourselves and put Jesus on the back shelf?  We must never block the Glory of God!


Blood - The Basics – Here is a great article by a surgeon concerning the properties of blood and its frequent mention in Scripture.


Blurring the Lines of Distinction - Unity with Rome – Many Christians are buying into the notion that the Roman Catholic Institution is a Christian denomination.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Popery is an ungodly entity.


Boston Church of Christ Movement – The Boston Church of Christ movement is not a Scriptural church and must be avoided at all costs.  It is also known as the International Church of Christ.


Boston Church of Christ – An in depth study and analysis of the Boston Church of Christ by Brian Miller.


Boston Church of Christ 2 – More history on the Boston Church Movement founded by Kip McKean


Breaching not Preaching – How are churches and Christians breaching the gospel of Christ and even hindering its furtherance by some very unbiblical practices?  Find out here whether you are a preacher or a breacher.


Breaking Free of Financial Bondage – Many Christians find themselves in financial bondage because of misuse of credit or impulse buying which can quickly add up by means of compound interest.  Here is a plan to help you get out of financial bondage and see the light of day once again.  Many do not see the proper handling of finances as a spiritual matter but is.


Breast Changes – With Breast cancer on the rise in this world it is important that women notice any type of changes which occur in their breasts and if they find an anomaly, they should see their doctor immediately.  Written by a surgeon.


The Broad Church Movement and the Modern Versions – You may not have heard of the Broad Church Movement in the mid-19th century but it had a great impact on the counterfeit bible version issue which is still with us today and growing by leaps and bounds.


Burdenless Christians – There seems to be an apathy among Christians today and that is they do not seem to care about the Great Commission or basically getting involved in any aspect of Christianity.  Find here some great principles from Nehemiah concerning the burden for others and see if you have fallen prey to Satan’s apathetic lifestyle.




Called to the Ministry – Does God call only a certain few to the ministry or a special gifted class?  The reality is that when a person becomes saved they are indwelled with the Holy Spirit along with one or maybe two spiritual gifts preparing them for ministry.  Every Christian is called to the ministry, just different kinds.


Calvinism and Evangelism - Does belief in the Doctrines of Predestination and Election exempt a Christian from evangelism?


Calvinism and The King James Bible – Many Christians believe “Calvinism” is a dirty word in light of the belief of free will, which does not exist.  John Calvin interpreted the Bible correctly when it came to the subject of salvation but it was not he who put forth the five points of Calvinism but his followers after his death.


Can a True Christian be Neutral? - Christians who remain neutral in this world are really useless for the Kingdom of God


Can Christianity Survive the Organized Church? – The organized church with all its non-biblical additives has all but obfuscated the true Gospel.  Go into any church and you will be hard pressed to hear the true Gospel.  You will hear counterfeit bibles     being read and the music would no doubt be a full band and overhead projector.  Can real Christianity be found in many churches or only counterfeits?


Cancel Culture is Cancer Culture - By Phil Reardon


Canons of Dort - The findings of the Synod of Dort against Arminius declaring him a heretic.


The Car Buyer – A person will investigate and do all kinds of research on a car they want to buy but will not even consider looking behind a translation of the Bible they wish to buy.  This article shows how much more we care about the here and now and not showing the same care for the things of eternity.


A Case For Sovereignty - The UN – The United Nations seeks to be thought of as a body which concerns itself with the affairs of the world but the real goal is the world coming together under one World Government.


Cell Phone Dangers – While cell phones are great and almost a necessity, there are some cautions which must be heeded because cell phones do pose a cancer danger to the brain if not used properly.


A Cesspool Service in China – You may have never heard of Pastor Chen from China but here is a man who was imprisoned for his faith.  He was told to work in a cesspool in the camp and he praised the Lord while he was working there for having alone time with God.  How would you respond?


The Challenge of Missions – Every Christian has been given some type of mission.  Some will be called to go to other countries, some will bloom where they are planted.  The bottom line is that every Christian has a ministry and they need to get going in this late day and hour especially as false gospels are overrunning the USA and other countries.  There is a link to a site by a brother named Johnny Farese who was born disabled in 1959 but that did not stop him from having a major website which listed all the Reformed Baptist Churches in USA and internationally.  If this brother who was bed ridden can have such a major impact on Christianity, imagine you, with two working legs could accomplish.  Johnny’s sufferings are now over and he is enjoying a body free of sickness and pain forever in the presence of our Lord.  (August 27, 1956 – March 9, 2014)  Here is the link to his testimony:


Chrislam – Another movement designed by Satan to entrap Christians is selling them the belief that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  This is just another attempt to amalgamate Christianity with Islam.  It is a lie from the pit of hell and must be rejected by Christians even though it is being pushed by false teachers such as Rick Warren.


Christ Exalted by Jonathan Edwards – A sermon given by Jonathan Edwards in August 1738.


Christ in Every Book – The Bible is a book about the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is found in every book of the Bible including the Old Testament.


Christ is the Way – There is no way to God except through the Lord Jesus Christ.  No works or any plans of man will ever get us into Heaven.  We can only come through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Christ the Lord is Risen Today – Because of the resurrection of Christ, the believer is assured of their own resurrection.  This article also contains some theories doubting the resurrection of Christ.


Christ's Death was Particular and Not Random - Randomness is nowhere found in the Bible and that includes the death of Christ!


Christian Attitudes – Contains principles for maintaining a good Christian attitude because sometimes situations in the world can derail us.


Christian Discernment: A Necessity – It is necessary that Christians maintain an attitude of discerning the things we come in contact with.  There are many false teachings in this world and the Christian must be discerning or else they may get snared by false teachings.


Christian Ignorance: Is it a Badge of Honor? – Many Christians are ignorant of the satanic snares which permeate this world and if they remain ignorant, they will soon be snared.  This is why so many Christians today seem to embrace false teachings and defend them.  It is because they choose to remain ignorant of the satanic traps which Satan sets for the believer.


Christian Liberty – Is Christian liberty freedom for the Christian to do anything they want or is Christian liberty freedom from the law in that we do not have to fulfill any aspects of the law as under the old covenant?


Christian Love – Christian love is a love which acts.  It is not one that just looks to get but looks to give which is the essence of the Gospel.


The Christian Message – Is the message of Christianity becoming shrouded by the tongues movement or the intellectual movement?  The Christian message must always take first place in any article we write or any sermon we give.


Christian Mixed Marriage - Two factors which are rarely if never considered before marriage.


Christian Personalities – There are many Christians in the media which have become Hollywood type preachers.  These people have become famous personalities but does that really mean they are telling the truth?  Find out here to tell if they are telling the truth or not.


Christian Rock - The Portal to World Assimilation – There is a phenomenon in existence today called Christian Rock.  It is nothing more than the imitation of the world’s music with religious words.  Find out how dangerous this type of music can be.


Christian's Love of the Warfare State is Killing Other Christians – Chuck Baldwin shows how the Christian’s love of war triggered by Christian Zionism is causing the deaths of other Christians in different parts of the world.


The Christian's Responsibility – Every Christian has the responsibility of reaching their own generation.  Christianity goes way beyond church attendance only.


The Christian Standard Bible Exposed - Is the CSB a standard or is just another counterfeit?


Christianity: The Distinction - Is there a difference beween Christianity, religion, and churchianity?


Christians at War – Christians are in a spiritual war and they must always remain vigilant to resist and be victorious over the attacks of the enemy.


Christians Dislike the Bible - Do Christians really love the Bible they way they claim to?


Christians Need to Become Biblicists - Christians must forsake theological systems and return to a study of the Scriptures


Christians Prefer Being Conned - It seems Christians would rather bask in deceit than in truth!


Christians Under Attack – Christianity is under constant attack by the forces of evil.  We must realize that the enemy will viciously attack by any means possible, even family members.


Church, Congregation, or Assembly – Which word is correct?  Many claim that the word “church” is used incorrectly in the King James Bible, but is it?


The Church Age in Scripture – Many Pre-tribulationalists speak about a church age.  From 2001 to 2011, Harold, Camping of Family Radio kept teaching that the Church age ended. However, the Bible teaches something different and also historically speaking the church age was not as long as Camping claimed it to be.


Church of Christ is Teaching a False Gospel – The Church of Christ is teaching a false gospel and you need to know what they are teaching so you do not get caught in their web of deceit.


Church Wreckers – What is wrecking your church?  Has something replaced the gospel like culture or some other false teaching?


CI Scofield - Can he be Trusted? - Many Christians use the Scofield Refernce Bible but do not know there are evil workings behind it! 


