Frequently Asked Questions
This section is designed with the intent to help those who are seeking answers to questions about certain subjects find those answers on this site.  It must be kept in mind that no one has all the answers nor do I claim that every answer given is the final one.  There is always room for improvement on any subject.  The answers are kept within the bounds of Scripture because that is where we find the true answers.  It is impossible to come to truth by comparing Scripture with newspapers or magazines or even prophecy hype.  It is my hope that as you browse and seek answers to your questions, that you will find satisfactory answers which will propel you into a deeper study of your desired subject.


Biblical Teachings
How to know you are saved?
Is 2 Peter 3:9 teaching universal atonement?
What is the Age of Accountability?
What does the Bible teach about Annihilation?
What does the Bible teach about Backsliding?
Is Christ found in every book of the Bible?
Is there a method to pacify false gospels?
Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter in Judges 11?
What are the two main covenants in Scripture and who were they given to?
Some people teach that Satan does not exist, what does the Bible teach about this subject?
When was the initial part of God's salvation plan completed?
Will the saved be affected by the judgment meted out to the wicked?
Doesn't the Bible speak about a free will and some type of universal atonement?
Free will is taught in the majority of churches and ministries but what does the Bible teach about it?
What really happened when the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross on behalf of His Elect?
What are some aspects of God's salvation program?
How does God view the Believer?
I know how those in the New Testament era are saved but how were the Old Testament Saints saved?
Many say mockingly they want to go to hell with all their friends, what does the Bible teach about it?
Is the Lord's Prayer a model prayer for our other prayers?
Is there such a thing as the offer of the gospel in Scripture?
Do some biblical teachings have more importance than others do?
How have Bible teachings been perverted over the years?
Is salvation a process or is it a one time event?
Judgment seems to be mocked by the majority of the world, what does the Bible teach about the coming judgment?
Does a person have to repent to be saved or is repentance a result of salvation?
Is the Sabbath Saturday or Sunday?
Who were the sons of God found in Genesis 6:4-5?  Is it human males or devils?
Are the Scriptures sufficient on all matters of salvation and eternal concerns?
Who do the little children in Matthew 19:13-15 really represent?
James 2:14-26 speaks of a combination of works and faith, what is it speaking of?
Where did Christ go between His crucifixion and His resurrection?
What was the Azusa Street Event?
What is Slain in the Spirit?
Dakes Bible is used by many Charismatics, is it reliable?
What do Word of Faith Preachers like Kenneth Copeland, Frederick Price, and others teach?
How dangerous is the Charismatic Movement?
What about physical healing?
What about speaking in Tongues?
The Christian Life
Is every Christian a part of the ministry?
What is Christian Liberty?
Is The Bible the Final Authority?
What is a Christian Attitude?
Do Christians really need to live a separated life and what does that mean?
Separation is a necessary part of the Christian's life!   Part 1
Separation is a necessary part of the Christian's life!   Part 2
Does the Bible Advocate Separation?
What does the Bible teach about Marriage and Divorce?
Is marriage an earthly covenant lasting until one partner dies?
Is Playing the Lottery sin?
What do I do when Satan attacks me?
What about Christianity and drinking alcohol?
What are some methods that Satan uses to confuse and attack Christians?
What part does sacrificial living play in a Christian's life?
What is Christian love?
What is the difference between temptation and testing?
What is taking the name of God in vain?
What is the high calling of the believer?
What is the measure of success in a Christian's life?
What is the essence of living a true Christian life?
As a Christian how do I deal with stress in my life?
With so many belief systems out there, how do I stabilize my Christian beliefs?
Sometimes in private I am not who I am in public, what do I do?
I want to set some goals in my life, how do I go about doing it?
Does Satanism always carry with it an evil look?
How do I deal with questionable things that come across my path?
I tend to waste time, is this a major problem?
What are the advantages of having a prayer life?
What about pornography?
I don't seem to be experiencing peace in my Christian life, how do I obtain that peace?
How do I obtain the fullness of the Holy Spirit in my Christian walk?
I seem to be taken with sports, is that a problem?
Are we allowed to judge?
I went into a Christian book store and saw all kinds of items with the name of Christ, what is that all about?
Is Masturbation a sin?
Is it possible to lose Christian perspective as we go in our Christian walk?
Sometimes I feel so alone and in adversity, is that a normal part of the Christian life?
Sometimes I get lazy, does the Bible have anything to say about laziness?
Every Christian has been given at least one spiritual gift, how do I find mine?
Sometimes I get defensive or even angry when someone tries to point out a sin in my life, am I right or wrong?
It seems I have a problem with jealousy, what do I do?
I hear many people say "Let's agree to disagree," what does that mean?
Should we keep up on the latest false movements which may affect our Christian walk and our families?
I like to watch television, are there any principles to watch by?