The Clergy System – Is the clergy a blessing or a cure to the church?  Do we find in Scripture a special class of people to be leaders in a church?  Is the clergy system beneficial or detrimental to the church?


The Cross: Payment for Sin or Demonstration? And How many Times Did Christ Die? – Harold Camping and his minions taught that Christ died more than once and that His death on Calvary was no more than a demonstration of how He died in Heaven before coming to earth.  A very heretical teaching.


Clones and Cloning – Is cloning a human possible?  This is an article approaching the idea of cloning human beings.  Written by a surgeon.


Codex B - Its History – Codex B, otherwise known as Vaticanus was discovered in the Vatican library in 1475 and has been used as a major codex in the translation of the modern versions.  Here is a history of that Codex.  Is it really reliable?


Cold Water Principle - Does our Position in Christianity make a difference?


Colorectal Cancer Prevention – Colon cancer is a prominent form of cancer in our society.  Here is an article written by a surgeon on how to prevent this cancer from attacking your colon.


Colossians Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Colossians


Come Back to Bethel – God directed Jacob back to Bethel.  It was the place where he dreamed the ladder into heaven.  This article teaches us that in this hurried world, we all need our “Bethels” to rejuvenate us by resting.  No one can continue on without taking a rest.


Come Down – The Priests and Pharisees told Christ to come down from the cross if he was the Son of God.  The Christian is also told to take up their cross.  This article contains 7 principles to make sure we are taking up our cross daily.


The Coming Economic Nightmare: Can Christians Help Prevent It? – With our country being 20 trillion dollars in debt, is it possible to keep America from falling under the Globalist rule?  If Christians would continue to give and fund missions and other ministries, then God promised He would rebuke the devourer for our sake.  If Christians continue to hoard, then God will eventually take everything but the method will be like the Babylonians and Assyrians coming against Israel and Judah.


Coming Home – In this world it is possible for a Christian to drift in their Christian walk.  Then when we come to our senses, we will find our way back home.  This article contains principles concerning that return home.


Commissioned for Separation – The believer has been commissioned to go forth in the world with the gospel.  The believer has also been commissioned to be separate from the world system.  Find out if you have separated yourself.


Committed to the Task – Christians are given various tasks in this world for the Kingdom of God and we need to remain vigilant till each task is complete.  This article contains principles from Ebed-Melech on how to remain committed to the task at hand.


Commitment – Commitment is a major tenet of the Christian life and here are some principles to help you achieve commitment as a way of life as a Christian.


Common English Bible Exposed – The Common English Bible was published in 2011 and is just another modern counterfeit version with omissions and changes.


Comparison Between Mohammed and Jesus Christ – A comparison between the lives and principles of the Lord Jesus Christ and Mohammed.  It is a fact that Mohammed never called himself a prophet.  It shows the difference in ideologies between Christianity and Islam.


The Confederate Flag Needs to be Raised, Not Lowered! – The War between the States was a horrible conflict where more than 600,000 Americans died.  The South had some great generals and Robert E. Lee was considered the most beloved General in all of American History.  He was also a Christian.  Recently the Politically Correct crowd in this country wants to abolish the Confederate flag, however, the stars and bars was the battle flag and not the primary flag of the confederacy.


Confronting Other Christians - Christian Confrontation is a requirement of Christian Life.


Confusion Can Be Our Ally – The confusion of the enemy of God is our ally.  It was used against the enemies of Israel and is used against the enemy of the Christians.  When Jehoshaphat sent singers ahead of his army, God sent confusion into the camp of the enemy.


Confusion of the Saints – Christians themselves have brought much confusion into their own lives.  They have done this by allowing false teachings and even false Christians to have a place in their lives.  They will read or listen to false teachers and many lack any discernment to know the difference.  Instead of keeping their understanding to the teachings of Scripture, they allow outside influences which just causes more confusion.


Conjunctive Theology – The conjunction in grammar connects thought and meaning.  It has been used detrimentally in Christianity and has caused problems.


The Consequences of Pre-Millenialism – The Pre-tribulational view or Pre-millenialism is a theology taught in the majority of churches and it is not found in Scripture, but prophecy books.  It is a system made up totally of false beliefs and forced interpretations of Scripture.  This article contains many warnings and tenets of this false belief.


Contend for the Faith – The word contend means to strive with determination and Christians are to contend for the faith.  Christianity must be shown to be superior since there is not one religion in this world which can ever save a soul.  Christians must defend the truth.


Continue Thou... – Christians must never be satisfied with where they are in their Christian walk but are to continue to become stronger in the faith than they were the day before.


Coping with Unemployment – Here is a multi-section writing with principles on how to cope with Unemployment.  It was written from my own experience of having no employment from June 1990 to October 1992 after sending out about 1,000 resumes.


Cosmetics and Breast Cancer - Is There a Connection? – Women’s cosmetics has been called witches brew because they contain many carcinogens.  Today, girls are using make-up at much younger ages.  Once those poisons are applied, they go into the skin and they dissipate in the body.  Could cosmetics be one cause of breast cancer?


Could All Fifty States Be Wrong? – The preambles to all the Constitutions of the fifty states all have reference to God and yet we are told that we are a secular nation.


Counterfeit Versions - Why I use the Term – God wrote only one Bible and it is found in the King James Bible.  The modern versions are counterfeits with all their omissions, word changes, reversal of word meanings, and additions.  There can only be one Bible and it is not the modern versions.  Since 1881 there have been over 200 translations of the New Testament and 99% of them are from the Hort-Westcott text or the Critical Text.  I explain fully why I use the term counterfeit versions.


The Cross: Payment for Sin or Demonstration? And How many Times Did Christ Died? – For some years Harold Camping taught that the cross of Christ on earth was only a demonstration because Christ was supposedly crucified before the earth was formed.  The Bible teaches that Christ died once for sins and not twice as Camping taught. This article refutes this heretical teaching of Harold Camping.


The Cross of Christ – The cross that Christ faced was one of the more cruel forms of execution the Romans evert adopted.  This article was written by a surgeon who gives the physical details of the actual effects it had on the human body.


The Crusades – The Crusades always seem to be associated with Christianity but is this true?  Were the Crusades Christian or Catholic?  Find out here!




Dakes Bible – Dakes Bible is one used by the charismatic movement but its notes tend to confuse as they are loaded with false teachings thus keeping the already benighted charismatic further in darkness.  A very good analysis of the Dake Bible.


Dallas Seminary Secrets – Plagiarism seems to have reared its head at Dallas Theological Seminary which is the Mt. Olympus of Pre-millenial theology.


Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right – Christian testimonies by famous Christians down throughout American history.  From George Washington to Woodrow Wilson.


The Dangers of Children's Church – Should children be separated from their parents during the worship service and sent to children’s church?  Biblical history says no!


Dangers of Diversion – Satan uses deception as a tool to derail Christians.  Satan also uses diversion to try and get Christians to divert from the ministries they are involved in.  The more diversion the Christian obeys, the less he concentrates on his primary ministry.  Satan tried to divert Nehemiah and Martin Luther.  See their responses in this article.


The Danger of Changing God's Word or Hananiah's Disorder - Changing God's word has consequences including death!


The Dangers of False Prophets and Teachers - Many teachers within Christianity are false and should not be given an audience.


Dangers of Television – When I first penned this article about 20 years ago, TV was bad but now it has gotten really bad with its continual portrayal of sinful lifestyles.  Try to find a program which does not push sin without consequences or one that pushes sodomy.  Television has become an advocate for every sinful lifestyle there is.  If you watch, you must be very discerning.


Daniel 3:25 - God or gods? – Does Daniel 3:25 speak about gods or God?  Is the person in the fire the Son of God or the son of a pantheon of gods?  The modern versions claim it is plural “gods.” The King James states singular “God.”  Find out which one is correct.


Daniel Commentary - Verse by Verse Commentary on the Book of Daniel


Dare to be a Daniel – Daniel, like Joseph or David, were truth bearers.  Whenever you bring biblical truth, even in a church, you can expect opposition like the Reformers did in the Middle Ages or even men like the Apostle Paul who faced opposition no matter where he went.  Prepare for opposition!


The Darkening of Christianity – Society as a whole has been plunged into the darkness of satanic control, as has many of the institutions in this country which were once influenced by Christianity.  It seems that even the churches have darkened their testimony to the world by accepting false teachings or compromising.  It is time for Christians to get busy so they can dispel the darkness.


Date Setting: Is It Biblical – Since the Lord returned back to Heaven in 33 A.D., people for the last 2000 years have been trying to figure out His return.  Many have attempted date setting but all were found to be wrong.  If someone sets a date it does not necessarily mean they are heretics.  Martin Luther and Charles Wesley both set dates and I would not consider either a heretic.


David Berkowitz is not seeking Parole in June 2002 – In June 2002 David Berkowitz had a parole hearing which is the normal procedure for inmates who have served 25 years.  In this article is a letter David wrote to Governor Pataki concerning the fact that he does not desire parole.


Dead With Christ – Christians are dead to the things of the world (or they are supposed to be). The world should not hold our attention anymore, only in the area of evangelism.


Deceived and Confused – Christians must very careful who and what they follow.  The world has many deceitful things and that includes false gospels which can easily tear us away from the truth.


Decisionism – We have all heard evangelists and preachers claim that those who just heard the message should make a decision for Christ.  Is this biblical?  Can anyone at any time make a decision to receive Christ?  Find out in this article.


Descent into Sin – It does not take us long to descend into a sin.  If we are not guarding our spiritual lives we can easily depart into following something which could be sinful.  Drifting can be very subtle but very dangerous.


Despite Your Unjust Circumstances – Here is an article where we can learn from the situation that Jephthah faced in Judges 11.  He was an outsider who was rejected by his people yet was called on to rescue Israel.


The Destruction of the Spanish Inquisition – The Spanish Inquisition was one of the most horrible campaigns the Roman Catholic Institution ever conceived of.  Here we learn how it was finally expunged from Spain.


Destructive Force of Socialism: The State – Socialism is not just an economic system but it is a destructive system which is totally opposite of the benefits of Capitalism.


Deuteronomy 14:26 - A License to Drink? – Many drinking Christians like to use Deuteronomy 14:26 as a license to drink alcohol.  Do they have a point or are they deceived into believing that simply because they have not done their homework?


The Devil and His Angels – Hell was not only created for the purpose of punishing the devil and his angels eternally but also those who are unsaved and want nothing to do with God or Christ in this present world.


Did Jephthah Do It? – Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter or was her sacrifice to remain childless all her life which was a curse on Israelite women?  Find out here.


Did Rome Give Us The Bible? – The Roman Catholic Institution teaches that it was them that gave us the Bible.  Rome did give us a line of bibles and you will find here what line it was!  You will also find what Bible they did not give us!


Did Jesus Claim to be God? - The Lord Jesus Christ did indeed claim to be God!


Did Jesus Speak About Homosexuality? - Many Christians and unbelievers claim Jesus had nothing to say about homosexuality.  The Bible proves them totally wrong!


Did the Lord Jesus Christ Go To Hell? – Many Christians believe that after the Lord Jesus Christ died on Calvary that he went to hell to preach to the lost.  Is this a true biblical teaching?  Where did the Lord Jesus Christ go after he died?  The Bible is very clear on that.


Diet of Spires – Here is a history of the Diet of Spires in Germany held in 1529.  It called for the preaching of the word of God and for religious toleration.  The Catholic priests in attendance had petitioned to keep the people of Spires under Rome’s authority.


Dietary Factors and Prostate Cancer – Some tips on having and keeping a healthy prostate gland.


Differing Covenants – When looking at the Covenants in Scripture it is necessary to study each one individually and see whom God has applied them to.  Many make a mistake and believe that the covenants are all for national Israel when there is a great separation between the covenants made with Israel and Abraham.


Dirty Old Shoes – A spiritual lesson about a child in church who sits next to a man with not so clean shoes and physical appearance.  A great spiritual lesson.


Disaster Just Ahead - The Failure of the TEA Party Movement – Does the TEA party have the best interest of America at heart?  Here is an analysis by Texe Marrs.

Discerning the Times - Could eternity be on the doorstep of this present generation?

The Discipling Movement - Is it Biblical? – Is the Discipling movement within churches biblical?  Here is an analysis of the Discipling movement which is not endemic to only one denomination but is pandemic.


Dispensationalism and the Corona Virus - Is there a Connection Between them?


Divorce and Remarriage – Divorce is rampant not only in the world but also in the church.  Does the Bible have anything to say about remarriage after divorce?  It sure does!


Do Not Depart Out – In 2001 Harold Camping of Family Stations in California had taught that every Christian was to leave their church because they were all under the authority of Satan.  Is this true?  This article contains reasons you should not abandon your church unless it has gone apostate!


Don't Be Something You Are Not! – Be who you are and not try to be someone else or something else.  God created you unique and while we may learn from others, we are not to be them.


The Doctrine of Sin and its need in the Church – The doctrine of sin needs to be taught and emphasized in the local church.  Sin has become an outdated teaching which has been replaced by all positive and health and wealth teachings.  Joel Osteen will never preach on sin because it might offend the good givers and you can’t be worth over $40 million if your people stop giving to you.


Doctrines of Grace – A short explanation of the Doctrines of Grace otherwise known as Calvinism.


Doctrines of Grace (TULIP summary) – Here is a summary of the Doctrines of Grace otherwise called the TULIP.


Does God Judge the Local Church? – When churches start going apostate, the Bible teaches that God does judge the local church by removing them from true churches via the symbol of the candlestick.  This is why it is important that we make sure we are teaching what is right in our churches.


Does God Love Everyone in the World? - We have heard that God loves the sinner but hates the sin, is that biblical?


Does God Love You? – Many people claim that God loves them just the way they are.  This tract from Family Radio gives the biblical challenge to that belief.


Does God Ordain Disasters? – Millions go around claiming that God is love and that is true but it is a qualified love not a random love.  This article speaks about the fact that God ordains disasters on people and countries who oppose Him or walk contrary to His laws.


Does God Really Exist? – Everybody touts Mother Teresa as being a true saint of God yet she herself had questions about the existence of God.  Some Saint Huh?


Does Satan Exist? – Many in this world think that Satan does not exist and Satan would love that to happen so he could go around unnoticed.  I knew some Christians who doubted the existence of Satan, demons, and angels.  How can you read the Bible and see these creatures in there and doubt their existence?  The ultimate blindness.


Does the Bible Teach Christianity or Wimpianity? - Christians who live in fear are useless to the kingdom of God


Doubting the Grace of God – I remember some years ago someone told me that he did not think David Berkowitz was saved.  David Berkowitz was “Son of Sam” in the 1970s who killed 6 people but became saved in 1987 in Attica prison in New York.  Is any sinner beyond the redemption of God’s grace?  Can God save even a serial killer?


Drifting is a Subtle Danger – Drifting into sin can be a very subtle and even be comfortable getting us to think that we have not drifted.  Drifting will cause us to walk opposite the Word of God and will get us into trouble.


Drink, Smoke or Evangelize – Many Christians smoke and drink alcohol because they feel it is alright to do so.  However, if they used the money for evangelism that they spent on cigarettes and alcohol, how many more millions would hear the gospel?


Drunkard Vs. Alcoholic – There is always going to be people who think there is a difference between an alcoholic and a drunk.  There is absolutely no difference between the two no matter what words are used to describe each.




Early History of Millennial Teaching – The original Millennial teaching was actually started by a heretic in the first century and progressed through Judaism.  It was not originally a Christian doctrine.


Easter or Passover in Acts 12:4 – The modern versions translate Acts 12:4 with the word “Passover.”  The King James translates the word “pashca” as “Easter.”  Which one is correct?  It is very important to know the difference.


Ebed-melech and You – In the book of Jeremiah is a man named Ebed-melech.  The name means “servant of the king.”  We can glean some great spiritual principles from this little known man.


Ecclesiastes - Complete commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes


Ecclesiastes 8:5 – During the time of Harold Camping’s insistence that May 21, 2011 was going to be the day of the rapture, he claimed that Eccl. 8:5 taught that we can know when the Lord was returning.  That was proven to be false but Eccl. 8:5 does teach us that we can discern the times that we live in.


Eclectic Hermeneutics - Do Christians Pick and Choose how to interpret Passages according to their personal beliefs and preferences?


Educate Yourself  - God can use those who have self-educated themselves as well as a seminary graduate, maybe even more!


Edward Irving is Unnerving –Edward Irving as one of the progenitors of the modern pre-tribulation movement teaching a two-stage appearance of Christ which is nowhere taught in Scripture.


Effectual Salvation – Free Willers teach that all one must do to be saved is believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Is that the first step or are they missing a major biblical teaching which precedes belief?


Election and Predestination of the Believer – The Bible teaches that salvation is not by free will but the true believer is predestined and elected from the foundation of the world.


The Election Collection – The Bible is replete with teachings that the true believer is elected.  This article shows the many verses which support Election.