How do I deal with false teachers?
What do I do when I suffer because of somebody else's actions?
It seems the world is suffering many catastrophes, is God involved in creating them?
Can God save real evil people like murderers?
Our world portrays real men as sports heroes or action figures, what is the true essence of a man?
People tell me that if I partake of everything in moderation I will be okay, is that good advice?
I have failed many times, does that mean I am destined to be a failure all my life?
Are there any keys to finding God's Will for your life?
Is Christianity divided into full and part time Christian workers?
Sometimes I feel like giving up, does the Bible have any encouragement in this area?
How does God encourage His weary children in this world?
Does God allow us to be in a place of adversity?
Are there any guidelines for strengthening my spiritual walk?
Can a Christian lose their "Heavenly Vision" in this world?
I am on the Internet many hours per week, do I have the same responsibilities as my Christian walk?
I just became unemployed, how do I deal with it?
What does the Bible teach about giving money to ministries and churches?
Church Related
I want to be a Bible teacher, does the Bible have any cautions to consider?
Does the Bible speak about Infant Baptism?
Are Pastors in a higher spiritual class than other believers?
Does the Bible endorse the separation of the parents and the children from the worship service?
What is the essence of true revival?
How do we expose false teachers in the pulpit?
Are there any false teachings being taught in the churches today?
Why are so many Christians not in churches?
I am in a good church and we want to help it grow, are there any principles to do that?
It seems the youth are leaving the churches rapidly, how can we stem that tide?
I have heard negative things about "The Purpose Driven Church" so how can we know if we are joining that crowd?
My church seems to preach a gospel where no one is growing and salvation is rarely, if ever, preached, why is that?
What is the function of the local Church?
I just took a position teaching at my church, any suggestions?
Our Church is searching for a pastor, so what questions are we to ask prospective candidates?
Should Pastors be allowed to rule the church without accountability?
How can we tell if we have a true or false pastor?
What is the pastoral heart?
What is our responsibility to the next generation?
What about women Pastors?
What does the assembling of Christians in church on Sunday symbolize?
How well should I know a Bible teacher before I accept what they say?
What about the Pastor/Laity distinction?
Is Christianity having trouble keeping its head above water in the modern church?
Doctrinal Teachings
What is the Doctrine of Hell?
What kind of place is Hell?
What is the Doctrine of Sin?
I hear people claim that Calvinists are nothing but robots, is that true?
What are the Doctrines of Grace?
Do you have a summary of the Doctrines of Grace?
Is God's love universal or specific in the area of salvation?
What are some vocabulary and verse usages concerning the Doctrines of Grace?
What is Predestination?
Can a Christian lose their salvation?
What is Total Depravity?
What is Unconditional Election?
What is Limited Atonement?
What is Irresistible Grace?
Are Election and Free Will compatible with each other?
I like to hand out New Testaments, is this a good practice?
What is Saving Faith?
Are you ready to meet God?
Are there any suggestions for personal evangelism?
Does God call us or do we call Him?
What should be our motive in evangelism?
Is the Gospel welcomed by all or is it an offense to the unsaved?
Is passing tracts on the street legal?
Have there been any Supreme Court victories in favor of street ministries?
I would like to have a personal ministry, how can I go about having one?
What about a ministry website, any suggestions?
How can I reach my unsaved co-workers?
What tracts are available for distribution?
Does the Bible contain sufficient answers to questions I might be asked on the street?
Alcohol And Drinking
What about Christianity and drinking alcohol?
Drunkard Vs. Alcoholic, is there a difference?
Was Prohibition a success?
Do you have any suggestions to help me get out of debt?
What about Multi-level marketing, can I get rich on that?
How good are Bananas for us?
What about Aspartame otherwise known as Nutrasweet?
What about the Bird Flu?
What about our blood?
What about breast changes?
Are there any dangers related to Cell Phones?
What about clones and cloning?
How can  prevent colorectal cancer?
Do you think there is a connection between cosmetics and breast cancer?
What about dietary factors related to prostate cancer?
What are some ways i can protect myself from E-Coli?
I use a Fluoride toothpaste, is this a harmful thing for me?
Is there a benefit to folic acid concerning coronary heart disease?
What about Hepatitis C?
Does Honey have healing properties?
Are there any simple ways to determine if someone is having a stroke?
Is the government condoning the poisoning of our food?
What is malignant melanoma of the skin?
What are some risk factors in breast cancer?
Is salt your friend or foe?
How can you survive a heart attack if you are alone?
What about test tube babies?
What are some facts about water?
When I am thirsty, should I have a coke or water?
What about benign and malignant thyroid conditions?
What is Allegory and is it an acceptable method of Bible interpretation?
Should we look beyond the Bible to help understand it?
What is Biblical Hermeneutics?