Elevator Going Down – With all the responsibilities the believer has, it can cause a spiritual depression and thus affect our Christian walk tremendously.  Find out here how to rebound, especially during holidays when extra pressure is applied.


Encouragement for the Spiritually Weary - Many are worn down spiritually during this time of the Corona Virus, here is some encouragement.


The End of Salvation – When the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross He paid for all the sins of the Elect.  Therefore there is no more salvation for anyone beyond those who were named from the foundation of the world.  God’s magnificent salvation plan was now complete except for the calling of every believer till the last one is called.


The End of the Wicked Contemplated by the Righteous by Jonathan Edwards – Jonathan Edwards’ treatise on the end of the wicked and what will be their future.


The End of the World or Age? - Find out why the King James translators used the word "world" and not "age."


The English Standard Version Exposed – Just like all the other modern versions the ESV is as corrupt.  This article takes 50 verses and shows how corrupt it really is and that it is no better than the others although preachers advocate its usage like R.C. Sproul and John MacArthur.


Ephesians Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Ephesians


Erasmus and the Textus Receptus – Here is an article which gives the truth about Erasmus and his involvement in the Textus Receptus.  This article will put to death all the false accusations about Erasmus.


Escaped - The Story of Madge Moult – Madge Moult was a Nun who escaped from a convent and how she was pursued before she made it to freedom.


Essence of a Man – Is the essence of a true man like those in the movies such as Clint Eastwood or John Wayne?  Is a real man made up of only muscles or is there a different side to biblical manhood.  Christianity holds different principles of manhood than the world.


The Essence of Salvation - If you are saved, then your sins were forgiven and removed the moment you became saved!


Essence of Time – The Bible teaches us that we are supposed to use time wisely since we are given only a certain amount of it and when it runs out, the day of productivity is over.  If you spend all your time watching sports or staring at your phone, then you are wasting time which can never be reclaimed.  Just because you are teenager or in your 20s does not mean the clock has stopped for you.


The Essence of True Revival – Many Christians think revival is jumping up and down in church or speaking in gibberish known as tongues.  This article gives the true principles of what true revival is.


ESV - More Changes to the Text – The ESV is going to offer only more confusion and false teaching.  This article by Will Kinney shows the corruption behind the 2001 ESV.  The ESV is going to be revised in 2016 but it will only be more of the same.


Eulogy for my Mother - Mrs. Ethel Matto – When my mother died January 12, 1999 at her funeral my brother Rod wrote this eulogy for her.


Every Life Has Worth – Every life which God created has value.  There are many in today’s world who feel they have no impact on society or society would not even know if they were alive or dead.  Don’t swallow Satan’s lie that your life has no value, instead seek God’s evaluation since He created you.


Everything Changed at Calvary - The cross of Christ was a dividing line in the life of the true Christian.  It was more than just a change from B.C. to A.D.


Everything in Moderation – Many people use the phrase “everything in moderation” and they base it on Philippians 4:5.  Is that verse a license for the Christians to partake moderately in everything or does the word moderation have a different meaning?


The Exact Day Christ Will Return – Every Christian is interested in the day Christ will return.  Well here you will find out the exact day Christ will return.


Extra-Biblical Hermeneutics – Are we able to understand the Scriptures by reading materials outside the Bible such as archaeological data?  Can we come to an understanding of certain passages with such a method?  Find out here!


Ezekiel 37: Of Whom Doth The Prophet Speak – Many prophecy pundits teach that Ezekiel 37 is speaking of the modern nation modern of Israel.  But is it?  Or could it be speaking about something else?


Ezra: Complete Verse by Verse Commentary 



Facts About God's Preciseness – God created our earth and universe but when we get down to a closer investigation, we will be amazed at the precision which God used.


Failed? God's Greatest Servants Drank Water – Sometimes we fail at things in our spiritual life and we look at the Bible and think to ourselves oh I wish I could be like those in the Bible.  Yet, many of God’s choicest servants in Scripture suffered from failures and weakness.


Faith: Where Does It Originate? – The majority of Christians tell unbelievers that all they have to do to become saved is to believe.  Is it that easy?  Where does faith originate and must we be saved first to exercise it?


Faith of Christ or Faith in Christ according to the Modern versions – The modern Bible versions have changed faith of Christ to faith in Christ.  There is a big difference between them.  We must be given the faith of Christ before we can have faith in Christ!


Faith to Sight - There is an evil transition going on in Christianity and that is many Christians are going from Faith to Sight!


Faithfulness – As Christians it is necessary for us to be found faithful in both word and deed.


The Faithless Media Ministry – Many times we hear ministries on radio and TV asking for money to remain on the air.  These ministries speak about being a faith partner with them and yet they do not even believe enough to give away their sermons and other materials.  They sell the gospel and the biblical mandate is to freely give because we have freely received.  Don’t they think that God is big enough to be able to bring the money in for continuation of their ministries?


The Fall of Seasons – We know that summer turns into fall and just like the seasons, we too go from the summer of our lives to the fall of our lives.  What is to be our attitude as we head toward the fall of life?


False Church Teachings – Even though we have the Scriptures preserved for us many churches have chosen to continue in false teachings to make their people feel good.  Find out some of the false church teachings and be prepared when you walk into a church.


False Teachers: How to identify Them – How astute are you in identifying the marks of a false teacher?  Can you tell when you are being taught a false teaching?


The Family Unit - The Great Parallel - The Family Unit paralles the relationship of Christ and the eternal church.


Famous Christians - Are they more spiritual than those Christians who are not famous?


Fear of Fluoride – Fluoride is in almost every toothpaste on the market and it is supposed to be for the prevention of cavities.  If it worked, then why do we still need dentists?  Fluoride is a poison which is now being placed in many water supplies around the countries simply because local politicians are making good money by suppliers.  Resist the effort to have this poison in your water supply.


The Federal Reserve: History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit – The Federal Reserve is neither Federal or has any reserves.  It prints money out of thin air and loans it into circulation.   Do away with the Fed and you do away with the phony national debt.  It is a privately owned bank and sucks out of the American economy about $400 Billion a year.  It was the Federal Reserve that caused the Great Depression of 1929 by contracting the money supply.


The Federal Reserve System: A Fatal Parasite – The Federal Reserve has a been an economic blight on the USA since 1913 when it was grandfathered in by an absent Congress at Christmas and signed into law by the traitor Woodrow Wilson. 


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the CSB - The Christian Standard Bible is nothing more than just another counterfeit!


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the ESV - The ESV is not the accurate version you think it is!  Here is visible proof!


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the NASV - The NASV has been a counterfeit since 1959.  It is still a major corruption no matter how many times they update it.


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the NIV - The NIV is a very corrupt book which makes incessant attacks on the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father!


Fighting Corona Virus on Two Fronts - The experts have neglected to mention boosting your immune system to prevent the Virus because it cuts into Drug Company profits.


Fighting the Good Fight – Christians are called to contend for the faith which means we are to defend the faith against all enemies that confront us.  This is why it is important that we know the Scriptures well because they are our first line of defense.


Fill Up and Support Terrorism – Here is a list of Gas companies that buy from Saudi Arabia and others.  These countries support terrorism so if we use their gas we are also supporting terrorism.


Filled by the Hand of God – Psalm 81 speaks about God filling us, especially when we are down and out.  Sometimes when God seeks to bless us, it is we who shorten the blessing because of our own unbelief.


The Final Appointment – Every person, whether saved or unsaved, will have the final appointment in this life.  We do not like to speak about our own mortality but it is inevitable that each one of us will have a final moment.


The Final Day  - Does the Bible teach when the last day will occur?


Finding God's Will – Many Christians do not know God’s will for their life and as a result they float through life like spiritual zombies.  It is definitely possible for every Christian to know the will of God for their life.


The First Reformation Martyrs – Here is the story of the first post-Reformation martyrs in Brussels, Belgium in 1521.


Five Ministries Any Christian Can Do – Many Christians believe they have to do some type of specific ministry but until they know what it is, they do nothing.  Here are 5 ministries which can be performed by any and all Christians.


Following Individuals Can be Dangerous – Whenever Christians begin to attach themselves to a certain teacher or preacher it can be a dangerous thing.  If that teacher turns apostate, then that Christian will follow suit.  This is why all things must be judged according to the Scriptures, even our favorite Bible teacher.


Following the Footsteps – Whose footsteps are we following in?  Many times the old saying “the apple does not fall far from the tree” is a good one.  We need to be very careful who we have set up as an idol in our life.


Following the Savior's Words – The Lord’s words can be hard to follow especially in the times we live in but the Holy Spirit dwells in us and that means God has qualified us to be obedient.