New Believers
Any suggestions for new believers?
I am a new believer, where do I start my study of the Scriptures?
Is there a listing of the basic tenets of Christianity?
How physically cruel was crucifixion?
I would like to visit an old cemetery, do you think that is morbid or a step back in time?
What was the prayer of Pastor Joe Wright to the Kansas State Senate?
Any Household Hints for cleaning and shopping?
What has brought about America's spiritual decline?
Has Chris Kyle Become the New Messiah?
What Are The Ten Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing Hucksters?
What Are The Ten Replacements?
Did President Donald Trump Create a New Nation?
What Are Some Words of Wisdom from Omar Andeel?
How free are we, really?
What are some principles that made America great?
What is the real reason for the United Nations?
How intelligently do Americans really vote?
Is the United States really bankrupt?
Was the United States founded on Christian principles?
Will understanding the Bible increase my standing as a citizen?
Is Socialism a part of the United States Government?
What is this thing called The Federal Reserve?
Does the Federal Reserve affect the Body Politic of the United States?
How is the American people controlled?
What about the Immigration invasion?
Why are there so many school shootings and an exponential rise in school violence?
What about a history of Tyranny and government sponsored terrorism?
Many years ago Red Skelton did a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, is it still available?
How do we get ourselves from under tyranny and government sponsored terrorism?
How do we roll back big government?
When is the Rapture?  I have heard it will be pre-millennial, post-millennial, and a-millennial?  It can't be all three!
Is there going to be a literal 1,000 year reign of Christ on Earth?
Who is the Antichrist?  Is it the Pope or some political figure?
Can prophecy be taken to extremes?
Do you think the Internet plays a part in the overall prophetic picture?
Will we receive rewards for doing the work of the Lord on Earth?
What is the time of Jacob's Trouble found in Jeremiah 30:7?
Who is the Israel of God?  Is it the political nation of Israel founded in 1948 or is it the body of believers?
What is the Seventy Weeks of Daniel Nine?
Is Ezekiel 37 speaking of the political nation of Israel or the body of believers?
Is Date Setting a biblical practice?
Will there be one general resurrection or will there be multiple resurrections?
What was the Diet of Spires?
What was the Hungarian Reformation?
Who were the first Reformation Martyrs?
Roman Catholicism
What does the Bible teach about Purgatory?
Was Mary Sinless?
What are some myths surrounding Mary?
Is there a date chronology of the false teachings of Roman Catholicism?
Was Mother Teresa saved?
Did Mother Teresa question the existence of God?
Who was Peggy O'Neill?
Who was Madge Moult?
What is Mariolatry?
Who was Bloody Mary?
What about the Spanish Inquisition?
Why was Thomas Drowry murdered by the Catholic Church?
Why was Richard Bayfield murdered by the Catholic Church?
Why was John Hooper murdered by the Catholic Church?
Why was John Huss murdered by the Catholic Church?
Why was Hugh Latimer murdered by the Catholic Church?
Single Christians
As a single Christian I sometimes experience loneliness!
I have trouble accepting my singleness, what do I do?
How can a single person show and receive love?
Are there any principles to avoid disastrous dating?
Translations of the Bible
How accurate is your translation of the Bible?
I use the Holman Christian Standard Bible, how accurate is it?
Whose standard is the Holman Christian Standard Bible?
I use the English Standard Version, how accurate is it?
I use the New King James Version, how accurate is it?
Does the New King James Version attack the Scriptures?
I use the New American Standard Version, how accurate is it?
Is the New American Standard a Gnostic version?
I heard the Chief Translator of the NASV later repudiated the translation, is there any truth to this?
I use the New International Version, how accurate is it?
Is the NIV the Word of God?
How dangerous is the NIV?
I heard the NIV omits the divine names of Jesus in many places, where are these omissions found?
Did Sodomites work on the NIV?
I use the Revised Standard Version, how accurate is it?
I use Today's New International Version, how accurate is it?
Where did the corruptions come from in the modern versions?
The King James is accused of having archaic words, are there archaic words in the NIV?
What is the history behind the Vaticanus manuscript which underlies the modern versions?
What was the Hampton Court Conference of 1604?
How many revisions did the King James Bible undergo?
Is the King James Bible Inspired in the same way the original manuscripts were?
What old and ancient translations are in the lineage of the King James Bible?
What old and ancient translations are in the lineage of the modern versions?
Those who use the modern versions claim no essential doctrines are affected, is this true?
Are the King James and the Old Latin Version of the second century in agreement?
What about the Septuagint?
What is the Septuagint?
Is there a general list of affected verses in the modern versions?
What is Textual Criticism?
Has Textual Criticism affected Christians and churches?
Are modern versions just updates of the King James or are they replacements?
What about the Thees and Thous?
Was Origen a Gnostic?