For Such a Time as This – Each Christian has been created in a certain place and certain time for a specific purpose.  Queen Esther was such a one. So was Martin Luther.  So was John Huss.  Every Christian has a purpose of existence and it does not matter whether we become famous or not because we all have a role to play in the plan of God.


Forgiven – One of the greatest gifts that God ever gave to the Christian is the fact that we are forgiven for all our sins and those sins have been removed.  The fact that we are forgiven means we do not face the judgment seat of Christ on the last day, we are, instead, readied for Heaven immediately upon death or the Lord’s return.


Forsaken – Do you feel forsaken by people in your church?  What about being forsaken by family members?  If you are disabled are you noticing a cooling of your friends who used to visit you but visits are now far and few in between?  Christianity is basically divided into two categories, those who forsake and those who do not forsake!


Foundational Biblical Studies for New Christians – If you are a new Christian, then it is necessary to study the basics of the Bible which will help build you up on the foundation of Scripture.  Here are 27 studies to get you started on the right path.


Foxes Book of Martyrs – Here is the entire Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for your reading and study.  Learn how Christians suffered in the past to bring true Christianity to you and me.


Franklin Graham Was Right – Franklin Graham assessed Islam as a wicked and vile religion.  Since he has done that, we have seen how vile it is on the TV every day.


Free Will and Universal Atonement Vocabulary – The majority of Christians believe in free will and there are even some who believe that God is eventually going to save everyone.  Are they correct?  Find out here.


Free Will Tenets Not Found in Scripture – Here are ten tenets which those who believe in free will tout.  Each of these ten have no biblical support yet they are taught as if the Bible supports each one.


Free Willism is a False Gospel - Does the teaching of free will constitute another Gospel?


Freemasonry and Christianity – Is Freemasonry something Christians should be mixed up with?  Find out here if both are compatible.


Freemasonry and Christianity #2 – Here is another article which compares Christianity to Freemasonry.


From Church to Shining Church – Why are so many Christians going from church to church looking for one that is biblically based?  Are there legitimate reasons why many Christians cannot commit to a specific church?


The Full Christian Life – Is the Christian life more than just being forgiven of our sins?  It sure is, find out here how full the Christian life is.


Full Time Christian Worker – Every Christian is a full time Christian worker whether you are in industry or in a studio making Bible studies.  There is no special class of Christian workers.  All have a job to do in this world.


The Fullness of the Atonement – The fullness of the Atonement of Christ goes way beyond just the forgiveness of sins.  The atonement of Christ covers a lot more ground than that.  Find out here.




Galatians Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Galatians


Gathered To Your People – There seems to be some kind of confusion as to what happens to the Christian when they physically die.  The Bible is replete with encouragement for this time in a believer’s life. 


The Gathering – When we attend church on Sunday morning, it is a small picture of the gathering of all the Saints at the feet of the Lord.


Gay Christians? No Such Thing! – Many have tried to convince us that a person can be gay and a Christian.  The Bible does not support such an evil teaching.  Sodomy has always been against the nature of God and still is no matter what date it is.


Gay Marriage Decision by the Supreme Court – The Supreme Court has re-defined the marriage as including two men or two women.  God was the one who instituted marriage and it has never changed from one woman and one man.  The Supreme Court will one day find out they are not so supreme.


The Generation of Evil – Is the generation of evil a certain generation in time or is describing an ongoing generation from the beginning of time?  Which generation are you a part of?


Genesis 12:1-3 - Of Whom Do the Scriptures Speak? – Genesis 12:1-3 has been used to convince the Christian that it is speaking about the modern nation of Israel.  Is that true or is that Christian Zionism with one of its false teachings?  Find out here!


Gird Up Thy Loins – As God commanded Jeremiah to be strong and gird up his loins, that command has not diminished with time.  The command to be strong is one that is needed in our day with the many attacks against Christianity coming from every angle.  The Christians needs to be a warrior and contend for the faith.


Giving Up – Should Christians give up when the going gets tough or should we maintain the battle which is before us?  Is it ever right to give up?


Giving With Wisdom – When Christians give should they just give blindly in response to a plea by a radio or TV preacher or should the Christian investigate the ministry they wish to support?  Is it only the charismatic ministries that are paying ridiculously high salaries?  You may be surprised!


Glorious Aspects of God's Salvation Plan – Certain aspects of God’s salvation plan are glorious for the believer.  Find out what they are here.


The Glorious Garden of Eden – An exposition of Genesis 2, verse by verse, all concerning the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve.


God Can Redirect Our Lives At Any Time – God has the right to change direction in our life according to His will.  We may want to do a certain ministry and God may want us to do another.


God Has Protected the USA to His Glory – God has protected the USA for the purpose of the Glory of God.  He has watched over our country during the Revolutionary war and the Civil war.  The USA was founded as the nation who will send out missionaries and Christian materials to all parts of the world.


God is my Pilot – Many Christians have placed the bumper sticker on their car “God is my co-pilot.”  Is that scriptural or is God the pilot and we are the co-pilots?


God Sends a Warning – God had sent prophets to ancient Israel to warn her that she was going in the wrong direction.  Does God do the same thing for the believer when we begin to drift?


God Wants You There – God has placed you in the place He wants you.  It was not by accident but by design.


God Will Give Us The Right Way – God will guide us and show us the way which we should go.  We can always count on the fact that God is the one who guides us.


God's Direction is Always Sure – God will direct our lives in the tough times, whether we are going through a trial or blazing new paths in our Christian walk.


God's Distinguishing Love – God’s love is qualified and specific.  Many believe that God’s love is universal or abstract but is that what the Bible teaches? 


God's Method of Encouragement – Satan seeks to discourage Christians by attempting to bring a person down psychologically.  How then does God negate those satanic attacks on our mind?


God's Promises – Many make promises to the Christian but unfortunately many of them are not kept.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it but He may not keep it according to the way we expect.


God's Sovereign Will – God’s will is not abstract nor is it hypothetical.  God’s decrees something and it will come to pass.


God's Timing – God will perform things at the precise time and His timing is never out of step.  When God decrees something it will come to pass at the right time.


God's Unchanging Word – The modern versions have changed the unchanging word of God.  Are the modern versions filled with error?


The Great Apostasy is Here – The Great Apostasy is here but it did not happen overnight but over several hundred years.  Here is a list of key dates along with the apostate happenings corresponding to each one.


The Great End Time Error - Premillenialism – Millions of Christians believe that Premillenialism is the proper biblical view of the end times.  Is this true?  Does the Bible endorse this particular view or is it error based upon forced interpretation of verses and newspaper stories?


Growing Your Church – Are you having trouble growing your church?  Maybe you have swallowed some of the erroneous ways that have been presented as church growth methods but in actuality are church killing programs.


Guidelines for Strengthening My Spiritual Walk – There are some easy ways that we can strengthen our spiritual walk.  Find out here some of the ways you can strengthen your personal walk.




Habakkuk Commentary - Commentary on the Book of Habakkuk


Haggai Commentary - Commentary on the Book of Haggai


Halloween is from Hell – Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” is a very satanic day.  It is a shame that Christians all over the world continue to recognize this evil day by dressing up their children or helping them trick or treat.  No Christian should have anything to do with Halloween.


The Hampton Court Conference of 1604 – The Hampton Court Conference of 1604 was where the idea for a new translation of the Bible was birthed.  It became known as the Authorized Version or as it began to be known as the King James Bible in the early 1800s.


Hannah's Prayer – Hannah’s prayer was a lot more revealing than just a prayer for a baby.  It was a very strong prayer concerning the saved and the unsaved.


Happy Reformation Day or Happy Halloween? – Many Christians still celebrate Halloween but they do not realize that they should be celebrating Reformation Day when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to the wall of the Castle Church at Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517.


Has Chris Kyle Become the New Messiah? – Chris Kyle was a sniper for the U.S. Military, a Navy Seal, and had become a symbol or poster boy for the incessant wars we fight for profit.  Should Christians be adapting these ideas or reject them?


Hating the King James Bible? – Have you ever heard a modern Bible version proponent say, “I love the King James Bible BUT.”  Once they add that “but” what follows is normally a diatribe against the King James Bible which means they really hate the King James Bible.


Healing – Do Christians really have the ability to heal or to command God to heal someone on their say so?  Or is healing symbolic of the gospel itself and was only performed as a picture of something else?


Hearing the Gospel - Is there more to hearing the gospel than just physical hearing?


Heaven – Here are 8 promises for the believer because of Calvary.


The Heavenly Vision – What are we focused on, is it the things of this world or are we focused on the Lord?  Can all the discouragements and depressions which plague Christianity be brought about by a misguided focus of the believer?


Hebrews Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Hebrews


Hell from the New World Translation – The Jehovah’s Witnesses disbelieve that a literal hell exists since all they teach is annihilation after death.  However, in their own Bible, there are seven references to a literal burning hell.  Their beliefs are in contradiction to their own Bible.


Helpless Without the Lord – Just like a baby bird without its mother, the believer is helpless without the Lord and can cause us trouble if we choose to go our own way.


Helps for New Believers – Here are ten helps for the new believer on how to get their Christian walk in order.  These ten are necessary for getting set on the right path.


Hepatitis C – Here is some good information about hepatitis C written by a surgeon.  Hepatitis C can lead to liver cancer or even death if it is not attended to.


The Herod Principle – Christians need to beware that if they continue in a life of sin that God has the right to remove them from active Christian service or reserves the right to even take them home.  In Acts 12, Herod found this out the hard way.


Hijacked Christianity – Has Christianity been hijacked by both false teaches and false teachings?  Find out here if the gospel you believe has been hijacked into heresy!


History of the Controversy – Here is a great article concerning the controversy between the history of the King James Bible and the modern versions.


Holman Christian Standard Bible: Whose Standard is it? – The Holman Christian Standard Bible is another modern version which falls way short of accuracy.


The Holman Christian Standard Bible Exposed – Here are 50 verses which compare with the King James Bible and shows the inaccuracy of the Holman Christian Standard Bible.  This article compares the HCSB to the New American Bible which is Roman Catholic and the New World Translation which is the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible.


Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost? - Why does the King James Bible use both designations?


Honey has Healing Properties – Honey can be used to help with wounds.  It truly is an amazing item.


Hosea - Commentary Completed - Verse by Verse exposition of the entire book of Hosea


Hostile Free Willers - Why are Free Willers So Hostile?


Household Hints – Looking for some helps around the house to make chores easier and more effective?  Here are 67 of them for your use.


How Accurate is your Translation of the Bible? – The modern versions of the Bible contain many omissions, additions, and errors.  Find out here if your Bible is one of those counterfeits flooding the market today.


How Can We Keep The Youth In Our Churches? – Youth are leaving the churches in droves simply because they are not being ministered to.  Here are excerpts from a sermon I delivered in 1987 to the national elders conference of the Hungarian Reformed Church.


How Does God view the Believer? – Many times we hear people state “Christians are just sinners saved by grace.”  It sounds super humble but is that all the Christian is?  Does the Bible teach us that the Christian is more than just a redeemed sinner?  Find out here, you will be surprised.


How Many Revisions? – Foes of the King James Bible claim there were 4 revisions to the King James Bible with over 75,000 word changes.  Find out here if that accusation is correct.


How Shall We Give: Giving a Christian Dynamic – Whenever we receive a request for funds by a Christian ministry or when the plate is passed in church, how do you view that?  Do you see it is an opportunity to serve even further or do you see it as just these ministries asking for more money?  Giving is as much a ministry as preaching is!


How to Build the Kingdom of God – When the Christian builds the Kingdom of God, how do they go about doing it?  Is it building big churches or universities for studies?  The answer is simple and can be done by all Christians.


How to Control People – The majority of the people in this world are controlled by oligarchs and governments in league with them.  Here are some ways they control the population.


How to Destroy America – Frosty Wooldridge’s excellent article on the situation of illegal immigrants coming to this country through open borders.


How to Have a Successful Ministry – Many Christians want to have a ministry but are not sure how to go about beginning one.  Here are seven principles which can help you start and continue in ministry.


How to know you are saved – Many Christians concern themselves about their salvation and wonder if they are saved.  Here are some principles to help you in your quest.


How to Make A Small Church Great – Is a great church one that has tens of thousands of people?  Or is a great church one that follows true biblical principles?


How to Study the Bible – Here are four principles to help you study the Bible and make your study time more productive.


How Were the Old Testament Saints Saved? – Many people claim that grace was not active in the Old Testament.  They believe that men like Abraham or Jacob or Joseph did not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Were the Old Testament Saints saved the same way the New Testament Saints were?


Hugh Latimer – Hugh Latimer was martyred on October 16, 1555.  He was a Roman Catholic priest which eventually became a follower of the Reformation and renounced Roman Catholicism.


The Hungarian Reformation – The Reformation had reached Budapest in 1523 and many had been converted from Roman Catholicism and right after that the persecution started.




I Did It My Way! – Even though many Christians claim they are worshipping God, yet what about their actions?  Are they just going through the motions or is there sincerity?  Many walk with the world for their own benefit but are they really benefitting long term?


I Only Read the Bible - Many Christians claim all they read is the Bible rejecting the biblical teachings of others.  Is that dangerous or proper?


I Wanna Go to Hell with all my Friends – Many unsaved think that hell is going to be a big party and that they want to be there with all their friends.  The reality is that hell is a place of eternal torment and the farthest thing from being an eternal party.  This article combats the notion of hell being a place of fun.


I Want to Lose my Salvation -  It seems there are many Christians who scour the Bible to find as many ways as they can to lose their salvation.  They are falling for satanic lies!


Immature Christians – Many Christians do not grow in the faith and continue to remain immature.  Hebrews 5:12 states that there is a certain time whereby Christians should all be teachers already.  Immaturity leads to downfall and entrapment in sin.


Immigration wakeup Call by Frosty Wooldridge – Frosty Woolridge and Victor Thorn give their warnings and assessment of the illegal immigration problem in the USA.


The Innocuous Gospel – The true Gospel contains teachings from the Bible that can sting a person and help change them.  Today’s innocuous gospel couldn’t change sheets on a bed.  Here are some principles of the innocuous gospel so you may know if you are hearing it.


An Inquiry into Christianity – Here are 51 questions answered concerning Christianity.


Inside Perspective - A Good Christian Leaves a Footprint


Inside Perspective - Bow Your Head in Worship


Inside Perspective - The Dumpster


Inside Perspective - The End in View?


Inside Perspective - Fake Fellowship


Inside Perspective - June Bug or Iron Man in Christ?


Inside Perspective - The Living Pulpit


Inside Perspective - Punished


Inside Perspective - Set Your House in Order


Inside Perspective - Thank You from The Saints of Rahway


Inside Perspective - Tracking Back into the Household of Faith


Inside Perspective - What Will Your Area Look Like?


Inside Perspective - Working on Your Wedding Garment?


Interfaith Dialogue - Should Christians partake in interfaith dialogues?


Internet Accountability – The Internet has made evangelism an easy reality.  It does not take much to get a website on line.  However, we must be careful when dealing with the internet because there are many false gospels on there and we must be discerning so we do not become snared in by them.


Into the Darkness – The world is a dead place spiritually and as Christians we send forth the gospel into a dead world.  We have no idea who God will qualify to hear and understand but our responsibility is to be faithful and send it forth.


Irresistible Grace – This is known as irresistible grace or effectual grace.  It is the way a person becomes saved.  When God applies salvation to a person, it is irresistible, which means it cannot be refused.  Then again why would you want to refuse it?


Irresistible Grace by Frank Beck – Irresistible Grace is known as the fourth tenet of Calvinism whereby God saves a person who cannot resist the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Is It A Stroke? – Know these 3 basic warning signs of a stroke.  The faster someone receives treatment, the quicker the healing time.


Is Masturbation Sin? – We live in an over-sexed society while many remain single.  The subject of masturbation comes up and many Christians wonder if it is sin or not.  Here is an article which delves into that question.


Is New Always Better? – As soon as something comes out on the market, its replacement is already in the works.   What about Christianity?  It seems that churches and publishers seem to be selling new forms of Christianity.  Is new always better than that which is tried and true?


Is Smoking a Sin? – Many Christians smoke and claim that smoking is not a sin.  Is that true?  Or is smoking one of those subtle sins that Christians do not want to give up? This article will settle it in your mind once and for all.

Is the Corona Virus a Prophetic Event? - Is the Corona Virus a Prophetic Event pointing to the Lord's Return?

Is the Government Poisoning our Food? – The FDA is supposed to be the advocate for the health of the people instead they are advocates for big business and they do not care what they approve for the public as long as someone gets a nice kickback.  Poisons are being introduced into our foods with the approval of this phony organization and they should be held accountable.


Is the King James Only Position a Cult or is the Modern Version Only Position a Cult? - King James people are constantly accused of being a cult.  Is there any truth to that?


Is the King James Version Inspired? – Some believe that the English language of the King James Bible is inspired.  Is that true?  Are the words inspired or are they preserved?


Is The NIV the Word of God? – The NIV is one of the most corrupt counterfeits of the Bible on the market.  The author actually questions as to whether it can be the Word of God or not?


Is There a Caste System in Christianity? - Are there class distinctions in Christianity like in world religions?


Is Your Church Going Purpose Driven? – Your church already has a purpose and that is to worship God and bring you into a closer relationship with Christ.  Rick Warren has done more to ruin churches than many and you need to know if this apostasy is finding its way into your church.


Isaiah - Commentray on the complete book of Isaiah


Islam and the Kings of the East - Does Islam fulfill the prophecy in Revelation 16:12?


The Israel of God – In the Old Testament God chose the nation of Israel through which the Messiah Jesus would eventually come through the tribe of Judah.  In the New Testament, does Israel have the same meaning as that of the Old Testament?  You will see that the cross changed many things and that includes who the New Testament Israel is.


Isaiah 1:18 - The Misunderstanding – Isaiah 1:18 is one of the most misunderstood verses in the entire Bible.  Most believe it means that our sins are scarlet and the sacrifice of Christ makes them white as snow.  But the Bible teaches Christ removed our sins so how can something that is removed become white?  Find out here.


It Is Finished - Has  greater meaning than just the end of the sufferings of Christ


It is Time for Thee Lord to Work - Our Days are just the same as in the days of Noah  Psalm 119:126


It's The Rapture Stupid! - Dave MacPherson – The Pre-trib rapture is something which has been around only since 1830.  It is not a biblical doctrine.  It was trance channeled by a woman named Margaret MacDonald in1830 at the Glasgow, Scotland Prophecy conferences.




James - Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of James


Jerome and Vigilantius – Vigilantius believed that the ancient scrolls should be preserved.  He visited Jerome in 397 A.D. and copied the texts and brought them back to his homeland.


Jesus: King of the Jews – Many teach that Jesus is the King of The Jews because Pilate had that written on His cross.  When we get to the New Testament understanding of who a Jew is, then we find that Jesus is King of the Jews, that is, those who are saved according to Romans 2:28-29.


Jesus Christ - The Creator - The Lord Jesus Christ is the Creator of this world and Universe.


Jesus Christ: The God of the Old Testament - The Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is the God of the Old Testament too.


Jew - Who is Biblically Entitled to that Name?


The Jezebel of Jealousy – Jealousy is a dangerous mindset to have.  It betrays us and causes us much emotional grief while it causes us to build up hatred for someone else.


Jocularity and the Name of God – Many Christians make jokes with the name of God in them and we are prohibited from using the name of God in any profane or irreverent way.  It is the same on TV when someone mentions the name of God in a comical way.  It is totally forbidden.


Joel - Commentary on the Book of Joel verse by verse


Joel Osteen Rebuked for Calling Mormonism Christian – Joel Osteen preaches for the enlargement of his wallet, not for the spiritual concern of his listeners.  Joel called members of the Mormon cult Christians and was seriously rebuked for that false association.


John 3:16 - An Offer of the Gospel or a Declaration of the Gospel? – Many Christians believe that John 3:16 is an offer of the Gospel.  Is it?  Or is the verse a declaration of salvation?


John - Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of John


John Cooper – John Cooper was a martyr for the cause of Christ. He rejected Roman Catholicism and clung to the truth of Scripture.


John Hooper - Bishop of Gloucester 1495-1555 – A Protestant Martyr who died under the reign of bloody Mary was burnt at the stake February 9, 1555.

John Huss - A Brief History – John Huss was a preacher in Prague, Czechoslovakia who started to teach the Bible instead of Roman Catholic heresy.  He became a martyr for the cause of Christ and was burned to death July 6, 1415.


Joined to a Harlot - Are many Christians and churches partaking in Spiritual harlotry?


Jonah - Commentary on the Book of Jonah


Joshua Commentary - Complete verse by verse commentary on the Book of Joshua


Judeo-Christian: I Don't Think So – Perhaps 90% of Christians use the term Judeo-Christian.  Is that a proper description whether it be ethics or biblical studies?  Is Judaism compatible with biblical Christianity?


Jude - Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Jude


Judges Commentary - A verse by verse commentary on the Book of Judges


The Justified Effect – Many Christians believe they are justified to act wrongly or to become angry when they hear something they don’t like.  How should our response be in such a case?




Keep Yourselves from Idols – When we read the Old Testament we come across many idols of the pagan nations.  Israel also got sucked into the worship of idols which became ingrained in them while they were in Egypt.  Ancient people were very superstitious but what about today?  How many different idols do we have today waiting to derail us?  Are we really any different in mindset than the ancient people?

Keeping the Feasts - There seems to be an obsesion among Christians and churches to place themselves back under the law.  An Abomination unto Christ!

Keyboard Christianity – With the advent of computers Christians have been able to send forth the Gospel to the entire world instantaneously.  No longer do missionaries have to wait weeks for studies or materials.  They can just download what they want in a second but is there a dark side to keyboard Christianity?  Find out here.


Keys to Finding Your Spiritual Gifts – Every Christian has been given a spiritual gift or two.  The problem is that many Christians do not know theirs and may be working in an area they are not empowered to work and have suffered defeat.  This study deals with how to find your spiritual gift and once you do, your ministry will become more powerful.


King James Language - The Excuse – Many people complain that the language of the King James Bible is archaic and cannot be understood.  Does that argument hold any credibility in light of the terms we all must learn to keep up with modern technology?


King James Only - Where did the term originate? – Up until the time of the King James Bible, there were 7 translations which were in the lineage of the King James Bible.  These seven versions used different English because the English language was still in flux.  King James wanted to unify all the believers and wanted all of them to use the Authorized Version.  The name “King James Version” was not used until the early a1800’s.  Up until then it was called the Authorized Version.


King James Verses with Comparisons to modern versions – Here are over 680 verses which have been corrupted in the modern versions.  Here you will find a comparison between the King James Bible and many modern versions including the Jehovah’s Witnesses New World Translation which is no different than any other modern version plus Roman Catholic versions.




Last Will and Testament – The last will and testament of a person is their final act on earth which is acted upon after they have died.  In the New Testament the Lord Jesus Christ gave us His last will and Testament.


Last Will and Testament of Christ – When the Lord Jesus Christ died on Calvary, His last will and testament went into effect.  It was not only a spiritual document but a legal document which cannot be changed.  It has to do with the salvation of His Elect.


The Latter Rain – The latter rain is tied to the Lord’s return as in harvest time.  A short article that points directly to the latter rain.  How close could it be?


The Latter Temple – Is the latter temple a physical building like the first two or is it another type of temple such as a spiritual temple?


Laying your Life Down for Your Friends - Many see laying your life down for your friends as only physical death but is there another way?


Laziness: Sin not Lifestyle – Too many Christians have become lazy and are not doing their part to help send forth the Gospel.  Laziness is not condoned anywhere in Scriptures and those who have adopted that lifestyle must rebuke it and get busy.


The Legacy – What will be your legacy?  How will people remember you?  What are you doing right now to make your legacy a good one?

The LSB Exposed -  The Legacy Standard Bible is a new counterfeit put out by John MacArthur and his seminary.  It contains the same old corruptions and has nothing new to offer.


Letting Them Back In? - Dealing with rebellious unbelievers and believers in a church setting.


Liberal Hatred – Liberals do not like the true gospel of Christ.  They think that they should be able to do anything they want or believe anything.  Liberals are dangerous whether in the church or in politics.  The 2016 U.S. Presidential election proved that!


Life Is Empty Without Christ – From Ham Radio to Talk Shows to everyday living, without Christ life is a dead end and nothing but an empty shell.


Life Saving Cholesterol Facts – We have been told that we need to control our cholesterol because it could mean problems for us.  Did you know that what we have been told all these years is without merit and low cholesterol can be very dangerous.


Life's Uncertainties are God's Certainties – Whenever we come to a situation in our life where the outcome may seem uncertain, we can be sure that it is one of God’s certainties.  One only need look at Abraham or Job when they went through times of uncertainty and yet they were victorious through God who was working everything out behind the scenes.


Like Begets Like – Sin begets sin and righteousness begets righteousness.  In other words whatever we sow, we will reap.  You cannot plant sin and expect righteousness.


Limited Atonement – Christ did not come to save everyone but those who were named before the foundation of the world.  It is this the free willer rejects.


Limited Atonement – The belief that Christ died for everyone in the world and all one has to do is “accept the Lord” for salvation is a major teaching however the Bible knows nothing about that.


Limited Atonement by Frank Beck – Limited Atonement is the third tenet of what is known as Calvinism.  It teaches that Christ came to die for only a certain group of people.


Linda's Poem 1 – A poem of peace in our world.


Linda's Poem 2 – A poem about life’s burdens that we each carry.


Linda's Poem 3 - The Flood


Lineage of the King James Version – The King James Bible was translated between 1604 and 1611 but up till that time the word of God had shown up in various translations and various languages.  See the lineage of the King James Bible from 90 A.D. to 1604.


Lineage of the Modern Corrupt Versions – Just like the King James Bible, the corrupt versions also have a lineage coming from a different line of manuscripts called the Alexandrian line.


Living Biblically in an Apostate World – There are many traps in this world that can snare the believer into walking opposite of the teachings of Scripture. As a believer who desires to walk the straight and narrow, we must be aware of those traps so we can avoid them.


Living on the Backside of the Desert – Some times when hard situations come into our lives, we are forced to live on the backside of the desert which can be isolation from others.  We may go from a thriving ministry to a limited ministry because of disability or other setbacks but we can be very confident that God knows all about it and no doubt when these things happen, He is redirecting our life.  Moses spent 40 years on the backside of the desert.


Living with Threats – We must learn to cope with the reality that each day we may face threats that are verbal and maybes sometimes physical.  It is part of the reality of a Christian’s life.


The Local Church: What is its Function? – The local church is a place where believers gather to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is not a place for job hunting or politics.  It should be a place where Christians can be helped in their growth in the Christian faith.


Look to the Lord, not the Stars – With the advent of our space program in the 1950s and the combining of science fiction, man has begun to look to the stars for their salvation.  They are hoping that aliens come to earth that have the ability to heal and make man immortal.  They need to look to the Lord and not to the stars for salvation.  No aliens are coming except Satan’s minions who have come as angels of light.


Look We for Another – We are about 2,000 years from the time the Lord Jesus walked this earth.  Many people mock not believing that He is returning.  This mocking has caused many people to seek elsewhere for a Savior.  How many are looking beyond Jesus for their personal messiah?


The Lord Changes Not – God’s standard of holiness has never changed, even as we transitioned from the Old to the New Testament.  We must be careful to never make the mistake that God is now a permissive God in the area of sin.


Lord Teach us to Pray (Lord's Prayer) – An exposition of the Lord’s Prayer taken from Luke 11.


Lord Willing – “Lord willing” is more than just a trite saying but it needs to be a way of life for the Christian.  Our lives are led by the fact of whatever God wills for our lives.


Lord's Supper – The Lord’s Supper is a remembrance that the Lord Himself gave us the night He was betrayed and it is to be observed until He returns.


The Lord's Work – Many times we want to take the easy way out and let others do our Bible studies for us.  It as an easy road to take with the advent of the Internet, and of course older mediums like TV and Radio.  But is that always the best way to go?  Shouldn’t we be doing our own studies?


Losing our Christian Perspective – Many Christians have lost their Christian perspective on life, not their salvation but their spiritual outlook.  Many have become very secular attaching themselves much deeper to the things of the world.  When we find ourselves desiring the things of the world above the things of God, then it is time for us to do introspection and then begin to regain our Christian perspective.


Luke Commentary – A verse by verse commentary on the Book of Luke.


Lupus Occultis: The Paganized Christianity of C.S. Lewis - Was C.S. Lewis the strong Christian everyone proclaims him to be or was he unsaved?


LXX - A Model of Reverse Engineering – The Septuagint is used by many students of Scripture for the study of the Scriptures.  However, the accuracy of the Septuagint has much to be desired.  It is one of the most corrupt translations in existence today.




Malachi Commentary - Commentary on the Book of Malachi


Malignant Melanoma – Melanoma is cancer of the skin.  Here is an article written by a surgeon to give more understanding that it could also lead to death if not taken care of.


Man the Sovereign and God the Beggar – The free will belief that man can “accept the Lord” is nowhere found in the Bible.  It is a created tenet of the free will system of salvation.  Man believes that God is the one begging him to become saved and that man has the ability to accept or refuse.  Nothing could be further from the truth and that belief is nowhere found in Scripture.  It is based on the pride of man.


Manuscript Evidence for the 16 Missing Verses in the Modern Versions - The modern versions omit 16 verses because they claim they are not part of God's word but the ancient manuscripts say differently.


Many Christians are Not Prepared - Unfortunately many Christians are unprepared for the facing of hardships which come to them in this life.  The Rapture lie is at the heart of it!


Marian Propaganda – The Roman Catholic institution has a system of idolatry next to none.  It especially has an amazing propaganda surrounding Mary.  It is not really Mary but it is a descendant of the Babylonian System with Female deities such as Ishtar.


Mariolatry – Another article which points out the rank heresy of the teaching on Mary by the Roman Catholic institution which is idolatry.


Mark - Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Mark


Mark of the Beast - What is it? - Many claim the Mark of the Beast is vaccines, computers, bar codes, etc.  Could it be something other than these?


Marriage License - 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License – Since 1929, all those who choose to get married are to purchase a marriage license from their state.  It was God who instituted marriage and not the state.  It is just another money making scheme along with placing a couple under the authority of the state.  A marriage license is not needed to be married.  From 1620 to 1929 all that was needed for marriage was a preacher, vows, and a Bible where the witnesses could place their names and that was it.


Marriage Supper of the Lamb - Literal or Physical?


The Martyred Blind Boy – The Roman Catholic Institution is so vile, they even sentenced a blind boy to be burned at the stake because of his testimony for Christ.


Marxist Brain Trust gathers at Wheaton to discuss moving evangelicals left - Another attack by the Christian elite to undermine Christianity


Mary Tudor and the Return to Rome – When Mary Tudor ascended the throne of England she became known as Bloody Mary because of her hate filled pogroms against the Christians.


Mask Wearing is Dangerous - Those who wear masks because the Government pimps tell them to are risking serious health problems even death.


Matthew 24:36 Means What It Says – Matthew 24:36 states that no one will ever Know the day nor the hour of Christ’s return.  The actual Greek text enforces that teaching yet it is ignored by date setters.


Matthew - Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Matthew


Men of God in a Day of Apostasy – The day we live in is very evil and getting worse.  How then is the Christian to stand strong in a day of rank apostasy?


Merchandising the Gospel – Christians have merchandised the Gospel by putting the name of Jesus of everything and anything and selling it.  Even churches charge 3 or 5 dollars for a copy of a sermon.  Go into a Christian bookstore and you will see nothing but merchandising of the Gospel.


Micah - Commentary on the Book of Micah


Migraine Analytical Check List – I used to suffer from bad headaches and I have created a 12 point checklist for those who suffer from headaches which seem to have no medical etiology.


The Millennium: Literal or Figurative? – One of the most common teachings is that the Lord is going to return from Heaven and set up a kingdom for 1000 years.  Is that really what the Bible teaches?  Is there going to be an actual thousand year reign of Christ on this earth?  Find out here if the Bible teaches a literal millennium!


Missionary Organizations – A list of missionary organizations which Christians can donate to and even go on missionary trips with, age being no barrier.


Modalism - This heresy attacks the truth of the trinity, see how the Bible attacks it back and conquers it!


The Modern Church is a combination of the Galatia and Corinth Church - There is much parallel between the situation of today's church and those of Galatia and Corinth!


Modern Versions Do Not Agree With Each Other - Another trait of the modern versions is that many verses do not agree with each other.  Each version says something different.


A More Excellent Way – What are the reasons that the Christian is to partake in evangelism?


A More Definitive Explanation of the Gospel - Here is a short article which will help you explain the Gospel to others.


Mormonism is not Christian nor is it Good and Moral – When Mitt Romney ran for President in 2012, many Christians did not vote for him (including this one) because he was a member of the cult called Mormonism.  It is an anti-Christian and unbiblical cult which is in no way Christian.


Mother Teresa – Mother Teresa has been proclaimed a Saint by the Roman Catholic institution.  Despite those accolades, she was anything but a Saint.  She did not help bring anyone to the Lord.  She helped those in false religions become stronger in their religion. She helped many people into hell.  She too awaits the judgment because she was a member of a false religion.


Multiple Version Disorder – Some Christians feel the need to study the Bible with many different versions.  It causes confusion and since the modern versions are all different in what they say, there will never be harmony and understanding.  How can one come to a solid conclusion when the studies are built upon sand?


Murdered by the Church of Rome – Here is a partial list of the martyrs which were murdered by the Roman Catholic institution along with the reasons why they were executed.


My Grown Up Son – A poem by a mother who wished she had spent more time with her son while he was yet a little boy.  A good lesson for all those who have children.

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